Weekend Game Tip: The Easiest Way To Have A One Night Stand

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy one night stands (ONS). The thrill of going out at night, meeting a new girl and fucking her within minutes or hours, has not gotten old to me. Fresh Flesh, I like to call it. Generally, players are driven by discovery. Discovery of a new body, how her pussy feels, what does her tits look like, is she good in bed, does she swallow; all of these discoveries are exciting and the reward for conquering a new girl.

A large part of it for myself, is the mental conquest of the girl. By pulling her the same night, in the face of competition, I have proven myself to be the best with game that night, in that moment, in that venue. While it’s important to NOT base your self-esteem on whether you pull or not, it’s fun to be good at your hobby, and that’s what ONS’s are to me; a hobby.

The easiest way to pull a girl for a ONS is to head to a nightclub or bar.

There is NEVER a better environment for meeting a girl, escalating and fucking her within minutes or hours, then a nightclub or bar. Daygame is great for meeting quality women, but I think it’s simply a matter of preference. If you have the ability to meet a girl at Starbucks and do an insta-date followed by sex, then more power to you, however, for those of you starting out in game, or those of you who are impatient, there is no quicker way to build your notch count and develop your social IQ, then learning to pull out of a club or bar.


These are the 5 reasons…

5. Current Culture

Now more than ever, we live in a culture where ‘going out’ is mainstream. Almost every pop/rap song that is being blasted in 21 yo sluts cars across America, from artists (and I use this word liberally) like Katy Perry to Jay-Z, from Ke$ha to Pharell, is about ‘going out’ and ‘poppin bottles’. The Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene has exploded into becoming a part of our generation, much like the Beatles and the 60′s generation. It’s not just music; it’s a way of life.

With going out such a big part of our generation; it’s no wonder that for almost every 21 yo girl in America, the HIGHLIGHT of their week is going out to a club or bar. It’s become acceptable for girls to get drunk and ‘make mistakes’ and chalk it up to that ‘crazy night in Vegas’. I didn’t create this current culture, I’m simply the messenger. Learn it, exploit it.

4. Sluttiest Girls Are At A Club

The hottest, sluttiest girls are in nightclubs. I didn’t say the hottest, best relationship material types; but the hottest AND sluttiest are at the club. If you want a girl who’s into fitness and that you can take home to Mom, then hit up your local Yoga studio and maybe you’ll find a girl of worth, but don’t complain if it takes 2-3 ‘dates’ to get into her panties.

If you want a steak for dinner, do you go to a cow pasture and pet a cow? Do you feed it grain and brush its coat? Hell no. You go to the butcher and select a slab of meat to take home and eat. Make life simple on yourself and cut out the bullshit. Girls like to get drunk and have ‘fun’, which usually entails getting naked with a guy they met at a club.

3. Alcohol

Without a doubt alcohol lowers girls inhibitions turning them into cock-craving nymphos, throwing inhibitions, morals and pregnancy concerns out the window of the club. Alcohol is the ‘lubricant’ for gaming girls; both on your end (if you need liquid courage) and on their end, to get comfortable getting naked so quickly with a ‘stranger’. We all have heard a girl’s favorite excuse for having a ONS, “I was drunk”. No shit slut, now do a shot.

2. Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance is one of two factors that I believe are the most important components of game. The other is Frame. Striking out in a club is no big deal. Why? Because there’s another 200 girls to meet. No where else can you find such an abundance of slutty girls in one place, consuming alcohol and partying. Sure you have to deal with cock-blockers, but that only tightens your game. Does it mean you’ll pull 100% of the time? Hell no, but you increase your chances for a ONS by putting yourself in the right place.

1. Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Especially when they are freshly turned 21 year old sluts. They live for the weekend and the next ‘big’ party. Girls associate nightlife with fun. When you combine Environment + Alcohol + Sluts = Good Bang Statistics. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a girl say this phrase, I’d be retired right now. This generation has YOLO’d itself into a hole of debt and stupidity, but that’s neither here nor there; point is, girls are living FOR the moment to such an extent, that it’s like taking candy from a child, to pull a girl out of the club for a ONS, if you know what you’re doing.

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15 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: The Easiest Way To Have A One Night Stand”

  1. You already started on the path to re-programming yourself, by how you interacted with the girl whose number you got.

    You can read Game info until you’re blue in the face, but the best way to change is through Action and Experience. When you feel yourself slipping into Beta Bitch Boy mode, shake it off and do the the opposite.

    I have a series on Reprogramming Your Mind coming out soon which will help you as well.


  2. Man I read how to have sex like a porn star by you and I walk around a campus day gaming and had all these little blondes smiling at me because I was thinking I’d choke them, spit in their mouth, pull hair, etc. I got a strawberry blonde with big tits and ass number- I Hugged her kind of rough after I handed her my phone when she first offered an email and I said digits please as I put my phone in her hand. She was gushing on her face like a silly little girl when I walked off from her.

    My question-
    I’ve acted like a wuss my whole life was told to be a good boy, don’t touch a lady Inappropriately, girls are turned off and offended by that cheesy fast macho ruff stuff, etc.

    I feel like I’m behind a Ferrari when I’m used to a Camry-

    how does a weak minded man control himself so he can be a natural caveman???

    I feel afraid like I’m in the middle of stealing a car or something-

    ‘how can I reprogram myself so I can get over that wimpy social programming???

    Bu while I was walking around like a caveman with watermelon sized nuts little cute blonde college girls were craning to heck me out as they rode down the street. I hate the hypocrisy of society bitches want that 50 Shades of Grey beat down yet were told. Be gentlemen,’nice,’respect a woman- blah blah all that sissy shit.

    Ps- As this hot little blonde ten years younger than me crane necked from her car as she rolled past me-I said to myself damn McQueen youre genius-‘haha.


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