5 Tips For Success That You Can Use Today

In the course of my life, almost thirty years on God’s green earth, there have been some habits that I have formed that have led to my success. When I break these habits, my productivity plummets and I turn into a lazy fuck who isn’t living up to my potential. Living up to our respective potentials is what really being a man is all about. That’s probably why you read my blog. You want to become better with women, better at making money and better at life in general. I commend you for taking the time to read helpful information that will better you and not drag you down.

Without further ado gentlemen, here’s my 5 personal tips for success that you can start using today.


5. Make A Daily List The Night Before

Before you go to sleep, take a few moments and make a list for your day. Get detailed. My lists look like a Presidential Memo, they’re that extensive and detailed, but I’m also detailed orientated. If you’re not, that’s okay, but be specific. Here’s a sample list of a random day in my life:

To Do List

Wednesday April 23rd, 2014

-Up by 8am

-Pray/Do Affirmations

-Eat breakfast

-Respond to emails (1 hour)

-Workout HARD: Chest/Triceps/Abs

-Eat PWM (post-workout meal)

-Shower/shave/get dressed for meeting

-Meeting on Sunset: 12p-approx 1:30p

-Pick up cleaners

-Car wash

-Meet with accountant: 3:30p-4p.

-Light dinner: salad

-Write on book: 6p-7p

-Write new blog post: 7p-8p

-Full dinner: 8p-8:30p

-Downtime (read non-fiction book usually) 8:30p-10p

-Re-edit blog post 10p-11p

-Make Thursday List

-Read before bed

-In bed by 1am.

If you’ll notice, there’s really only an hour and a half of downtime, or ‘unproductive’ activities. You have to take a little time to unwind though or you’ll burn out. This is a lighter day for me, but you get the idea.

Why this works so effectively, is that it allows your brain to work on solutions while you sleep, so when you wake you have Direction, Purpose and Focus. If I fail to make a list (and it happens sometimes), the next day I’m not as productive and the day might just get wasted.

Lastly, make sure you put more on your list, instead of less then you might do. If you put less, then you’ll find that you think you have more time to do the tasks and will slack. When I put more on my list, even though I may not get everything done, I get more done, than if I had put less.

Push yourself and you’ll be surprised at the amount of stuff you can get done. Start making lists the night before, starting today and you’ll see the difference immediately.


4. Make A Budget And Stick To It

These may seem like the basics, but realize that doing the basics very well is what will keep you in line and focused on your goals. The moment I abandon my budget all hell breaks lose with my finances.

I’ll let you in on a major flaw of mine: I love spending money, even if it hurts.

You see not having money causes a man to do one of two things: He either hoards it, or he spends it. The feeling of not having money can cause you to feel a panic if you don’t have some put away, but it can also do the reverse. It can also cause you to spend more when you do have it, because you’ve gone so long without it.

I err in the camp of spending, but through budgeting weekly, I’ve managed to temper the evil devil on my shoulder telling me to spend more.

Here’s another tip, especially for you young bucks: Your Budget Can Be Simple. Yes, I know budgeting is boring as hell and it’s worse than pulling out your fingernails with rusty pliers, but be disciplined and you’ll be better off down the road.

Make a list of the following:

-Living Expenses (Needs: stuff you cannot do without, such as rent, food, toothpaste, etc)

-Savings (Even if you’re saving $20 a week, it’s the HABIT that’s important)

-Spending (This should be the least out of your budget)

Then add up your Monthly Income and Subtract your Total Budget from it. If you come up short, then you may need to cut some corners, or focus on side hustles. (I’ll be doing a post in the future on side hustles. Side hustles kept me afloat for literally years before, when work wasn’t cutting it)

Remember gents, it’s better to have some cash under your mattress, then a fresh pair of Nike’s. Know your limits and live within your means. Lastly, you should be spending a significant portion of your time out of work every day focused on how you can make more money and putting those plans into actionable steps. No one wants to have to live on pennies and dimes their whole life, so focus on making more money and thank me later.


3. Limit Your TV, Internet and Social Media

With the exception of reading blogs that help you improve your life, *ahem*, you shouldn’t be spending hours a day watching mindless politically correct shows that make men look like complete and utter morons, spending hours reading your ‘friends’ Facebook News Feed, or playing video games.

I’m going to be real as fuck right now, so read close: You will NEVER become the man you’re supposed to be and reach your full potential if you waste time in front of a screen. Get off your ass and be productive! (The exception being of course, if you’re building a business online, taking classes online, learning a language online, etc)

It may offend you, but I’m giving you some tough love right now, because society sure as hell won’t do it: Turn off the entertainment and Turn On YOUR Life.


2. Cut Out Any Negative Influences

I can literally pinpoint the exact moment in my life when my effort started to bear fruit and it was when I decided to cut out ALL negative influences. Want to see my list of negative influences that I cut out? Well, I can’t show you…just kidding. Keep reading.

-Certain Family members. Yep, my own flesh and blood. I would literally get a headache when their ID would shown on my phone. I would be on a roll with productivity and a ‘quick’ phone call would turn into an hour of hell.

-Close ‘Friends’. Everytime they would call or enter the room, it was like a dark cloud would follow them. I shit you not. This is the oldest cliche saying, but it’s the God’s honest TRUTH: You are the average of your closest five friends.

Want to get successful? Cut out shitty friends who criticize your efforts to improve your life.

Want to get happy? Cut out shitty friends who are constantly depressed and spewing negativity like a truckdriver spewing diarrhea after a late night Taco Hell snackfest.

Want to make money? Stop hanging with damn losers who’s main goal in life is to be STATUS-QUO and even worse are CONTENT with it. Hang out with people who have MORE money than you and who are MORE successful than you and I promise you, that it will force you to step your game and life up.

-Cut Out Negative Media of ANY Kind. I stopped watching the news. Yep, everytime I would turn it on it was the same negative shit. Unless the world is going to end tomorrow, I really don’t care to think about it or focus on it. It’s a dark influence that is driven by sensationalism and rankings. Unplug from bullshit sites, news, and shows that cause you to be depressed.

-Cut Out Any Negative Music That Makes You Angry. A teenage kid walks around mad at the world and ready to kill everyone. He dons black everyday, hides out in his room and feels like no one likes him. Let’s examine his life.

The common denominator is that he’s listening 24/7 to angry music. You think I’m joking? I’m not. If you find yourself constantly angry, then check your iPod. Maybe you’re listening to the wrong influences. Hey, listen I’m not your Dad (at least I don’t think so haha), but do yourself a favor and listen to only UPBEAT and POSITIVE music. This doesn’t mean you can’t listen to your favorite heavy metal album every once in a while, but LIMIT it and see how your depression starts to lift. Angry music goes in your ears = anger comes out of you.


1. Take One Hour A Day And Build Your Dream

Nothing will give you greater pleasure, provide you with more satisfaction and help you get ahead in life and develop a playboy lifestyle, then taking ONE hour a day and work on making that dream a reality.

Want a web-based independent location business? Work 1 hour a day on it.

Want to fulfill your dream of owning your own business and telling ‘the man’ to fuck off forever? Work 1 hour a day on it.

Want to get financially independent of a corporate company? Work 1 hour a day on it.

Whether you’re toiling away at a BigLaw firm and dream of opening your own firm, or you’re slinging dough at Domino’s and want to become a professional paid writer, you MUST put in the effort. If I had a dollar for every guy I’ve heard say, “Well I hate my job and would rather do my dream job of XYZ blah blah blah”…you get the point. Don’t be a Talker; Be a Doer!

I know you have dreams, we all do. I know you want success, who doesn’t? I know you want to be the best you can be, and guess what? YOU can be but you MUST apply yourself.

Decide today that you’re going to start applying these great tips to enhance your life and help jump start you to living the playboy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about.

Want more GREAT and Actionable tips to a better life? Click here.

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21 Replies to “5 Tips For Success That You Can Use Today”

  1. This post was seriously inspirational and motivating for me, thanks! I’ve always been productive and written my goals down but recently I’ve just been jotting them down on scrap paper… Seeing that image of the spiral notepad made me remember that I’ve had one in my draw for YEARS not getting any use! And I will make them more detailed now! Also love the last step. Goood shit McQueen.


  2. You have the power to write some really motivational articles McQueen. Great job man. I’m going to start making a list before bed and see how it goes.

    You mention you read before bed. Care to share any books you think a Playboy In Development should read?


  3. Hey CMQ, I have been writing a plan for the next day since you mention it in AP1 and its helped enormously. Something so simple has made a big impact on my willingness to get shit done! Will there be a podcast this week?
    Cheers Boss!


  4. Not that obsession cannot lead to self-destruction, but the final item on your list when truly pursued very often leads to the others.


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