You Don’t Gain From Hating Or Wishing, Only Doing

There’s an epidemic in our world today of people wanting, wishing and hating.

Do you fall into any of those groups?

We as humans have a tendency to want what others have, especially here in America. This is a toxic attitude, unless one uses their desire to fuel their personal fire.

When I see others with more than me, and I see plenty, it only pushes me harder and motivates me to be the best I can.

To put it simply: You don’t gain personally from hating or wishing, only DOING.

Action is what produces results.

Not wishing.

Not hoping (without action).

Not whining.

Not being jealous.

Not pining away at “how life is so unfair!”

No shit life is unfair. It is what it is. I’d make a great trust fund kid haha, because I love to travel, party and have sex with beautiful women, but guess what? I wasn’t born with a trust fund or wealthy parents.

So instead of bitching about it, I rolled up my sleeves and went to work on what I want my life to be like. Is it there yet? It’s close, but not exactly where I want it to be.

Instead of letting societies attitude of jealousy, wishing and hating to consume you, decide that you are going to be different. You’re going to leave the complaining for the losers, the whining for the pathetic and the wishers for the unsuccessful.

Decide today that you’re going to spend your energy on developing your own great life and ignore the haters, because trust me, you will have them as you get more successful.

The funny thing is, is that a lot of people will act ‘supportive’, until you actually start to surpass them in success, then their true colors come out and they may turn into haters.

If you have people in your life who are really supportive of your goals and dreams, then hang on to them, because those are genuinely good people.


One way to keep yourself in check, is to take a drive through your local ghetto. No, I’m not kidding and yes, you’ll be fine. You’re a big boy and you won’t get shot if you don’t act like an idiot.


See the homeless asking for food and money.

See the children playing with old cardboard boxes for ‘toys’ because their families can’t afford to buy them any, or their parents are degenerates wasting money on drugs instead of taking care of their kids.

If you’re really brave, YouTube some third-world countries videos on poverty, famine and disease.

Still think you have it bad? 

It’s time for men in today’s day and age to stand up and be leaders.

Fuck the complaining.

Fuck the whining.

Fuck the “life is unfair!” attitude.

Fuck the entitlement attitude.

Fuck hating on others who are successful.

Fuck wishing.

Fuck hoping.

Fuck daydreaming.

Fuck all of the negative thoughts that try to derail us from our paths to success and start focusing on what IS good in your life.

I can guarantee you that you will never get to where you want to be, if you don’t let go of jealousy, wishing and whining and don’t roll your sleeves up and focus on bettering yourself.

Some may say it’s impossible for everyone to be successful, but this simply isn’t true.

What IS true, is that many people WANT success, but aren’t willing to do what is necessary to be successful.

It’s hard. It’s tough. It may break and make you many times over.

But it is possible, IF you want it more than anything.

Decide today that you’ll no longer be a hater, wisher, daydreamer, or whiner, and instead you will be a DOER.

You can do it. Just put your mind to it.

To your success my friends, I wish you all the best in your quest for greatness!

Remember this commercial? Fuckin A, Jordan is a motivator!

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11 Replies to “You Don’t Gain From Hating Or Wishing, Only Doing”

  1. Dude I have been reading quite a lot of your articles recently. You site is very inspiring and I particulary love this post. Even though I am quite succesful in my career and don’t look too bad, I often find myself complaining that life is unfair because being rather short and middle eastern I have much harder game here in Europe then my tall “handsome” white friends. Fuck this. You are right. Currently they do have more game, but non of them has been so successful in his career at such a young age. Non of them is as discplined as I am. I need to utilize my skills and apply some of your recommendations to improve my game.


  2. Two things that stuck out for me when I read this. One, that old saying of “It is what it is.” There’s a video I watched on YouTube of how embracing that very phrase is the art of accepting. I’ll post the link if anyone is interested. Second, the very words of MJ succeeding because of failure somehow surfaced in my thoughts as of late. Talk about a coincidence.

    Simply put, no truer words will ever be spoken thanks to one Christian McQueen. And he’s right. Bitching, complaining, wishing, wanting, nothing more than a waste of time. Doing it is a lot better than saying it.


      1. Here it is. I discovered his site a couple nights ago through another blog I follow. I don’t know if it’s me, but this guy really has his shit together.


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