Should Men Use Social Media?

A reader recently emailed me the following question:

“Hey Christian, the other day I began to wonder in regards to how a man should use his social media aka. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It’s kind of a hard to phrase the question, but basically what’s the good and the bad one can do with his social media?





Social media is a double-edged sword. For starters, a man should examine exactly why he’s using social media: is it to get laid, show off to friends, to make money, to stay in contact with friends in a different state or country, or is it to join the masses of drones who are members, because “everyone else is doing it!”?

From personal experience, I highly recommend a man doesn’t use social media unless it’s for the following reasons:

1. To Make Money

The use of social media to market your brand and product is a great way to get your name out there to the public for free. If you have funds to do so, you can also use ads on Facebook and Twitter to generate followers and new leads. I’ve ran both Facebook and Twitter campaigns and was reasonably pleased with results.

If you’re a man with a business, then set up a business profile for Facebook and Twitter. I wouldn’t use it for personal use, just to market your brand and products. 

2. To Stay In Contact With Friends

Let’s keep it real here: how the hell did friends stay in touch with you before the invention of social media? Well you might not be old enough to remember, but the ‘old school’ way was that your friend would pick up the phone and call you. They also they had this great way of contacting someone called ‘letters’ which are sent through the mail. While letters take too long for our impatient generation, there’s no reason you can’t just talk on the phone or Skype someone for free.

That being said, if you have an extensive network of friends and contacts and want to stay in contact with them through Facebook, then go ahead, but don’t fill your days with reading the news feed and checking up on them. Use it to shoot them an email and see how they are. Many people don’t have the discipline to do this, so be honest with yourself and see if you can limit your Facebook time. Don’t get caught up wasting your life reading about other peoples lives. Get productive!

3. Keep Updated With Writers/Bloggers/Motivation

Want to stay up to date with my latest blog posts, motivation and observations? Then you can create an anonymous account and follow writers like myself and others, but it doesn’t mean you have to tweet yourself. Many of my followers are accounts that individuals have set up to follow myself and others. They can keep up to date on practical info that helps their lives, but they’re not getting caught up in having to post themselves. You can follow me on Twitter here.

Now that I’ve established why you should use social media, here’s reasons NOT to be on social media.

1. To Get Laid

Unless you’re the Facebook King of pulling girls because of your profile, this is a terrible way to get laid. Focus on meeting women in real life. Facebook is a HUGE time killer and you’ll waste more time looking at girls photos, instead of developing your own great life. The day I deleted my PERSONAL Facebook, was a great day that launched me into orbit with my productivity levels and making more money. Did I still get laid? Of course. Was Facebook useful to getting laid? Not at all. (and my page was full of exciting photos doing fun stuff and living a great life)

2. To Show Off

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I have NEVER met a millionaire who has Facebook. I always ask them why (although I know the answer) and here’s what they said: “It’s a waste of my valuable time and instead of posting photos of my great life and seeing how many ‘likes’ I get, I’m actually LIVING a great life”.

Don’t be one of those people who feel compelled to show off on Facebook by posting photos of your great life. Honestly, no one really cares and if you get your self-confidence from Facebook ‘likes’, then you need to fix your inner self. Don’t be dependent on social media to feed your self-esteem. Get your confidence from going out there in the real world and kicking ass.

3. “Because Everyone Else Is Doing It”

If you like your privacy violated and enjoy everyone knowing where you’re at, what you’re doing, who you’re with and where you live, then put your personal business on blast with social media. Let me tell you the cold hard facts: no self-respecting man is checking in at Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop, taking pictures and posting them of their lunch and ‘liking’ every girls sexy photo. It’s retarded. Period.

Build your own life, don’t waste time being a drone like most people and join the successful ranks of those men who are too busy to sit around following other people’s lives on the internet.


-Use social media to make money. This is the #1 reason for a man to use it.

-Use it to stay in touch with friends out of town/country, IF you have the discipline to limit your time using it.

-Use it to stay updated with writers/bloggers and motivation that HELPS you, not drags you down.

-Don’t use it to get laid. Develop your real life Game instead and be a stronger socially developed man because of it.

-Don’t use it to show off. Don’t ACT like you’re living the life; instead work on building and actually LIVING the life.

-Don’t be a drone. Take the road less taken and separate yourself from the average status quo males. Get unplugged.

Ready to start becoming the man you were ALWAYS meant to be? Go here.

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4 Replies to “Should Men Use Social Media?”

  1. Axtually there is a suer easy waqy to use facebook without spending time on it – stop following anyone. I don’t follow a single oersin, which means everytime i log on the first age is completely blank. Nothing to see. Answer or do whatever you logged in for, and then log off.


    1. Actually there is a super easy way to use facebook without spending time on it – stop following people. I don’t follow a single person, which means everytime I log on, the first page is completely blank. Nothing to see. Answer or do whatever you logged in for, and then log off. (Better, no?)


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