Poll Recap And Changes To The Blog

Alright gents, after I gathered data from hundreds of you, who graciously took a couple of minutes out of your valuable time and answered the questions, I have analyzed the data and have made some changes.

These changes are based off of the raw data collected, what the most popular topics are, and what readers want to see more of.

Poll Recap

Most Popular Topics:

-Game 80%

-Style 53%

-Playboy Lifestyle 52%

-Motivation 39%

-Wisdom 38%

-Fitness 23%

-Recipe Of The Week 11%

-The Sports Corner 1.5%

Topics Readers Would Like To See More Of:

-Game 60%

-Style 47%

-Playboy Lifestyle 45%

-Wisdom 37%

-Inspiration 28%

-Motivation 27%

-Fitness 24%

-The Sports Corner 1%

Ease Of Use Navigating The Site

-Yes 93%

-No 7%


Blog Changes

The rest of the questions were individual and not percentage based, but overwhelmingly readers like the direction the site is at and where it’s going. Most of you ranked it close to a 9 out of 10 (10 being the best site), but don’t trip, I’m a perfectionist at heart and will always be working on making this site a Perfect 10.

All of the submissions individual comments were read and I greatly appreciate the feedback.

Based on the data, here are the following changes to the blog.

-The Sports Corner will no longer be a weekly column or a part of the blog. While in theory, I believed the sports fans to get excited about it, it’s a very competitive market for the up to the minute sports news available on major sites such as ESPN and BleacherReport.

Here’s a perfect example gentlemen, of trying something and it not working, but it’s okay, because I would have never known if I wouldn’t have tried. Always take the leap and see if something works. No Risks = No Reward.

MasculineProfiles is a great writer and I have asked him to stay on doing a 2x a month column on Online Dating For Playboys. His first new article will drop May 4th titled: “How A Playboy Uses Online Dating”. I believe this will be a great topic for readers.

-My emphasis will be streamlined to focus on the following topics: Game, Style, Playboy Lifestyle and Motivation/Wisdom (personal stories that you can apply to your life to help you grow as men).

Fitness will stay on the docket and I’m in the process of revamping the approach. I will be using personal photos of me for inspiration and showing a transformation from in-shape to being at my physical best. This will keep me motivated and in check as well. I’m in the process of starting a new routine and will be posting my exact routines, supplements and training schedule.

Pro-Tip: For a kickass site that primarily focuses on fitness, check out Danger and Play. Mike is a personal friend of mine and walks the talk. He’s a fitness guru and you cannot go wrong following his fitness advice.

Recipe Of The Week will no longer be a part of the site, but I may be adding my diet plan into the Fitness posts I do. The existing recipes will stay in the archives available to you.

-I’m not making it an official category just yet, but I will be doing more Making Money, Hustles and Business posts. We all like to make money and I have some valuable advice based on personal failures and successes that will help all of you.

-Based on readers high statistic of visiting daily, I will still be updating the blog with 5 posts a week, with usually Saturday and Sunday off. Due to increased Vegas Hangover Experience bookings, the next few months will be intense with travel, but Mon-Fri I will have brand new helpful posts.

Alright gentlemen, that’s all for now. Thanks again for completing the poll and I’ll have a new post tomorrow.

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7 Replies to “Poll Recap And Changes To The Blog”

  1. I don’t know if I can take your fitness posts seriously since you’re a drinker and heavy smoker hahaha. Although I appreciate the time and effort you’re putting into this site and I’ll be checking in often! Your articles on game are some of the best I’ve read.


  2. Can you do a post or podcast on “The Cold Hearted Player”? I heard the term on the RVF forum and Return of Kings being tossed around but it would be cool to read or hear your take on how this type of person begins and ends in life.


  3. Like your style you communicate in a healthy & humerus way but underneath all that is real substance & thankfully you don’t have a stick up your ass like ‘some’ others guys.
    All fantastic stuff & I really like where its heading keep it up.
    Personally I love sports but found no need for it here.


  4. Hey Chris
    Suggestions for the show-
    How to spot sluts and avoid ltrs with them
    Top Streets and Neighborhoods for Daygaming LA (Abbot Kinney, Manhattan Beach, San Fernando Blvd-where could we ga,e porn stars at btw)
    Good girls game (how to close good girls because you have better since than to hang with crusty hos)


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