8 Game Lifestyle Tips From A Pro Chef

(Christian here. This post is a guest post from ‘The Chef’ Jackson, winner of the From Beta To Alpha 6 Month Coaching Program.)

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As a professional chef, there are a lot of perks. The most obvious one is watching how girls immediately show excitement when I say, “I’m a chef.” Now, not everyone has that type of cool job, but you can learn a few things from my lifestyle that don’t involve hours and hours in a professional kitchen.

8) Learn To Cook A Few Solid Dishes For Girls

It’s super easy these days to learn to cook through youtube.

My go-to weeknight dinner for a girl is Chicken Milanese

Caesar Salad

and Garlic bread

A homecooked dinner date is inexpensive, easy and best for second dates to close the deal.

7) Cook Healthy Meals For Yourself And Cook In Bulk

You want to be healthy and showcase that six-pack? Better learn to cook because the foods you order out are loaded with lots of salt, cheese and butter. Christian shares a lot of easy recipes on this site as well. On Sundays I cook a bunch of veggies, chicken, steak and potatoes and divide it into tupperware containers to save me time and money during the busy work week. Plan your weekday dates to start at 8pm so you can feed yourself with good food before sipping a cocktail with your lady.

6) Filter Out Women Who Can’t Cook

In conversation with a girl, I always ask, “Do you like to cook?” If she does, she gets a high five or hug and I’ll ask her about her favorite dishes. Later, I’ll ask, “What would you make for dinner for us?” and then kick back and watch her fantasize about a meal she’ll share with the handsome dude in front of her.

If she can’t cook then …WTF IS WRONG WITH HER? It’s ridiculously easy to roast a chicken, make a salad and cook rice. With all the blogs and cookbooks out there, there’s no excuse not to learn how cook a few go-to dishes. These girls probably spend too much time on their career and will not make good girls to keep in long-term relationships. You’ll be forced either cook for her or to eat out when you get together, which becomes a waste of your hard-earned cash and the foods won’t be good for your health.

5) Use Grocery Shopping To Pickup Girls

A new friend asked what bars or lounges I like to go to pickup girls. I smirked and said, “Albertsons.” I’ve learned a few things after going to markets way too often (anywhere from 2-4 times a week)

4) Frequent High End Markets Like Whole Foods Or Gelsons Because More Attractive Chicks Go There

(Location dependent. For those not in Los Angeles, choose the up scale food markets local to you) 

Good looking girls know the value of foods from healthy, pricy brands, so they flock to nicer market, much like how they prefer high-end lounges that (in theory) filter out betas with less money/social value. I understand their mindset, so I shell out $14 (with tip) for a vodka tonic at the W because the chicks are hotter and classier (while still pregaming, of course).

3) Look In Her Basket To See If She’s Single

A girl who is in a relationship is the one with 4 large steaks and large bags of chips and snacks. Meanwhile, that chick who is buying rotisserie chicken and salad ingredients probably is making dinner for one. Make your move.

2) Prime Hours Are Weekdays From 5pm-7pm, Right After Work

Chicks are usually dressed in business casual outfits and looking to catchup on their marketing that they didn’t have time for over the weekend they spent out and about.

1) Approach With An Indirect Opener

I have two go-to openers. One is asking a question based on what she’s interacting with like, “Are those crackers good?” or I’ll point to a vegetable she’s holding and casually ask, “How do you like to cook that (broccoli, squash, etc.)?”

Another, and in my opinion stronger, opener is helping her choose a food item based on your knowledge.

If she reaches for a brand of marinara sauce, I might suggest she try out the San Marzano (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Marzano_tomato) tomatoes, which are canned in Southern Italy less than 24 hours after being picked and have superior flavor. Banter for a bit, and say you’ll text her your recipe for a quick marinara sauce.

If you know wines, help a girl choose a bottle. If you know different cuts of steak, showcase your knowledge. Girls go crazy for this when done right. Going to the market suddenly became less of a chore and more of a fun opportunity to meet cute girls. Good luck gents!

About The Author: ‘The Chef’ Jackson, is a professional chef in Los Angeles, who’s in the final stages of getting his own cooking show, while working on becoming a pro with women as well.

Not sure how to approach women during the day? Go here.

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