Day Game vs. Night Game: 5 Key Differences You Need To Know

Much is made of the differences between Day Game vs. Night Game and rightly so. If you approach girls during the day like you would at night, there’s a good chance people will think you’re crazy and if you approach in a bumpin’ club like you would at Starbucks, odds are the girl won’t even hear you.

Knowing the key differences between Day Game and Night Game are crucial to your success as well rounded playboy.

Here’s the 5 main differences between Day Game vs. Night Game.

#5. In Day Game You Should Use A CONCENTRATED Energy, but in Night Game You Should Have A HIGHER Energy.

If you’re going about your day and you spot a cute girl in the cereal aisle of your local grocery store, you should approach with concentrated energy. What does this mean?

This means that while you’re relaxed in your approach (on the surface), inside you’re focused and have a solid concentration on the task at hand: get her on an Insta-Date or at the least, get her phone number. Your approach should be casual and smooth. Don’t run up to her acting like an idiot. It’s not the time or the place.

On the flipside, when running Night Game, your energy should be higher. This is what nightlife is all about: Energy and Vibe.

One of my secrets that I use is, to walk around the club and just high-five the fuck out of any cute girls I see. The key is, I’m exuding such an IDGAF attitude, that the girls are drawn to the FUN of the moment. 98% of the time the girls will high-five me back and then it’s just a matter of seconds before I have their name and am getting their number, if I choose to do so.

Another Go-To trick I use to take the party to another level, is if I have access to bottles that night (and it’s not that hard if you utilize some of my methods) is to pour shots into the girls’ mouths. This gets them hyped and into a sexual ‘position’ although it’s probably not connecting consciously in their minds, just subconsciously which may come to fruition later that night.

When you’re standing on a couch and the girls are beneath you with their wet mouths open and their eyes shining bright looking at you waiting for some alcohol, this is no different then when they are on their knees waiting for you to drop a cum load in their mouths.

Almost everyone I’ve seen that becomes highly successful in Night Game has two qualities that they DEVELOP:

1. They approach like a motherfucker.

2. They have higher than normal energy.

Now don’t trip if you’re not NATURALLY like this, because most people aren’t. In fact, even I have to get myself going BEFORE I hit the club in order to match the energy of the party. This is perfectly normal.

I remember one particular student that I had who was extremely shy in the beginning of his training. I mean wouldn’t even open his mouth type shy. Fast-forward a couple of months and he started out approaching me. This is a LEARNED skill, which takes practice and application, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll watch your lay rate skyrocket.

#4. There’s Less ‘Competition’ With Day Game, But More With Night Game

If you spot a sexy chick at Starbucks and decide to approach her, then odds are you don’t really have any other ‘competition’ around at that moment.

If you’re approaching girls in a club, then guaranteed there’s other dudes who are slobbering with thirst lined up behind you to take a shot for her. The good news is once you develop yourself as a player, you learn HOW to deal with other men and after experience, the ‘competition’ isn’t as intimidating.

#3. Day Game You Should Be In The Middle Of Something, but Night Game You Can Be A Caveman

Here’s a simple example of this key difference:

You spot a girl at the car wash while you’re waiting on your car to get washed. She’s in the waiting area chilling and you approach and start a conversation. You’re on the go and she’s on the go. You have both met because you are OUT doing something. It would behoove you to say something like this as the attendant calls that your car is ready:

“Car’s ready, but put your number in and we’ll grab a drink sometime”

(As you hand her your phone with the Add Contact screen up)

This shows that you’re NOT changing your day to spend more time with her and are headed on with your BUSY LIFE. Keep it brief and don’t act like you have nothing to do, even if you really don’t.

For Night Game, you can spend more time with her and build some comfort so you can pull her for a ONS. You can also allow yourself to be more ‘Caveman’ in your physicality. Putting your arm around her shoulder, pulling her in for a kiss and grabbing her ass are a few ways that are considered socially acceptable BECAUSE you’re in a Nightlife environment, although you may have just met her 10 minutes prior.

#2. Day Game Is Less About Cashing Your Chips In, but Night Game You Can Go All In

Yes, of course, you can get an Insta-Date with that sexy chick at Best Buy and possible smash her within the hour, but odds are your return on investment (ROI) will be much better in nightlife.

Why is this?

-During the day chicks are busy running errands usually and have somewhere to go: yoga class, gym, dinner plans already, etc. Also, lets hope that you’re a busy man too, focused on building your life up, so that means you’re busy as well!

-During the night when girls are out at a club, bar, or party, they’re already in a PARTY mood and are usually under the effects of alcohol. They also are more prone to meeting new men, because that’s part of the agenda of the night anyway! Plus, it’s more socially acceptable for people to meet each other out at night in party environments.

-Lastly, there’s something about the cloak of darkness that makes people feel more sexual and less ‘exposed’. You can see a girl during the day at the gym who seems serene and shy, then spot her later that night at a club getting vodka shots poured down her throat by a player like me. I’ve seen it and no pun intended, it’s literally Night and Day difference.

When Day Gaming, focus like a sniper, get the digits and be on your way. With Night Game ‘spread the love’ by hitting on multiple chicks, seeing who clicks with you and then escalating with one (or maybe even two) of the girls the rest of the night.

#1. Your Actual Game Is Different

You wouldn’t ask a girl where the nearest Starbucks is at a club in Vegas at 1am, but you would during the day on Santa Monica boulevard, so KNOW the difference and practice both styles.

There’s people who rail against one, or the other, but it’s foolish: You should be using BOTH styles. I use Day and Night Game because it extends my options and being a playboy is all about options: women, money, lifestyle, etc.

Work on both styles, learn your strengths (whether you’re more of a Indirect, or Direct Day Game cat. Pro-Tip: I use BOTH), and get out in the trenches.

You can read all of my books, and re-read the over 360+ blog posts on this blog, but if you don’t actually go out into the world and APPLY it, it won’t mean jack shit.

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10 Replies to “Day Game vs. Night Game: 5 Key Differences You Need To Know”

  1. ASD = Anti-Slut Defenses – most women don’t want to be perceived (usually by the other women) as a slut, so she will play “difficult”, so as not to be seen to be too “easy”


  2. “1. They approach like a motherfucker.”

    Hi McQueen

    how many approaches did you usually do per night when you were in the development stages of your game


    1. Until I pulled. I obviously didn’t always pull, so on average I’d say around 25-30 a night depending on the venue. A big club could be as many as 40-50.

      Now I don’t approach as much, but I have developed my instinct for girls who are DTF and focus on them. I’d say around 7-10 now.


  3. Chris,
    Dude I read this and think you gotta be rocking $150,000 annually at least to pimp LA like you recommend.

    You must be an MBA-I read you passed on law school-good move.

    America has too many rules and a macro economy on the way to oblivion.

    A good MBA can kick lawyers asses-once a system is in place you can maneuver and replicate your efforts and time instead of sitting in a fixed spot like a monkey billing by the hour like an Indian telemarketer.

    Does Vegas suck for daygame?

    LA doesnt- that place is incredible for day game.


    1. Vegas is best at night, but there are day gaming opportunities, specifically at pool parties.

      LA always has girls out during the day and hit any mall like Beverly Center or The Grove, to see flocks of em on any given day.


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