How To Improve Your Posture

As men, one of our greatest strengths is our posture and physicality. The unfortunate reality is that many men fail to utilize one of their strengths, by not having good posture. Posture is Body Language 101. It all starts with your posture. From your posture springs forth how people perceive you and whether they respect you or not.

When you walk in a room, do you command respect, or do people not even give you more than a casual glance?

When I was kid, I used to slump my shoulders a lot. It was bad. Terrible actually. I’m not sure where I picked up the bad habit, but regardless, my mother would have none of it. She decided to harp on me every time she saw me slouched and I’m quite grateful she did.

4 Tips For Improving Your Posture

1. One of the tricks my mother used to help improve my posture, was to have me walk from one end of the room to the other with a book on my head. You see, if you’re slouched the book will fall off. If you’re standing with proper posture, then you can walk with the book on your head and it won’t slip off. Try it.

2. Imagine you’re 7 feet tall. Literally stand up and imagine that. Unless, you’re actually close to 7 foot tall, you’ll feel yourself standing up straighter. Adjust the imagined height based on your personal height, but make sure it’s at least a foot more than what you are. This is also a secret technique I use for commanding a room, that I’ll break down in the next article in this series.

3. Get rid of your wallet. Not a joke. If you’re a part of the fat-wallet-in-your-back-pocket camp, you’re affecting your posture. It’s impossible to sit in a chair, or while driving and have proper posture with a fat wallet causing your spine to be unaligned. If you are that tied to your wallet, then put it in your front pocket. Better yet, get a money clip and not only improve your posture, but add some swagger to your life.

4. Work an office job, or you’re sitting most of your work day? Stand up. Stretch. Take a quick walk around the office. This will help keep your blood circulating and help you keep your posture in check when sitting for long periods of time.

How are you reading this article right now?


If you are more like the bony guy on the left, then slide your chair in more and sit straight up, taking the stress off of your neck. Nothing will sideline you quicker then having a neck issue and over time bad posture can cause extreme issues in your body even affecting your lungs and breathing.

Also note the difference in the chairs in the photo: throw your shitty office chair out the window and get a better chair like the one on the right. It’s your body, so take control. No one at your office will give two fucks if you don’t speak up and ask for a better chair. Work from home or you’re the boss? Invest in yourself and buy a better office chair.

The quickest way to get your posture in line is to follow this tip: Your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles should make one straight line. Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself from the side and straight on. Are your shoulders bent forward? Is your neck sticking out like a damn crane? Line yourself up.

The benefits to having good posture are tremendous and will even improve your skills with women.

Here’s a list of advantages to having proper posture:

-You get more oxygen circulating through your body which helps you think better.

-People will respect you more when your head is held high and your physical presence commands respect.

You will literally be TALLER. Yep, depending on how much you slouch and dip your head, you could easily gain an inch or more, by having correct posture.

-Girls are attracted to men with commanding posture and body language. The next article in this series will cover body language and how it attracts girls.

-By respecting your body by having proper posture, others will respect you more. Respect starts with respecting yourself first.

Proper body language is the 1st sign of an alpha male. When I walk in a room, I command it. Why? Because I walk in like I own it with my body language, proper posture and eye contact. (more on this in the next body language article). Don’t be a beta bitch boy and slouch around like a snake in the shadows. Command peoples’ attention by being physically present and dignified.

-Improved workouts. Proper form when lifting is crucial to not only reducing injuries, but also for making strength gains.

-Stronger abs. Having correct posture improves your core strength.

The following chart show incorrect posture, as well as proper posture. Identify which areas you need improvement on and make the changes. At first it will seem unnatural and you might feel awkward, but over time, you will ‘naturally’ have good posture and won’t even think about it anymore.


Not sure if you have proper posture or not?

Here’s a quick test that will help you determine whether you do or not. (courtesy of OhioCoreCare site)

1. Stand with the back of your head against a wall.

2. Place heels 6 inches from the wall. Your ass and shoulder blades should touch the wall.

3. There should be less than 2 inches between your neck or small of the back and the wall.

Anything more than that and you have some posture issues my friend. Respect yourself and your body: get your posture in line and start enjoying the benefits.

The next article in this series will cover how proper posture helps you with Commanding A Room in both business and social situations.

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14 Replies to “How To Improve Your Posture”

  1. I think there’s another aspect of posture as well besides standing tall and straight: using a lot of room, holding your arms/elbows wide commands respect.


  2. Christian how tall are you? Good posture can make you seem taller. People think I’m 5’11 but i’m only like 5’9.5 and I attribute this to good posture ad wearing my hair tall. Most people have bad posture except for when they measure themselves. I’m usually just as tall or taller than people 5’11 to 6′.


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