Your Personal How-Not-To-Do List


Wait what?! A How-NOT-To Do List? Yea, that’s right, that’s not a typo in the subject line. How is this going to help you? Keep reading and find out.

#5. Never Read Anything That’s Informative

Focus on reading mainly fiction books and anything that just lets you relax. Perfect examples: Your Facebook newsfeed, any of the major news sites such as CNN, FOX, MSNBC, or if you really just want to zone out and become a full-fledged drone, then read TMZ.

I can promise you if you focus on reading sites like these and let your library card expire, that you’ll be relaxed and will probably be very content being average. Whatever you do, avoid books that can change your life.

#4. Cancel Your Gym Membership

We’re all going to die one day anyway, so what’s really the point of working out? To have a good body which is going to turn to dust anyway? Save yourself money every month, by canceling your gym membership, stop buying supplements and become best friends with your couch. You’ll save time everyday being able to relax and won’t have to break a sweat.


#3. Be Anti-Social

Avoid networking events, parties, going out at night and meeting girls in real life. Stick to mainly internet dating, hope that the girl will just come straight to your house so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home and become reclusive. Who wants to make new connections to people who can improve your life anyway? It’s all hype and anyone who tells you differently probably just got lucky and that’s why they’re successful.

#2. Don’t Think Outside The Box

It’s so much easier to just go with the flow and be content with a 9-5. Never try to start a business because it’s too risky. Period. Going along with what society tells us is best, is much easier and the best part? Your friends won’t get jealous of you! You’ll have security, have enough to go on vacation to Disneyland once a year and you’ll keep your friends happy.

#1. Refuse Advice From Successful People

The reality is all successful people only got there because they have rich parents, won the lottery or just got lucky. Whatever they tell you, is just to lead you astray so you don’t become successful like them. Ignore anything they write, or tell you, because I’m sure they’re just taking time out of their lives to write about nonsense to make other people be losers.

That concludes your How-Not-To-Do List. I can promise you that if you follow these 5 steps, you will stay average and be mega-normal.

The choice is now yours. What will you do?


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10 Replies to “Your Personal How-Not-To-Do List”

  1. Chris,

    Can you do one on making money for real?

    If I could just net 50k location independent I could game full time in Romania and other EE spots. International game is the future IMO. Cheaper living expenses, better women, not a police state/mass surveillance grid, people mind their own business overseas, etc.


    1. I’ll pass this onto ‘Chris’ lol.

      I do have some money making specific posts planned, as well as Part 3 of TAP will be covering:

      -Making Money (Hustles)
      -Making Money Online
      -Location Independence


  2. Good drop Christian. It’s sad how many guys I know who DONT read anything that their job doesn’t make them read.
    You should add spend more than 30 minutes a day on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter to the list.


    1. “Focus on reading mainly fiction books and anything that just lets you relax. Perfect examples: Your Facebook newsfeed…”

      It’s in the first point, but I could see it having it’s own.

      People are inherently lazy, so once they graduate from school, then they believe their education is over. Big mistake. Self-education is absolutely key to success.


  3. Great list Christian. Your inspirational writing has come a long way. Now you’re dropping some Victor Pride-level inspiration. Keep doing what you do. Also your quote above about doing the opposite of what most people do–that would make a great piece.


  4. Great list. Obviously, a lot of your loyal readers will do the exact opposite of this list. Myself included, of course. Admittedly, I’ve went ahead and did some of this awhile ago.

    The news pisses me off, so I don’t watch/read it as much, read some informative stuff (your books included) re-started a new workout plan, started a business, sharpened my social awareness (I’ve been a social guy most of my life, but I had my set of flaws), I mean do I really have to go into more detail?

    Again, another awesome post. Every time I read something like this, I’m glad I made the right decision to better myself than drown in a sea of average bullshit. The old adage of sink or swim definitely applies to that.


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