How A Playboy Uses Online Dating

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Online dating has quickly become the “new normal” when it comes to meeting new people and mates. While people still meet at clubs, bars, work, shopping, and many other mediums; online dating is undoubtedly on the rise. Combine this with the fact that meeting people online does not carry the stigma that it once did and rough estimates say that over 43 million Americans are dating online currently.

And yeah, with over 40 million people online, there are hot chicks dating online too. It’s a simple numbers game. So how does a playboy utilize online dating to suit his needs? First, we need clear definitions of what a playboy is and what exactly constitutes online dating. According to Christian McQueen, a playboy is:

A man who does what he wants, when he wants, while maintaining freedom in every aspect of his life and has designed his life in order to capitalize on new experiences.”

And exactly what does it mean to attempt to date online:

Online dating is a dating experience that allows individuals to contact and communicate over the Internet.”

All right, now that is have that figured out, how does a playboy utilize online dating in his quest to live a life he wants, a life of freedom and choice?


As One Way Of Many Ways To Meet Women

First and foremost, not very many playboys have only one way of bringing women into his life. A playboy meets women throughout all facets of his life.

When he heads out for a night on the town, the playboy meets women. He interacts with them and attempts to take them home, settling for a phone number if need be.

A playboy meets women during his day-to-day activities. He may be at the grocery store and see a cutie in the produce section. He strolls up to her and strikes up a convo about how to select the best mangoes before grabbing her number.

He may be shopping for a new pair of loafers when he spots a cute woman working the cashier. He makes his choice of kicks and walks over to her register. While checking out, he spits his game and flirts with the cutie. If she digs it, he asks for her number before getting on with his day.

And yes, a playboy can meet women online if he so chooses.

Maybe the playboy is busy with his work and workouts; he doesn’t have as much time as he would like to be social. So he uses online dating as a way to meet more women. He values his time, but also values variety in his sex life. He spams out a few messages every Sunday and always gets on Tinder while he is on the toilet.


Minimal Time Investment

While a playboy may see the value in dating online, he doesn’t let online dating take too much of his time. A playboy values his time above all and seeks to maximize it, and therefore, his experiences.

So how does a playboy become an efficient online dater? First, he gets his profile(s) perfected. He has great photos and a profile that is interesting and humorous. Essentially, he comes across as an alpha male online.

Next, he finds three to five “copy and paste” messages that he has saved in a document on his computer and phone. He spams these out to women with the click of a button, no typing necessary.

Once a playboy has the above two steps figures out, he should have his ‘online game’ on autopilot. Since he values his time above all, the playboy only uses online dating during two specific times throughout the week.

Sunday night the playboy spends an hour or two sending out opening messages to as many chicks as possible online. Then, he checks his profile(s) when he is on the toilet and/or when he is about to go to sleep using his phone. During these times (toilet time and before bed), he responds to follow-ups from the messaging blitz he did that Sunday.

Best Situations For A Playboy To Date Online

While online dating can be great for many playboys, it is not for everyone. Some men have the abilities to meet as many women as their hearts desire without online dating (i.e. Christian using night game at clubs or others who use day game on college campuses). Still, there are certain situations where online dating is not only a great option for men, but also the best weapon in the man’s game toolbox.

For example:

  • Online dating is great if you are an extremely busy man and cannot make time for an exciting social life.
  • Online dating is great if you are a budding playboy who is building confidence.
  • Online dating is great if you are seeking novelty that you rarely come across in everyday life.
  • Online dating is great if you are simply looking to up your notch count.
  • Oh, and online dating is great if you are travelling the world.



Remember that numbers you pull from online dating are no different than a number you get in real life. As always, when a busy playboy gets a new number, he typically has a plan formulated. He is either going to grab quick drinks with the girl, ask her to come hang out at his place, or tell her to meet him out when he is being social. Numbers you get online are no different; you are still dealing with women.

And if you are looking to get your ‘online game’ on autopilot, make sure to head over to for tips and tricks on profiles, photos, messaging, and more.

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