Get Fed Up With Being Average

Read closely, because I’m about to offend some of you. We’re all men right? We can handle some constructive criticism right? We can handle hearing what actually is, instead of what we wish it was,right?

In every man’s quest for success, what is one factor that must happen before he makes it?

I’ll tell you right now: You have to get fed up with being average. Period. 

You must get sick and tired of being the status quo and an average man, in order to reach your full potential in life.

You must realize that if you want to be truly successful, you have to want it as much as you want to breathe. As much as you want that pretty girl that’s in your class. As much as you want the dream life and success, you must ask yourself, do you really want it?

Are you willing to sacrifice in order to have it? I’m talking about real sacrifice.

Not spend an extra thirty minutes a day working on your goals; I’m talking about turning your phone off, selling your TV and Xbox, saying ‘no’ to attending the latest party, telling your girlfriend “No, I don’t have time to hang out, I’m busy getting successful”, and even steering clear of your family if they bring you down with negativity and hatefulness. That’s the kind of sacrifice I’m talking about.

Some of you, God bless you sincerely, but have been spoiled your whole life. You may have grown up with a silver spoon in your mouth and you may have been bailed out of every bad situation by your family, but if you really want to become an independent man with your own success, it’s time to let go of the tit and blaze your own trail.

Some of you, God bless you sincerely, are spoiled brats. You don’t know what real pain is. This is the softest generation of all time. The absence of pain creates weak men obsessed with material goods, but lacking an inner fire.

You know where I get my motivation? Inside my soul.

You see, I wasn’t raised with money, didn’t come from money and sure as hell won’t be left any money when my family passes. I knew in order to be successful, I would have to wipe away my crocodile tears of dismay at not being born into privilege and put my nose to the grindstone.

Coming from the place I have come from and experiencing real pain, I can tell you right now, thatthe pain will make you better. 

It will make you stronger.

It will make you more independent.

It will make you smarter.

It will make you into a man.


My path from pain hit it’s all time low when I was homeless. The pain of being alone and broke without a dollar and having no idea where my next meal would come from is incredible pain. The feeling that if I died in any of those moments and who would really care, will either break a man, or set him on a different path.

I knew that in those moments I wasn’t being all that Christian McQueen can be, but I didn’t know how to get out of the situation. I was lost, full of despair and started to lash out at those who were successful.

“Well that motherfucker got lucky!”, I’d say.

“He was born into it. How the hell is someone who’s poor with no connections supposed to get ahead in this life?” I’d also say.

“No one gives a flying fuck about me, my situation, or my goals and dreams. Fuck everyone, I don’t give a fuck anymore”, was my go to saying.

Let me tell you something and read this close, because it might just change your life, if you have an open ear for someone who has been there and back: Your attitude of bitterness and hatefulness will destroy you.  (and almost destroyed me)

There’s no if’s and’s, or but’s about it. It is a poison that will destroy your soul, breed in your mind with bitter thoughts and manifest itself in your actions.

Get a hold of yourself and decide that the only one responsible for your failures and successes isyourself.

This is key, because your claiming responsibility for everything good and bad that has happened to you, will empower you.

You cannot start your quest for greatness, unless you realize that it’s in your power to make it happen.

No more depending on Dad.

No more depending on Mom.

No more asking your grandparents to bail you out.

No more relying on the government to pay for your food.

No more begging, no more pleading, no more asking for a handout.

You have to make it happen.

You have to take control of your life.

You have to make the right choices.

Only then can you get yourself out of the gutter and on the road for success.

I speak from experience of being down and out, broke and lonely. What flipped the switch for me, was taking responsibility for my actions and realizing that my negative actions had created a prison of consequences. As I took responsibility for those actions, the prison walls of consequences that seemed insurmountable started to dissipate and I made another chance for myself.

Read that again: I made another chance for myself. I turned no opportunity into an opportunity. You have to get creative and take the initiative. What is that for you? I don’t know your situation, but you know it better than me.

You have to make yourself an opportunity.

You have to seize every moment of every day to be successful.

If you think that you can sleep in and spend more time on Facebook dreaming and success will eventually come, then you’re in for a helluva rude awakening.

Stir that hunger inside. Stoke the fire. Get rid of the bitterness. Get rid of the hateful attitude to those who are doing better.

I’m telling you with all of the sincerity in my body, that the pain you’re going through will be the fuel for your success, if you don’t allow it to define you, but instead allow it to refine you.

I wish the best for everyone who reads this article, and while I’m sure the naysayers will eagerly scroll down to the comments to leave scornful and spiteful comments, let it be known that even they can change and live a better life, if they only let go of the bitterness and take hold of their future.

If you choose to ignore sound wisdom based in real life experience, then realize this my friend: You are only hurting yourself. 

No one said it would be easy.

No said it would be a smooth road.

No one said that becoming truly successful isn’t one of the hardest, if not the hardest journey of your life.

But read closely: if it was easy, then everyone would be successful. Do you want to be everyone? Or do you want to rise above?

Determine today that you are fed up with being average and are committing to being the best that you can be.

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39 Replies to “Get Fed Up With Being Average”

  1. Christian Mcqueen, i grant you.. The ‘Nigga’ Pass. Lol all jokes aside God Bless your soul. We’re all created equally in Gods form. Able to achieve what we put our minds to. I Salute you.


  2. I relate very well to your background. Grew up dirt poor, hit bottom a number of times. Rise back to average and coast for awhile – then hit bottom again. This past year has been really rough – close to hitting bottom again. Quite frankly, Im so sick of it, change has to be made. I look at it as now or never. The last seven years of my life are like a movie that keeps repeating itself. Constant grind with no real long term financial hope. Its nice to read the memoirs of a guy who has been there and climbed his way out. It gives me hope when the situation around oneself can seem hopeless.


      1. Thank you for responding with your words of encouragement. It means a lot .You are a very thoughtful person.


  3. Reading through the post I’ve realized you’ve walked the walk before you talked the talk. It’s a really inspiring post knowing all that you achieved is real, and achievable only with a lot of effort, dedication, persistence, consistency or simply fuck being average and always be elevating!
    I’ve said it earlier on FB, but I got to say it out loud here for all the naysayers, negative Nancies and lost people out there… HUGE RESPECT to McQueen and if you fall into some of these categories, go splash yourselves with a bucket of cold water, be thankful for these free life lessons of this great man and go do something valuable for your lives following his advice.

    Keep it real !


  4. I blocked facebook on my computer recently- I’ve been wasting 5-10 hours a week on it. Now, if I try to go to, it redirects me to this article. and it stays relevant every time. This was a good article. Thanks for sharing it.


  5. What resources do you use to get motivated every day?

    How can you let go the bitterness/the mental steps? Ive tried for months and havent broken it off yet-how can I break this thing?


  6. Hey Christian,
    I love this post because i’m going through something similar; trying to get out of the shithole of a life i live at the moment. I thought many times of suicide but you said no one would care. Except for a few family members, no one would give a fuck; i would just be a thought lost in time.

    My life is finally back on track, I got a job after a whole depressing year of doing absolutely nothing but drown in my own misery, Got laid for the first time in years by a good looking gal, And i am back in school studying to become an auto technician (half way there.)

    I’m no where near satisfied with my current situation but it is slowly improving.

    Keep up the good work because men like you are a motivation for young men like me who are just beginning the game of life.


  7. I have been homeless several times. The first and worst time was in L.A. I had negative attitude and hatred to boot. That was long ago.
    For the past three years I have prepared for a new beginning, a new career; a reboot of my life. Come fall, I’m leaving the work-force to achieve my goal.
    Truth is I put myself on the streets back then. Laziness, irresponsibility, jealousy, envy, hatred, etc…are some of the ingredients that pave the road to self-destruction.
    Fuck no.
    I haven’t studied and trained for poker for 3 years to settle for that. Holidays, weekends, evenings…When everyone I know is partying I’m learning my craft. My hard-earned money I risk in this endeavor; no financial backer.
    Hell, I forgot HOW to game so I read blogs like this one to get caught up.
    You are right Christian. We must get fed up with being average. This blog isn’t average…Neither is the book The Alpha Playboy…I’m gonna keep coming back.


  8. I saw this article pop up in my inbox and I new it would be gold. I found it to be incredibly motivational, it’s just what I needed to read because I have been feeling a bit down lately. Good stuff, I’m a huge fan, keep it up.


  9. I’ve always known deep down, despite a “fresh prince” upbringing that self sufficiency for a man is all that he has. My motivation comes and goes in waves and it’s hard to sustain that fire when things aren’t dire. As someone who is easily influenced by his environment, I only have to compare myself to others around me because they are great motivation of what NOT to be.


    1. “My motivation comes and goes in waves and it’s hard to sustain that fire when things aren’t dire.”

      ^This is a plight for every man when survival isn’t on the line, that’s why I suggest daily motivation. When the bills are paid, your stomach is full and a vacation is planned, that’s when it almost takes more motivation to become even more successful.

      Zig Ziglar said it best when he said: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”


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