Weekend Game Tip: How To Pickup Girls At The Airport

Being a jet set playboy comes with gaming grounds that the other gents might not have experienced yet, but make no mistake, the airports are full of sexy girls you can meet. To better help you understand how to pickup sexy girls at the airport, I’ve broken this down step-by-step.

I usually fly commercial, but sometimes by private jet (not mine, but business partners and friend’s jets) and that’s an entirely different level of Airport/Flying Game that I’ll cover in an upcoming article, How To Fly In Private Jets For Free. Not only HOW to get a free seat on a private jet, but also how to raise your DHV through the roof with girls. I also have articles covering How To Pick Up A Flight Attendant, and How To Join The Mile High Club that will be released soon.

But for now this article will cover how to pickup girls at your regular ole airport flying commercial.

Ready for some Next Level Game Tips? Keep reading playboys.

#8. Dress For SuccSEX

Want to be taken seriously at the airport by sexy girls? Then dress like you mean it.

There’s two outfits that I rock when flying, that serve me very well. Leave the basketball shorts and t-shirt at home and dress like me to increase your odds of getting eye fucked and opened.

Here’s my 2 Go-To Outfits I Rock When Jet Setting

1. Light colored suit or khakis (especially in the summer) with a blazer, bright pocket square (screams fun, NOT business), nice dressy watch, dress shirt with metal collar stays to keep my collar high and tight, NO tie (too business like) and Sunglasses (if flying during daylight hours).

Here’s an example:


As you can see, this outfit screams JET SET PLAYBOY, not OVERWORKED BUSINESS MAN WHO’S BORING.

The key to making this work is to get colorful and light with your wardrobe. Ditch the dark grays and blacks and keep it bright and fun. This ensures that you’re NOT on business (even if you are) and draws women’s eye to you. Anything you can do as a playboy to get women to look at you in a positive way is game.

The beauty of dressing like this, is that 99.9% of people dress like blatant slobs when flying. I can promise if you dress like this you’ll stand out like a million bucks. I’ve even been upgraded to 1st class for FREE because the airport staff respected me more and the female workers will show favoritism to you.

Want to see a difference, than BE different. You DON’T want to blend into a crowd of slobs and slackers. Stand out like a proper playboy who causes women to drool and men to respect.

Second Go-To Flying Outfit

2. Linen Pants, Casual Leather Shoes, Polo, Nice Casual Watch and Shades (if flying during daylight hours).

Here’s An Example and note how classic of an outfit it is that it worked for Sean Connery decades ago in a Bond film. Take note of the classics gentlemen, they will not lead you astray.


This is another great outfit if you’re going to be on an extended flight, or if you’re flying to a very hot climate. It’s comfortable, yet stylish that will still make you stand out from the crowd.

The KEY here is to make sure that you rock a nice leather band watch and nice leather shoes to ‘dress it up’. The Lacoste Dreyfus shoes are an excellent choice for this outfit.

Now that I’ve shown you two great stylish playboy outfits to wear when flying, I’ll now break it down in a few steps of what to do to pickup sexy girls at the airport.

#7. Get Fresh Before Flying

Shower, put on cologne, do your hair just right and put on one of the two outfits I mentioned, so you’re looking and most importantly FEELING your best before hitting the airport. How you FEEL dictates a lot of how people treat you. Get your mindset on point and ready to Game before even walking into the airport. Get chatty with your driver on the way and get in a good mood. Most people are in a foul mood when flying, so your good energy will help you stand out in a positive way.

#6. Get To Your Flight Early

Yes, I’m aware that this can be VERY hard sometimes, but I’m not talking about 3-4 hours early, just 2 hours before your flight departs. I’m notorious for leaving a club drunk and catching my flight as the cabin door is shutting, but in general this is a key rule to follow. 2 hours is usually standard so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you.

#5. Check-In and Then Roam

Once you know where your gate is and you’re settled, then you can feel free to roam and check out the bars and restaurants. You don’t want to meet a sexy girl and then be worried about where your gate is etc. Get your foundation settled so you’re free to roam and Game as you please.


#4. Hit Up The Bars, Lounges and Restaurants

These are your Goldmines when Gaming at airports. If you have the status, check out your private lounges and see what women are flying solo. If not, no worries, check out the other bars, lounges and restaurants. Assuming you’ve checked your baggage or you just have a small suitcase, it’ll be convenient for you to do this. If I have more than 1 bag I check it so I’m not lugging around suitcases for two hours which turns into a cockblock of it’s own.

As you check out the scene, look for the following:

-Cute women who are solo.

-Cute women in groups of two.

-Cute women in groups.

I ranked these in importance and what you should be looking for. Obviously solo is best, than two and last resort a group.

#3. Post Up Within Earshot Of The Girl (s) And Order A Drink

Don’t drink alcohol? No problem. Order whatever your favorite non-alcoholic beverage is and keep your ears tuned to what they’re are saying. If it’s a group of two, then listen for clues about where they’re flying to, where they came from and other details such as: do they have boyfriends, husbands etc.

If a girl is solo, here’s my Go-To Signature Move, that I’m GIVING to you. Hey, can’t say I’m not a giver haha.

Your complete vibe should be: Sexy, Mysterious Man Coming and Going Where? Girls love this fantasy of meeting a dashing man in the airport. You’re that man and here’s how to do it.

The McQueen Signature Solo Airport Move

-I post up at the bar as I mentioned before.

-I take a look around slowly at the crowd and let my eyes settle on the girl.

-If she looks over I throw a flirtatious smile out. Usually they reciprocate.

-The moment they do, I tell the bartender to send her whatever drink she’s ordering.

-Then I sit back and wait, usually making small talk with the bartender or other patrons.

-9/10 times, the girl will walk over with the drink I ordered to me and make a comment like this:

Girl: “Thank you for the drink”

Me: “What drink?”

Girl: “Didn’t you order me this drink? The bartender sent it over and said it was from you”

Me: “Ah nah not from me, I think it was from him”

KEY: I then casually motion towards the ugliest, fattest or least likely man she’d ever be into in the bar/lounge. Trust me, when flying in the US, there’s plenty of overweight men at the airport bars. This ALWAYS elicits a laugh and crestfallen look. Bingo!

Me: “Not your type?”

Her: “No!” (nervous laugh)

KEY: This is when I stabilize the ‘roller coaster’ of emotions I just took her on.

Me: “Kidding. I sent it” (teasing smirk)

Her: “Thank God! I don’t know if I’d walk over to him…”

Me: “You wouldn’t. Because you’re shallow, but that’s okay, I am too. I’m Christian. What’s your name?”

Her: Playfully hits my arm + laugh + her name.


As you can see, I played a game with her and females LOVE games. Simply sending her a drink is boring and possibly predictable, but putting a spin on it makes it fun and takes her on an emotional ride. Now you may be thinking, “Well Christian what if she DOESN’T approach you after you send her a drink, then what?” Here you go playboy…

If she doesn’t walk over to me, than I casually walk over to her after a couple of moments and after she’s taken her first sip of her refreshing beverage and do this:

Me: “It appears you broke that gentlemen’s heart over there.” (casually motion to the same type of man I described before)

She will then be confused, think it’s me, then I take her through the paces again as before. Generally speaking, if they don’t come up to me, then it’s either they’re married (and faithful), or simply not interested. It doesn’t always work, but it works enough that I use it constantly.


The McQueen Signature Group Airport Move

-If I spot a table or a group of girls at the bar who are clearly in the group, then I take the offensive.

-First off, I spot the specific girl in the group who I’m MOST attracted to.

-Secondly, I look for IOI’s from ANY of the girls in the group. I’m not relying on this to approach, but if I get an IOI(s) in advance, than I know the group dynamic better.

-Thirdly, while I’m assessing the group I’m ordering a drink on the other side of the bar.

-Fourthly, after I get my drink, I’ll approach them and center myself in the center of the group. In other words, I’m assertive and in a light mood.

Here’s some examples of my openers:

Me To The Group Of Girls: 

“My doctor said it’s unhealthy to drink alone, so I’m joining you lovely girls” (this gets a laugh and then I game from there)

“This must be where the party is at, because it sure as hell isn’t over there” (I casually motion towards the other patrons are drinking bored)

“You girls must be the flight attendants” (Clearly they don’t have uniforms which is what makes it work. Laughs ensue and proceed from there)

“If I can guess where you girls are flying to, you owe me a drink. If I guess wrong, I’ll buy the next round”

(Note: The very easy way to guess this is to pay attention to where the bar is in proximity to the gates. Also, look for clues as to what they’re wearing. If there’s 3 gates by the bar and 1 is to Alaska, 1 to NYC and 1 to Hawaii and they’re dressed for a tropical vacation, then there you go playboy. Also note, don’t try this if you don’t have the money to buy the round. This works best for the cats flush with bankroll of cash, IF you do happen to guess wrong. Lastly, you can also get clues if you overhear what they’re discussing, but don’t take too long at the bar after you get your drink. Be decisive and dominating. Don’t wait 20 minutes and then approach which screams you’re a scared pussy to approach.)

#2. What To Talk About?

This is the easiest part and I’ll tell you why. First off, I’ll let you in on a little social dynamics secret of picking up girls at the airport. You ready? People automatically relax once they’re PAST security. Why is this? Because everyone has been through security and approved, so there’s a sense of safety compared to the security line and lobby. This helps you when opening and maintaining conversation.

There’s a million things to talk about, but here’s the key ones to get you started and help you out:

“Where are you flying to?”

“What are you doing there?”

“What’s the craziest flying story you have?” (Note: make sure you have a good one too. I have some epic ones to retort with, so this is one of my Go-To lines)

-If you’re flying from a fun adventure, this is MAJOR DHV. Ask any jetset playboy and they’ll tell you about how their travel stories get girls panties wet quicker than the front row at Sea World. Girls dig adventure, fun and excitement. Talk it up!

As with any Gaming that you do, make sure that you turn the conversation into a sexual direction early on. You’re not meeting them to be friends as WE know, but flirt and make it obvious what your intentions are.

#1. Closing

The final part is key. Let’s keep it real: the odds of you FINDING a place to bang at the airport are slim to none with the strict airport policies that we have today. Unfortunately, it’s not the same as years ago when you could slip into a bathroom, or janitors closet and go to town. If you’re really brave then do so, but I would be wary of security. They will throw handcuffs on you so quick and ruin your day, so I would suggest a Soft Close.

“What the hell is a Soft Close?”, you might be thinking. A Soft Close is closing a girl’s phone number, with intent to meet right after the flight.

IF she’s headed to a different city, than the phone number is your best bet. If you’re on social media you can add her too, but phone number FIRST no matter what.

Now, if you happen to be on the same flight and headed to the same city, this is where the Magic Happens! Make plans to meet up AFTER you land at the next airport. You could be staying at the same resort, or hotel, or even if you’re not, make plans to take the same taxi, or driver together. There you can Game her more, build comfort and even make a move.

Listen, there’s a million ways to skin a cat, but I’m showing you the most LIKELY way things will go down. If she’s really into you, then she may give you head on the flight if you happen to get seats next to her or switch seats, but more than likely a Soft Close is where the money is at.

I’ve had instances where I did a soft close, we grabbed a cab and then smashed at my hotel. I had instances where I soft closed, got off the plane and never saw her again. I’ve had instances where I’ve smashed a girl in a limo after we landed and were headed to her hotel.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this, but my tips will give you a golden framework from which to start the process.

Happy Flying and Fucking Playboys!


Here’s some upcoming similar articles I have scheduled based off of my own experiences: How To Pick Up A Flight Attendant, How To Join The Mile High Club, and How To Fly In Private Jets For Free.

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17 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: How To Pickup Girls At The Airport”

  1. No place to fuck? Lounges have these enormous private showers. I fucked chicks in two. LOTS of space, as clean as a nice hotel. The two I used had these 6 foot long marble pillar benches that are a little lower to the ground than most couches. GREAT for fucking on. The showers are also down a long hallway off of the main lounge so there’s like zero people even aware you’re there. Just check them out while girlie waits in the main area, tell her which one you’ll be in, then slip back into the shower and wait for her to come by.


  2. Random but how do you still your hair? I’ve read on a few random articles that you have big ears. I don’t have huge ears but I have very prominent ears (basically elf ears). Long hair looks bad on me so I was wondering how you style it. Also, when I cover up my ears with a winter hat in bars/clubs, I pull way more ass its crazy (I have laid 14 girls this winter just from wearing a winter hat. Before that, I only had 2 lays). I get IOIS from VERY attractive girls where as if I let me ears out, I don’t get anywhere near as many IOIS. It is a huge hit to my confidence so was just looking for a hair tip since summer is coming


    1. It drifts between the style on TAP cover and Don Draper in Mad Men depending on my mood and clothes.

      I HAD large ears but fate smiled down and I grew into them.

      There’s some major hollywood stars that have large ears and still do good. Channing Tatum comes to mind.

      If they’re very extreme, then you can do a few different things:

      1. Grow your hair longer and style it to minimize them.

      2. Don’t give a fuck and rock them anyway. I’ve had girls say during my big ear stage that they thought they were ‘cute’. Combined with major confidence it’s not a big deal.

      3. The most extreme, but I believe to be a viable option is to get surgery. It’s VERY simple, They basically snip the skin behind the ear and then sew the ear back. Easy surgery and if I’m not mistaken it’s pretty cheap.

      Some guys bash on plastic surgery but how is it any different than transforming your body through working out? It’s not. If you have the bread, or can do a payment plan, then this is a viable option.

      If you don’t have the cash though and if you’re getting significantly more IOIs with a winter hat, then just grow your hair out and style it in a way that minimizes them.

      Regardless though, this ‘weakness’ can be something that will actually HELP you develop your Inner Confidence more by really adopting a IDGAF attitude.

      The most attractive quality to women is Confidence, hands down.


      1. Thanks for the reply. My ears are about similar to Channing Tatums except they are a little pointier. Its just hard to let them hang when I literally get girls throwing themselves at me when I hide them with a hat. Anyways, surgery is something I am looking towards. Thanks


  3. Christian, Do you have any recommendations for a carry on bag that’s stylish and affordable? Not for a laptop but for a thinking-man’s book, travel stuff, etc.


  4. Slim body type, although muscular.

    Cheers Clint. Funnily enough, H&M shirts fit me pretty well and they can look good, but I’m wondering people’s views on the benefits of going more upscale — i.e. how much more bang you actually get for your buck in terms of how good something like Armani or Boss looks.

    I like Zegna too, and a Brit store called All Saints do some great stuff. I’ll definitely try Tyrwhitt’s — good tip, thanks



    1. Based on your body fit, then a Slim Fit shirt should fit you pretty well.

      Zegna is excellent for shirts.

      All Saints is good for casual wear, although some of there clothing steers into ‘hipster’ territory.

      HnM shirts are fine, but they tend to fall a part quickly.

      Michael Kors dress shirts I’ve grown attached to. They are good for going out and not worrying about getting them ruined with drink spills, makeup stains from girls etc.


  5. @troyfrancis Every man should figure out which brands and fits work for his body best, by trying on a bunch of different shirts. Club Monaco slim fit might look and fit great on you, while a JCrew classic shirt is better on me, etc. That said, for a great deal, get yourself measured or walk into a Charles Tyrwhitt store to find the perfect fit. Don’t buy it there, as you’ll get a better price at $29.50 a pop here: http://www.ctshirts.com/default.aspx?q=denzel||||||||||||||| Good luck, player.


    1. What is your body type like? Brands differ based on a man’s build. Regardless of where you get a shirt, I highly recommend getting them tailored for a few bucks for a custom fit that stands out in the crowd.


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