15 Tips On How To Deal With Women In A Relationship

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in almost three decades of my life, is that turning into a beta bitch boy in your current relationship or with your ex, will never increase her attraction for you and will never win your ex back.

I’m going to break this down like a motherfucker right now, you ready?

1. Forget everything you ever saw in a romantic comedy that supposedly works on girls. Toss it out of the halls of your mind. It does not work.

2. Pleading and begging are two things that you should never do with a girl. Ever.

3. The moment you feel like you have to go to an extreme in order to ‘save’ the relationship, you’ve already ‘lost’ her. It’s just a matter of time before it’s completely over.

4. Most of what your elders taught you about getting a girl to like you is bullshit. It may have worked for their generation, but it doesn’t work in 2014 in the good ole US of A and most countries with a western culture influence. Bringing flowers on a first date will get you labeled desperate and ‘creepy’. I didn’t invent the Game, I just perfected it. It is what it is.

5. The moment you feel you need to hurry up and prove yourself to a girl, is the moment she has control of the relationship.

6. Game is about effectively creating a dynamic where it appears she’s chasing you, when you’re actually pursuing her. Next Level Game is when she actually is chasing you, without you ‘doing’ anything. (You actually are, but it’s more nuanced and it’s based on your obvious High Value)

madmen (2)

7. SPOILER ALERT: On last night’s episode of Mad Men, the writers have made the great Don Draper drop his classic alpha male characteristics and do the following to win his wife’s affections back:

1. Buy her flowers.

2. Surprise her in LA with his presence (he lives in NYC).

3. Tell her “I love you”. He rarely does.

4. Try to please her with news that he’s getting another job.

5. Call her “just to hear her voice”.

Can you guess what happens? She becomes cold and withdrawn and wants to breakup. “But wait Christian! He did EVERYTHING you’re supposed to do with a girl, right?” Actually he did, BEFORE he slipped into Betatude. No matter how alpha you are, it only takes a few mistakes to slip into a pussy whipped beta bitch boy. On a side note, it’ll be interesting to see if the writers continue to change Don Draper in order to make him more politically correct in this final season. If they do so, then they’ll ruin the entire show. Time will tell…

8. A woman will lose respect for you the instant you start needlessly apologizing for being a man. Don’t be a part of this Apology Generation! Be a damn man and hold your head high. Don’t walk around apologizing for liking pretty women, women who are feminine and women who like to please men.

9. Think about when someone really needs a favor from you, what dynamic does this produce? One where you have the power right? Now think about when a man begs a women to stay with him or get back together with him, what dynamic does this produce? The same: she now has ALL of the power.

10. Want to know a little secret about women that will help transform your Game? Women are best handled with the carrot and the stick. Never give them everything they want, either materially or emotionally. They want what they cannot have, but they get pleasure in the drama of wanting, wishing and imagining.

11. Learn that less is more when gaming women.

12. Women will never respect a weak kneed, yellow belly wimp, so drop the pleading and begging and have some damn respect for yourself. Look, here’s the deal: if she wants to go, or break-up with you, then let it be. You don’t want to struggle with a woman to stay with you and force her to be with you. Don’t get caught up thinking you can ‘change her mind’, because that’s not how it works. Women don’t respond to logic, they respond to emotions. Learn to trigger the right emotions and she’ll be putty in your hands.

13. Nothing is better than a women who WANTS to be with you and will go to hell and back in order to stay with you.

14. The easiest way to Hold Frame and wear the pants in the relationship is this: ALWAYS hold yourself as the prize. Know your value and present it that way. It’s her good fortune that YOU chose her to date. She’s ‘lucky’ you gave her the time of day. Never approach it from “I’m so lucky to be with this girl. I don’t deserve her at all!”. That statement is thrown around constantly by pussy beta bitch boys and instantly tells me who wears the pants in that family.

15. You may ‘lose’ a girl by not pleading and begging, but you will always ‘lose’ a girl by pleading and begging. Get it?

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22 Replies to “15 Tips On How To Deal With Women In A Relationship”

  1. Instead of I’m sorry say: ” I own up to ( whatever was done) in the future I’ll work to make sure it doesn’t happen “. Only use it sparingly when a real offense has taken place. I use this line in lieu of sorry with my wife.


  2. This is a fantastic list. I am a traditional conservative religious guy/have only been with only one woman/married for 15 yrs new red pill guy and this post is worth more than $5000 in marital counseling. Christian, any further thoughts (or perhaps a new post) on how this applies in an LTR or marriage? The principles seem exactly the same but harder to do some of these while married to the same woman since she knows all your tendencies. Thank you!


      1. Awesome looking forward to the post! This site is like internet gold. It’s amazing how one can know so much about a field and then so little about another field. I’m 40+ but feel like I’m a 13 year old playing Stairway to heaven for the first time reading this site. Thanks!


  3. Not really on topic… But I was wondering if you could help me out with something. Me and this girl used to be exclusive about a year ago. No relationship, just a friends with benefits type of thing. Anyways I’m talking to one of her friends now and she’s cockblocking the shit out of me. I know the girl I’m talking to now is dwin but she’s hesitant because the her friend I used to screw is ignoring her after she found out we were talking. It’s pissing me off because I really want the k. Any advice?


    1. First off, don’t get pissed off. The moment your emotions lead your actions with girls you’re operating just like them.

      Secondly, the key here is to Build Comfort with the new girl and make it seem like you guys have something ‘special’, which will cause her to get closer to you and turn more on her friend. Girls love the dynamic of You vs. Them. I.e. it’s you and her vs. everyone else “who just doesn’t get what you guys have together”.


      1. Never told your parents your thought and keep relationship between you and her and you will succed


  4. I think what he is saying is to never be to forward with girls. For instance, when a girl asks you about your weekend, never go into full details. Always be a little bit mysterious and let them assume what they want to assume.


    1. One of the main problems of guys who don’t have game, or who are newbies, is doing too much.

      They feel they have to explain everything to girls, tell their life story and go into great detail

      Less is more with girls = maintaining mystery and an air of aloofness, which is very attractive to them.

      *Evan explained it somewhat as well.


    2. Great article.
      Thanks for sharing!

      Evan, there are a lot of good points here. I remember reading about something called The Law Of Least Effort or Sprezzatura. Search for those terms and I am sure you’ll find what you are looking for. -dcl


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