Weekend Game Tip: How Pushing The Limits Teaches You About Frame (Part I)

Many of you gents email me asking HOW exactly to use Frame. How does it work and how do you implement it with a girl in a practical manner and not just theorize about how to use it. Have no fear, I have some exercises for you guys who are working on developing your Game and Frame that will show you exactly what to do and teach you what Frame really means.

First off, let me lay out exactly what Frame is by borrowing a reference from one of my books, the must have Alpha Playboy.

“To start, the Foundation of Game is Frame. The definition of frame according to
dictionary.com is, “an open structure that gives shape and support to something”.
Isn’t that interesting? The ‘something’ that Frame in the context of Game is
supporting, is you and your life. The definition of Frame in a Game context is,
“Constructing ‘guidelines’ that a female will conform to, whether spoken or
through body language.”

As we can see, having Frame is crucial and the foundation of Game. Not only is it key when dating women, but it’s also key to living a successful and happy life. A true man has Frame, whether he’s aware of what it’s called or not. He’s unwavering and stands up for himself and what he believes in.

Read closely, because this is fundamental to your development as an alpha playboy: Without Frame it is impossible to become great at Game. Period. You must develop this trait.

Charm may get you into some girls pants.

Good looks may get you some girls to strip naked and open their legs for you.

Lots of money and a great lavish lifestyle may get you some lays as well…

…But in order to KEEP girls around and have any type of relationship, you must have Frame.

Now I’ve shown you exactly what Frame is, I will show you how you can develop it in your personal life with the girls you encounter and currently are dating.


Frame Examples

Have you ever had that feeling in your gut when you’re doing something, that you really don’t want to be doing it?

It could be as simple as your friend is driving to pick you up to go to a party, but deep down you’d rather drive yourself and have your independence.

Having Frame (and Frame is used with everyone, NOT just girls), would be to call your friend and tell him you changed your mind and you’re just going to drive yourself to the party.

“But what if my friend gets mad he is already on his way?” Doesn’t matter.

“But I don’t like to rock the boat with people, it’s easier to go with the flow.” Stop being a pussy.

This is a small example of something minor, but it plays into the bigger picture such as when your girlfriend wants to move in with you. You may save on rent. You may love having a woman around 24/7, but at a loss of some independence. What would you do? Would you hold Frame and say “no that’s not a good idea, I need my space”, or would you quiver and fold? The small tests in life develop your character and will dictate your larger tests.

Here’s some other examples:

-You put your phone in a girl’s hand and tell her to put your number in following my golden rules for success. She says instead, that she’ll take your number down. What would you do? Would you smirk and say “that’s not how it works doll”, turn on your heel and walk away? Or would you cower and give her your number (which she will never use)?

Declining and walking away = Frame.

You’re not playing into her Frame and let me tell you something: Women are experts at holding Frame and making everyone else jump through hoops to appease their wishes. Don’t be a bitch and stand up for what YOU want and YOUR desires. If she doesn’t conform, then eject.

-You make plans to go on a date with a girl. You’ve lead with selecting a venue for drinks and the time. She accepts and the date is on. Last minute, she texts you saying that you should meet her at a DIFFERENT bar and that her friends are coming along. What do you do? Do you eagerly text back that it’s totally fine and you’ll see her there? Or do you say “that’s not the plan. next time maybe”?

Not accepting her disrespect of changing the plans is holding Frame.

The girl you’ve been dating for 5 months has been nagging you to go on vacation, but you really don’t want to go. You’ve been saving to take my Vegas Hangover Experience and have your priorities in order. She nags until the point where you’re considering folding and doing as she asks. What would you do? Would you fold by spending your VHE trip money on a trip for the two of you, when you really want to improve your Game? Or would you tell her “I’m saving and have been saving for an education seminar in Vegas, so a vacation doesn’t fit into my budget right now. It is what it is”?

Holding Frame = You not going on the trip with her and continue saving for the VHE trip.

Now granted, this is a funny example and an obvious sales pitch regarding my epic Vegas trips, but you get the point. The moment you start conforming to her NAGGING, is the moment she starts to take control of the relationship. How do I know this? Because before I knew any better (even though deep down something felt off), I would have folded into her wishes. And guess what ALWAYS happened? I was miserable and she was dissatisfied secretly that I didn’t have the backbone to stand up for myself like I should have.

Frame Exercises

You should have a clear understanding of what Frame means, so now it’s time to apply this knowledge in a practical way through real life exercises.

Read closely, because this shit is about to get real: You will never truly understand Frame and HOW to utilize it, until you start to push the limits. “The limits of what?”, you’re wondering. The limits of girls, yourself and society. Let me explain…

Gents who have not built up the confidence yet to embrace Frame and use it to it’s max, will benefit by using this exercise. This exercise is intended to show you WHAT a man can get away with and HOW it effects girls around him. These are exercises intended for beginners to show you how it works in a practical manner and show you just how much you can ‘push’ girls and get away with it. Lastly note that you MUST develop the Law of Abundance simultaneously.

You may be afraid of losing a girl, but the whole point of the exercise is to show you just how much you can get away with through using Strong Frame. If you’re worried about losing a specific girl that badly, then you have oneitis and need to step away until you have your emotions under control. Period.


Push Her Limits Frame Exercise

While these may seem ‘selfish’, ‘rude’ and like ‘asshole’ moves, they are not. I designed these to help you get out of your comfort zone and really get a grasp on using and holding Frame.

Exercise #1: Ignore Her Calls and Texts For 24 Hours

What?! But what if she’s worried about me? Doesn’t matter.

But, but, but! What if she gets mad and doesn’t talk to me anymore? She won’t get mad, just worried (that’s okay. If she’s NOT worried, then she’s not into you).

What is the point of this? The point is to show you that you can ignore her for 24 hours (may need to be longer depending on how long you’ve known the girl) and she will STILL be there wanting you. This shows you that if she acts up in the LTR or while casually dating, that you have the strength to step away and have time to yourself. Here’s the deal gents: Women LOVE drama. When you inject a drop of drama into your ‘relationship’, the roller coaster ride you give her will cause her to bond closer with you.

Don’t be afraid of losing her and try this exercise. Even better if you’ve made plans and you completely flake for 24 hours. She’ll be concerned, she’ll be worried, she’ll realize how much you mean to her and it’s a nice wake-up call to what her life would be like without you in it. This could also be called a slight version of Dread Game.

Exercise #2: Make A ‘Pointless’ Demand

Let’s say you’re driving home from a movie together and she’s driving. I normally drive on dates, or take an Uber, but if you normally drive have her instead, come pick you up and drive. After the movie you’re heading home and pull something like this:

Tell her to drive to a specific gas station that’s not on the way to your house. Make her have to go out of her way. Once you’re at the gas station, ‘realize’ you are out of cash, or you ‘forgot’ your money/bank cards and have her purchase the item you want purchased. This could be as simple as a stupid Snickers bar. KEY: DON’T explain or APOLOGIZE. Act normal and chill.

This is a minor test to see how well you have Frame with her already. If she throws a fit and bitches, then you have some work to do. If she conforms and doesn’t really complain, then she’s in line with being a conformed girl which is good. The whole point overall is to show you a slight glimpse into the world of you doing exactly what YOU want, WHEN you want and she either conforms or doesn’t. This is a version of Frame. Does she bend to your Frame, or does she yank the Frame back?

Exercise #3: 

Tell a date or your GF to wear a specific outfit. Be chill about it, but something like this:


You: “wear that sexy red dress u have and black heels”

Her: “Why?”

You: “cuz i said so”

Her: “Wow. Mr. Bossy huh? Well idk…”

You: (nothing. go radio silent)

Her: “I’ll meet you at 8”

You: “with the red dress and black heels?”

Her: “maybe”

You: “yawn”

Her: “I wore it! Geez mister!”

You: “c u at 8”

Now this may seem like you’re being an asshole and rude. Nope. You’re just setting the Frame. You want to see her in a red dress and black heels and you’re putting your ‘demands’ out there. IF she does conform, this is a girl that is into you and is on the right track. IF she throws a fit and says you’re ‘controlling’ (one of the new words girls love to throw around at ANY sign of a man’s leadership), then now you know what you’re dealing with: a bitch. This is also perfect for the early stages of dating a girl to see if she’s LTR material. Trust me when I say that you don’t want a pushover for a GF, but you sure as hell don’t want a woman who won’t follow your lead.

These are Entry Level Frame Exercises. In Part II next week, I’ll have exercises that are more in-depth and a step up, but these will get you started on learning How Frame works exactly in a practical manner.

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend gents, have fun, be safe and look for a brand new post on Tuesday! I’m off to Vegas and won’t be back until Tues.

Did you know that I’m practically giving away my Game system right now? Yep, 30% off sale is happening right NOW. Go here.

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10 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: How Pushing The Limits Teaches You About Frame (Part I)”

  1. Thanks for this ideology , I have been implementing this in multiple aspects of interaction with people.. There are countless frames one could operate in , the one of authority being best to tame women.


  2. This one really hits home for me big time! I actually experienced one of your examples last night when heading out with my friend. I have been suggesting that we drive separately to increase our chances of making something happen the same night, without having to make sure the other person gets home. So last night I had things set up with a girl I met the previous night to get together late in the evening . I also had plans to hit the club first with my friend and told him he should drive because I would need to leave at some point to meet up with her.

    He starts complaining about how he drove us both the night before (even though I suggested otherwise) and even goes as far as to say that he would just stay home if I couldn’t drive us both. I felt guilty and totally lost frame!! I gave in and drove us both. We ended up having a very sub par evening because the spot was just lame that night and, i was never able to break free to go see the girl. So an entire evening was wasted because I couldn’t maintain frame.

    This post has me understanding frame much better and i’m now doing a bit of self analysis. I loose frame far to often in dealing with friends and women. My gut tells me what I want but too often I acquiesce to someones whims, allowing them to maintain their frame. I’m going to work on this big time and I think I will be happier for it. I think the universe is speaking clearly to me lately as this post came right at the perfect time. I’m looking forward to part 2. Keep up the good work Christian!


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