Help Improve The Blog: Take A Quick Poll

As part of making this blog every mans Go-To source for great masculine information on the web, I’ve made a quick poll that I would appreciate you taking just a couple of minutes to complete.

The info you guys submit will better help me tailor this blog and keep me pumping out practical information for men.

To fill out this quick poll (only 7 questions), click here.

Thanks Gentlemen!

One Reply to “Help Improve The Blog: Take A Quick Poll”

  1. First of, lets start with the fact that I found many article to be very interesting but if you are looking for tips to better enhance your blog, here it is: 1. the width of your theme is too large. It should be smaller to permit an easier read of the articles. 2. too much white. use color to better organize widget, plugin, content. 3. fix the top post plugin to show more than two article 4. you might want to checkout

    If you need other tips. email me.


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