The Most Popular Men’s Hairstyles For 2014

I have been getting multiple emails asking what the popular hairstyles for men are, so it’s time to drop some real info on this important subject.

A man’s hair (if he’s fortunate enough to have it), can either enhance his looks, or make him look unattractive with the hairstyle he rocks. You should put as much time into selecting your hairstyle as you do selecting a suit. Factors such as your face shape and your type of hair (thin, wavy, thick, coarse, etc) all play into selecting a hairstyle.

Remember, it’s not just about what is IN style, it’s also about what looks great on YOU. Select styles that make you look good, not just because you want to look hip.

I’ll inject myself personally into this post and discuss my obsession about hair. Not only have I always given it special attention personally, but it’s the first thing I notice on a girl (besides her tits and ass of course haha). Yea, that’s right, does she have healthy hair? How does she have it styled? Now let’s flip that and think about what a girl thinks when she looks at our hair? You’re damn straight they critique a man’s hair.

I once picked up a sexy tall blonde from a club because she commented on my hair (positively) as I was walking by her. I commented “Your hair isn’t too bad either” (smirk), she laughed and it went from there. Pay attention to the little details and not only make yourself look and feel better, but make it even easier to meet women.

Currently, I alternate between two hairstyles which are somewhat similar, but I can style either way based on the hair product I use. These are the two I use now.

john_hamm_don_draper_in_a_suit_portrait_cr david-beckham-hair-louis-vuitton-spring-2014

As you’ll note the one on the left is a classic man’s hairstyle with a part. The one on the right is still classic, but with a slight modern twist. Depending on if I’m casual, or suited up, I’ll alternate the styles.

Pro-Tip: Don’t skimp on your initial haircut when you’re trying a new style. Go to a hair salon with a good reputation, although it might be pricier. Bring a picture with you on your phone and show them. This is the BEST way to ensure you get the cut that you want. Once you have a great cut, and you know how to style it, then you can get away with using a cheaper salon to maintain the look.

“A good haircut should suit/complement the client’s features, wardrobe and age. It should portray his lifestyle.”

-Yulia Mulder, finalist at the 2013-2014 American Crew All-Star Challenge.

Here are my own Top Picks for Men’s Hairstyles in 2014.

The Don Draper Style


Still going strong, because it’s a classic cut and style, this is perfect for business cats who work in an office and those of you who suit up on the regular, whether for work or going out. It’s also a no-nonsense low maintenance style that really does look good on most men.

Fun Fact: I used to tell my dad when I was around 16 years old, “I’ll never part my hair like you! It’s old-fashioned”. Haha jokes on me, because here I am parting my hair.

Now granted this is a simple ass hairstyle, but for those of you who wouldn’t mind the extra help on how to make your hair look like this, check out this video that will break it down step by step to help you bring out your inner Don.

How To Style It Video Clip:

The Classic Pompadour

This one has emerged as a stylish cut last year, but is making a big surge right now. The only problem I have with this cut, is that it can be high maintenance and I’m not big on that shit. Depending on your hair type, it might not be as difficult to maintain for you, so check it out for yourself and see if it works. The positive aspect of it, is when you get it right, it looks pretty damn cool and the ladies are in love with this look.

There’s multiple variations of it, some cool and some not-so-cool, but a simple rule to follow is the less outlandish the easier you can pull it off. The hairstyle of the cat on the top right or right below this text is a good look for example.

pompaclassic (1)


How To Style It Video Clip:

The Short-Long Pompadour Style

The variation with this one, is that the sides are short and the top is long. It’s also called an Undercut for obvious reasons. This one is extremely popular right now, but once again maintenance can be slightly higher than a Don Draper style. You have to get trims on the sides of your head in order to keep it looking sharp and fresh.


How To Style It Video Clip:

The Close Cropped Style

For you cats who don’t want to spend any time at all on your hair, and I can’t say I blame you, a great look that’s always in style is the close cropped stubble look. Basic, easy to maintain and you can even do it yourself. I used to rock this for a year in college and the low-maintenance aspect was priceless. I also saved money by buzzing it myself at home.

This is also a good look if your hair is thinning and/or balding. It minimizes the effect of the hair loss.

Pro-Tip: This style looks best on men who have some muscle tone, so start hitting the gym before buzzing your hair, to rock it at your best.


I may do a Long Hair Style article if you guys are interested, so leave a comment if you are.

If you can’t get laid whenever you want, can you ever truly be happy? Go here.

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22 Replies to “The Most Popular Men’s Hairstyles For 2014”

  1. I’m curious McQueen (and anybody else on here), what hair product do you use to style the Don Draper side part? I have thick wavy hair I can thank my Turkish father for, and while I’m not going to go bald soon it’s a struggle to tame.


  2. Curious McQueen (and anybody else on here), what hair product do you use for the Don Draper part? I have thick wavy hair I can thank my Turkish father for, and while I’m not going to go bald anytime soon it’s a struggle to tame.


  3. Hey Christian can you recommend a hairstyle for a guy with very very thick curly hair? It only gets curly when I grow it out, but I’ve always wanted to do a longer style. It just makes a jew fro, but that said I never used product or took care of my hair that much.


    1. With that type of hair you have 3 obvious options:
      1. Get it cut very short. Like a 1 or 2 all around.
      2. Use a flat iron to straighten it out like Timberlake did for his latest album. Note: Timely as fuck, but does work. He essentially has the same type of hair, but was able to achieve the Undercut look through this method.
      3. Just rock the fro and not give a fuck.
      Unfortunately, that type of hair is difficult to style, so it’s easier to eliminate the difficulty factor by buzzing it, or take the time to flat iron it.


  4. Loved the article, but I would really like to see a long hair article as that I have long hair.

    Keep it up, you’re amazing!


  5. Definitely do an article on long hair, and in particular how to make it look masculine, which can sometimes be difficult. Long hair is a huge attraction factor, I get compliments on my long hair and pull because of it ALL the time. Back when it was short? Not so much.

    P.S. I don’t really know why ninjas banned me from RVF, I was just about starting to contribute, but whatever. Still a big supporter of your writing. Keep that shit up.


  6. Definitely up for a long hair article. I always have the problem of the middle stage where it’s too long to do a short hairstyle but not long enough for a long one yet. The pomp looks pretty easy to do though, I’ll try something like that. Apparently I’m not using nearly enough product haha.


  7. It took me a while to find a hairstyle that I was satisfied with. Right now I alternate between the pompadour and a style similar to Cristiano Ronaldo. I like to take certain styles and give them a unique twist. It works for me.


  8. Yes, long hair would be great. I have long curly red hair. Getting clothes etc to go with my hair is rough. Any pointers would be great.


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