What Is A Playboy?

What is a ‘playboy’? When most people think of the term ‘playboy’, they conjure
up images of a smooth guy in a suit, jet-setting around the world, partying with the
famous and making love to models, and while that is the general meaning of a
‘playboy’, I want to broaden the definition.

Playboy: a man who does what he wants, when he wants, while maintaining
freedom in every aspect of his life and has designed his life in order to capitalize
on new experiences.

Now think about the possibilities…

We can all achieve the goal of absolute freedom through hard work, dedication and
total commitment to improving every aspect of our respective lives.

The actual perks of that hard work, whether it’s on improving your Game, or creating an
independent business that allows you to be location independent, is the Lifestyle
of a Playboy.

You may not have been born with a trust fund (I definitely didn’t) and you may not
have royal blood running through your veins (I definitely don’t), but regardless you
can become a true playboy by utilizing the information I break down in the
following chapters. It won’t happen overnight, but with dedication to achieving the
goal, you will.


When I decided to write this book, I thought of all the experiences I’ve had in life,

both good and bad, and realized that the bad experiences could have been

minimized if I had some sort of guidance. If only I would have had a life guide, or a
manual of sorts that would have shown me exactly what to do and what not to do,
how much more success could I have had?

With the knowledge that not all of us grow up with great mentors who can shed
light on women and becoming great men, then we can understand that a real nuts
and bolts guide to becoming a real playboy is needed, thus I decided to write The
Alpha Playboy.

If just one of you has their life changed for the better, after reading and studying
this book, then I will be satisfied in knowing that the countless hours put into it will
not have gone to waste.

The road to becoming a playboy is not a journey that happens overnight, but it is in
the journey that we forge the necessary character to become one fully.

Without the fire a diamond can never realize its true potential. Without the sparring, intense
workouts and strict diet, a fighter will never realize the sweet taste of victory in the
ring. The same goes for a man who desires to become a playboy.

There will be tests, trials and some hardship before one can taste the victory of
rolling into a high end lounge suited up, being greeted by the staff warmly and
seducing the sexy blonde at the end of the bar, but when that victory is won, the
reward is sweet beyond imagination.

Unless you’ve grown up in a cave, then you’re aware of the James Bond films and
the respect that people worldwide have for the character of Bond. Despite the
character being fictitious, most men at some point, have desired to live his lifestyle
of traveling around the world, having exotic beautiful women as lovers and the
excitement of having a career as a spy. I can’t help you on the spy angle, but the
rest I have broken down into its simplest form, so that you can actually study, learn
and transform your life into one you only imagined could be possible as a child.

Portrait of Porfirio Rubirosa and Zsa Zsa Gabor

Before you dive into the book I’d like you to do something first. Go get a piece of
paper and a pen. Don’t wait, set this book down and get the paper and pen. It’s
important that you do it now, because at the end of this book what you write down
now, will determine what I have you do at the end of the book.

Now that you have the paper and pen, I want you to take a moment and think of
what your ideal life looks like. Don’t use trite examples such as “If I won $300 million
dollars in the lottery”, but actually paint a picture in your mind of where you’d like
to be in one year, five years and ten years, based on what you can control.

Close your eyes and paint that picture in your mind.

Alright, you’ve imagined what your ideal lifestyle is like and where you would like
to be financially, game wise and fitness wise. Taking just a couple of moments, using
your stream of consciousness and not over thinking it, write it down like this:

-1 Year: Here, write down your goal(s) and how you imagine your life to be.

-5 Years: Do the same.

-10 Years: Do the same.

Fold the paper up and put it somewhere safe, away from any prying eyes. Your
goals and desires in this infant stage are private and for you only to be concerned
with. Don’t forget where you put that piece of paper, because at the end of the
book, I will have you reference it again.

You’ve finished this important task and now it is time to delve into a book that I
believe and hope will change your life for the better. I only ask for a couple of
things: Keep an open mind and have a good attitude. I promise you, if you choose
to do so, you will learn more than if not.

Lastly, remember, despite if you come from money and a great family, or you grew
up on the streets, that no matter what, you have a supporter in me. When a man
decides to change his life for the better, then the haters emerge intent on keeping
the achiever held back and confined to what society dictates for them. Ignore the
haters, because I’m here to help you kick ass, take names and transform into the
playboy that you can become.

Now, join me on embarking on the most exciting journey of your life…

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18 Replies to “What Is A Playboy?”

  1. It definitely comes down to confidence. And luckily confidence can be manufactured by setting goals, however small, and accomplishing them. As D. Trump is fond of saying, “it’s all about building momentum”. Ultimately, when you have some degree of control over your environment, it becomes empowering and that is the wellspring of confidence – knowing that you can be the cause, not just the effect. Activity, not passivity, rules the day. Good post Christian.


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