5 Motivational Videos To Jump Start Your Day


Let’s be real here, okay? Waking up in the morning and springing into action can be a real bitch. In fact, I’m not the most cheery morning man, at all.

I have to do my morning routine and then I’m good, but my routine is crucial for me to get a jump start on the day and get ready to kick ass in life.

Part of my Morning Routine, is watching a video or two (depending on how groggy I am), that Inspires and Motivates me.

Along with Affirmations and some morning Prayer, watching an inspirational video adds fuel to my fire.

Below you’ll find 5 of my Personal video favorites that get me pumped for the day.

Have a favorite video that gets you fired up? Post the link in the comments for everyone to benefit from.

Alright gentlemen, here you go…

Note: if you’re viewing this on a phone, the videos may not show. Check the post out on your laptop, or desktop.

Never Quit



Arnold, Sylvester and More Great Speeches

Nick Vujicic

Ready to kick some serious ass today? Lessss gooooo!


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13 Replies to “5 Motivational Videos To Jump Start Your Day”

  1. How do you overcome thoughts of suicide? I have had an injury/problem for the last 14 months that no sports medicine, physiatrist or orthopaedic has even seen (been to 8 doctors). They tell me they have never seen anyone with my symptoms. Its not even an injury, but it was caused from exercise. It is a neuro-reflexive problem that was developed from doing repetitive exercises. My world has turned upside down. I cannot have sex, work out, dance or do mildly strenuous activities (e.g. throwing a baseball). I am doing a physio program, but I never make good progress and I always aggregate the condition. Killing myself has been very tempting lately. How do I overcome these thoughts….the sad thing is I am only 22 years old…I just came across your forum because it has cool stuff on meeting women..pretty desperate.


    1. Giving up is never an option. Anyone who’s lived some life has had thoughts of suicide. I did after a particularly tough time and almost went through with it. I thank God I didn’t.

      While I’m not in your specific situation, I understand not wanting to live having been there. I can tell you, that things WILL get better and quitting is not an option. I remember reading a story about the actor Orlando Bloom who fell off of a roof and was paralyzed for some time from the waist down. His life was over in his eyes and he wanted to die. He pulled through and went on to bang Victoria Secret models and become a mega rich famous actor through The Lord of The Rings movie trilogy. He’s thankful that he didn’t give up.

      Lastly, remember it’s always the darkest before the dawn. Keep your head up and feel free to send me an email if you like: AskChristian@RealChristianMcQueen.com

      If you’re feeling particularly low, then I would speak with a parent, mentor, or counselor who can provide you help hands-on. There ARE people who care and I’m one of them.


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