Bonus Weekend Game Tip: Two Lines To Use When Rolling Solo

A player that I met recently in Vegas, told me these and they are absolute gold lines to use when rolling out solo on the town.

I’ve used them a few times and they are dynamite.

Use these when you’re out solo running game and they work especially best when traveling.

Best Line To Use When Solo

Her: “Who are you here with?” or “Where are your friends?”

You: “It’s my Mom’s birthday so I took her to dinner, but she went to bed early.”

Why is this gold?

It instantly puts you in the non-‘creepy’/threatening slot in her mind.

And it instantly provides the perfect reason for being out solo.

My buddy stumbled upon this when it actually happened to him when he took his mom to Vegas for her birthday, took her to dinner and then she went to bed. He rolled out and when a girl asked him why he was out solo, he told her the truth. She melted and he banged her. Then he started using it to great success.


Best Line To Use To Pull A Stripper When Rolling Solo

This works best on a OFF night at a stripclub. Depending on your city it may vary, but usually Sun-Thurs night are good for this one.

You’ve warmed up a stripper with light conversation and game. When you know she’s feeling you, it’s slow at the club and you’re ready to bounce her out of there, use this one:

You: “You don’t wanna be here working right now. Let’s roll out.”

Why does this work?

Because she really DOESN’T want to be working on a slow night where she’s not making jack shit.

Strippers make their own hours so she can bounce if she likes usually.

Try em out gents, but I’ve found these to be absolute gold.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget: Pre-Game tonight to the best men’s podcast by checking out the latest episode here.

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6 Replies to “Bonus Weekend Game Tip: Two Lines To Use When Rolling Solo”

  1. Ya that’s money seaAltair. I do the same. Just say I don’t have any friends. They KNOW otherwise since you come off so fucking cool


  2. I like to ask em what made you come here alone

    This triggers an informative response where she’ll correct you and tell you who she rolled with. Now you have an idea of her logistics

    I’ll tell her I don’t have friends when she asks me who did I go with. If you’re on point, she won’t believe you


  3. Ha!
    Love the 1st one – I used something like that a couple years ago when I ended up in Miami for 3 days and 2 nights solo. Instead of referencing the mom, I said I was visiting my grandparents who had retired to S. Fl. (that part is true,kinda).


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