Weekend Game Tip: Get Allergic To Being An Average Player

The great motivational speaker Eric Thomas, has a saying, “I’m allergic to average”. These four words encapsulate exactly how I operate as well, not only in life, the pursuit of great success and leaving a legacy, but also in Game. That’s right, even in Game. Did you know that if you adopt the attitude of being allergic to average in game, that you will grow in your quest for success with the opposite sex even faster, then if you take a casual approach?

When I first got started out making it a goal to become great with women, I decided right from the start, that I was going to do whatever it took to become great. If that meant being out three nights a week, getting less sleep and pounding the pavement with approaches, then so be it. If that meant hitting the gym and getting my body in peak condition, learning how to dress sharp and developing my social life, then so be it.

The problem with many young players, is that they think that becoming great with women will just happen. That they can sit back, relax and make one approach a week. That they can hit the club once a week, or maybe even once every two weeks and before you know it they’ll be having sex with dimes.

If this is you: Get It Out Of Your Head.

Becoming great at Game is not easy. It’s also not incredibly hard, IF you are consistent in your application of it.

I’ll tell you what an Average Player is, you ready?

Average Player

-Hopes to get a number.

-Probably gets a number or two.

-Disses products that could take them to the next level.

-Approaches 2 girls at the party, gets shot down and goes home, instead of hitting up a different venue.

-Shoots a text to a girl, she doesn’t respond and he gets discouraged and doesn’t even try to game for a month.

-Spends more time READING about Game, instead of applying it. Certain books will definitely help you, but use them as a textbook. Read a chapter and then go try it out. Read another chapter and then try that out. Don’t say, “Well, I’m going to read for a year and then start approaching”. Get out there NOW. Make it happen NOW. 

Great Player

-The idea of quitting isn’t in his mindset.

-Get’s 5 numbers at the club and still goes for the ONS.

-One venue isn’t popping, so he bounces to another and then another, until he meets a girl who’s down to fuck that night.

-Has studied and applied game until it becomes second nature. He doesn’t THINK to flirt, he just does instinctively.

-Once he’s very accomplished at pulling one girl, he raises his goal and starts working on threesomes. Once he’s good at threesomes, he starts working on foursomes and so on. The point is, he’s ALWAYS raising the bar a little higher in order to become the best.

-He doesn’t have a foul attitude towards others who are pulling more girls. Instead, he watches and learns and adapts skills of the other players so he can continue in his quest to be the best.

-Doesn’t waste his time with wingmen who only pull him down and cockblock. He knows he has the balls to roll solo and still do his thing.


Gentlemen, if you truly want to master Game and become great, you have to let go of your limiting beliefs, apply game knowledge and actually get out there in the real world and put it to use.

The first thing I do with my clients is meet up with them and see how they do cold approaching. If I don’t know where they are at, then I can’t help them. It’s amazing to see clients who were visibly shaking about approaching, turn around a couple of months later and be OUT approaching myself! But that’s what I’m talking about. The hunger in them is real and it should be in you as well.

This weekend when you’re getting ready to go out for the night, re-read this article. Realize that you DO have what it takes to be great with Game, but you HAVE to apply it in order to be great.

Don’t put self-limitations on yourself and think you’re not ready to start approaching pretty girls. You ARE ready. There will NEVER be a perfect time and those who wait to participate are the type of dudes who wind up never starting their journey to becoming a great player.

As Eric Thomas says, “Get Allergic To Average”.

Get allergic to being a cat who can maybe pull a number, but definitely can’t pull the girl for a ONS. Get allergic to being average at text game and instead get to that next level. Get allergic to negative wingmen who may just be your worst cockblock. Get allergic to self-doubt and do affirmations before you walk out that door, while you’re driving in your car and when you walk up to the door of your local nightspot. 

I can promise you that it won’t be easy. I can promise you that you will be ‘rejected’. I can promise you that there will be times you want to give up. But, I can also promise you that if you apply yourself, get allergic to being an average player and don’t fucking quit, you will become great.

Get allergic to being an average player this weekend gentlemen and see the difference it makes.

Your Wingman In Spirit,


Get allergic to being average with women and start changing your life today by going here.

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9 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: Get Allergic To Being An Average Player”

  1. Dude a mantra that has helped me recently when I go out, and no bullshit, I think ”What would Christian Mcqueen do?”, then I do the craziest alpha fucking approach or maneuver man. It’s helped me get out of my head. Cheers man!


  2. This is definitely a great piece to read before heading out the door. If I’m in the right mindset it’s amazing how much more success I have and how much I just don’t give a fuck. But negativity and bitchiness is everywhere these days and it can be easy for me to get distracted and not be in full alpha mode all the time.

    Reading your blog definitely keeps me in the right mindset.


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