Del Mar Horse Track Guide For Playboys

Episode #40 (1)

Opening Day for Del Mar horse racing track is about a month and a half away (Thursday July 17th), so it’s time for me to drop the most comprehensive guide for playboys on attending this classic event. Last year I wrote a small breakdown about opening day at Del Mar, but this year I’m providing a comprehensive guide including links so you can get on the ball and get your tickets to go.

I’ll put it as bluntly as possible: If you can get your ass to San Diego for Opening Day at Del Mar, then I can guarantee you will literally see thousands of girls in dresses and heels.

That’s not a typo: I said thousands of girls. I’ve never seen that many sexy girls in dresses in one gathering in my life and that includes sold out holiday weekend club events in Vegas. Not only that, but it’s a great place to bring out your inner playboy, rock a summer suit and pop some bubbly with your buddies.

Opening Day at Del Mar has turned into a premier event in SoCal to the tune of them expecting over 45,000 people this coming July. I’ll be even more blunt: I’ll bet you a cool stack right now that around 20,000+ will be sexy girls in dresses and heels. Don’t believe me? Come check it out and maybe you’ll even run into me. I’ll be posted up in the first terrace surrounded by girls and bottles and yes, I’ll be suited up.

Here’s last years recap on Del Mar followed by ticket info, and pics of what to expect.


2013 Recap of Opening Day At Del Mar 

Original post date: July 18th, 2013

Never have I seen such a staggering amount of hot girls in one event, even more than a fashion show.

I wound up driving to Del Mar and brought my main girl to meet with some business associates of mine. Now I know you’re asking ‘Why the fuck would you bring a girl?’. Good question. 

First off, she’s a perfect event companion, sexy, pretty, has poise, class and grace, and keeps her mouth shut. Also, since I was meeting with business associates, I didn’t want to be too distracted with chasing ass all day when I had business to discuss. 

Lastly, I wanted to get a feel for the spot, which I did, so when I return next Friday, I’ll be ready to slay pussy like a great Dragon Slayer of nor. (side note: returned two weeks later and sealed the deal)



The actual track and clubhouses transports you back in time to a better era when men gathered to drink vodka, smoke cigs and women looked like ladies. It’s pretty damn cool. It took me only 1.5 hours to get there from LA. Granted I drive like Steve McQueen in Bullitt, but I left around 9a and got there around 10:40a.

Here’s actual footage of my ass headed to Del Mar last year for opening day.

GET THERE EARLY for Opening Day. By Noon it was a complete fucking madhouse. (To be honest, I would have felt overwhelmed if my associates didn’t have it on such lock, it being my first, but definitely not my last time going there.)


If you are a cheap fuck then don’t even go to Del Mar. Can you go on the cheap? Yes. Will you have fun? I highly fucking doubt it. Think spending like Mike Tyson BEFORE he lost the tigers and turned to pigeons. Seriously though, here’s what I spent from roughly 11am-6pm’sh. (7 Hours)

Valet: $40.00
If you want to park 50 miles away in a dirt lot and only spend $10 then be my guest. I’ll watch you with binoculars from the Clubhouse 2nd level while sipping on vodka-tonic and having a drag. You’ll fuck up your shoes and you’ll be sweating a river by the time you get to the main gate.

Food: $160
I can’t remember for the life of me the name of the restaurant on the second level veranda with that umbrella tables, but those of you who know the spot know what I’m talking about. It’s not fancy, but surprisingly the food was solid. 

I started off with Shrimp Cocktail. Now they delivered this on a black plastic plate on a piece of lettuce and tarter sauce in a cup so don’t expect a silver platter with a fancy shrimp cocktail cup. 

One of the girls with us commented in a negative manner regarding the presentation until I quipped back with, “Are you paying for this meal? No? Ok then doll enjoy and think about the kids in Africa starving right now. Pass me that bottle of Dom.” I have a rare gift of being a dick while also well, being a dick.

We ordered one Bottle of Dom which I didn’t pay for, my business associates did (I believe it was $300 for the bottle), but for some shrimp cocktail, a few drinks and some pizzas which were decent, between me and my main girl I dropped $100 including tip. Not bad I don’t think.

The other $60 was for snack type food from the concessions etc.

Drinks: $200 est.
If you like to drink and don’t want to spend $, then bring a flask. They don’t search you when you come in so you’ll be fine. 

Betting: $100
I gave $100 for my main to play with on the horses and I personally didn’t bet at all. She lost it all, but it was close, no fault of hers. I wanted to observe and focus on all the ass and my biz associates while she was focused on learning how to bet. She was distracted and I hid my lustful eyes behind solid black Ray Bans.

Total Spent est: $500

Was it worth it? Every fucking penny. If you’re going solo or with a buddy, which I will next time, then you’ll probably spend less, unless you’re buying girls drink after drink.


Now for the important part: the girls. Good Lord there’s such an incredible amount of ass here it’s almost overwhelming. From my estimates around 98% were white American girls. Think Blue eyes, Blonde hair, white skin. Not my favorite per se, I prefer Spanish and exotic girls, however, when they’re this hot, then I’m down for the whiteness.





I saw multiple pairs of girls, so that is key. Of course, there were groups but I saw a lot of pairs of girls. The other thing I noticed was that there are definitely MORE girls than guys. And the guys with visible game was definitely lacking. A player, suited up and with a decent bankroll could tear it up which is what I plan on doing in a week when I return. The money guys obviously had sexy girls with them, but I still got Fuck Me eyes from a few of them so they’re open to being gamed. 

Interestingly enough, the better the seats or season ticket holder boxes, the higher the level of girl. We had a box pretty close to the finish line so it was golden. 


I wasn’t focused on pulling, just observing and getting a feel for the spot, however the #1 issue I could see with Del Mar is NOT having a GREAT exit plan. Next time I plan on renting a driver and booking a hotel room. Otherwise a DUI is bound to happen and it’s key with how it’s set up to be able to get a girl on the road asap and keep the party going elsewhere. 

End 2013 Opening Day Recap

Additional Info You Need To Know For 2014

Buy Tickets: Del Mar Race Track Official Site Ticket Info

Logistics: If you’re coming from Los Angeles and don’t want to drive, take Amtrak from Union Station to Solana Beach station. It’s cheap and less hassle if you don’t want to deal with driving. There is a free shuttle that will take you to the track from there (about 2 miles away), but if you’re going opening day then be prepared for a crazy wait time. You’d be better grabbing a cab or Uber it.

Hotels: If you can drop the dough, then check out the hottest spot to stay: L’Auberge Del Mar. (Update: As of June 3rd, they are sold out for the 17th of July). Or, if you’d prefer to save some money and maybe get your buddies to throw in, then check out Airbnb for locals who rent out their condos for week. You can find some decent deals but the closer it gets to Opening Day, then the higher the rates go up.

Food: Del Mar Restaurants

Dress Code: You can be a slacker and wear shorts and a t-shirt, but you’ll just look like a degenerate gambler who lost everything and is betting your final stack on the races, but if you want to do Del Mar the playboy way, then suit up. No exceptions.

I will say this: ditch your wool suits. It’s HOT. Rock a linen/seersucker suit if you have it and if you don’t, wear your lightest suit you have. Last year I was suited up, but wound up taking my coat off at one point. The key to pulling this off?

I was rocking great suspenders so it provided a great touch and I even had girls approaching me and snapping them, (which didn’t make the main too happy ha). Most everyone is dressed up though, so don’t trip about being the only cat in a suit. It won’t happen. The girls doll up to the nines and most of the guys follow suit. Pun intended.

If you don’t make it Opening Day, Del Mar is still sick to game at, enjoy some drinks, cigars and betting on the horses regardless. There’s still pretty girls, just not to the extent of Opening Day.

One last thing, do not even think about going if you don’t have some good sunglasses. You’ll get a massive headache and be squinting like a new born pup if you don’t wear shades. Luckily, I have you covered there too with The Ultimate Sunglasses Guide For Men blog post

Alright, who all is going? If there’s enough interest, maybe I’ll do a meet and greet on Opening Day at my table.

Get started with becoming the best version of yourself and kicking off this summer in style. Go here.

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27 Replies to “Del Mar Horse Track Guide For Playboys”

  1. Remember when you were a kid, and Christmas was the best day of the year? Well ask just about any single guy in San Diego, and they will tell you Opening Day at Del Mar has replaced it now that we’re adults

    There are also a number of post parties, as well as a couple of bus trips to and from the track. The best one has always been L’Auberge. It’s $175 this year, up from $100 in the past. You’d think that would scare some of the hotties away, but that’s never been the case in the past (although I suspect many of them don’t pay anything to get in)

    And suit up! If you don’t, you had better have massive game to make up for it. Three months ago, I brought a baby blue seersucker suit, and it’s been a major hit every time I have worn it out. I can’t wait to see the reactions to it on Opening Day


  2. I’ll be down a few days during the races, my company rents out a terrace on one of the closing weekends. I’m not much for the massive crowds so I pass on opening day.

    Another tip – they allow water bottles as long as you’re not blatant about it. It’s ridiculously easy to fill entire water bottles with booze and take it right past security.


  3. Im laughing thinking-

    I grew up with gorillas you grew up on Twitter I dont care if you follow me

    I got the Spearmint Rhino on lock

    Fuck Californias weesh ass 2am closing-Spain! Spain! Spain! oh did I mention Spain!

    Today I was at the wildcard gym with Freddie Roach

    I boxed 13 rounds and smoke 5 packs a day-it helped me in Riga

    Michael Pornfiro Mason aka the slick wicked and wild aka the mack blaster hustler aka the peoples champ

    LOL G I miss your posts man
    all the best


    1. I think $200k in S. Cal is what you need to be able to truly afford a house. $125k gets you a very long way if you don’t have stupid debt, don’t need to drive a $1000/mo car payment, and don’t waste money on things you don’t need.

      ~$7k/month ($125k after tax) is something you can have tons of fun with and an incredible lifestyle in the best areas.


  4. Hi McQueen:

    What are your thoughts LA women vs NYC women

    I just google imaged Belmont Stakes, and the Del Mar women blow them right out the water. Have to reconsider my relocation plans to remain on the west coast


    1. There’s more model types in NYC which I prefer: tall and thin, but Miami blows both cities out of the water for exotic model types. It’s also a feeding frenzy down there unless you have mad game + a solid bankroll. Thankfully, I have both, but it can still be a fun challenge.

      LA has lots of women, so there’s variety, but it’s not like there’s 9’s on every corner. Tons of 7’s and 8’s and a decent sprinkling of 9’s and 10’s based on what event you’re at and what your social circle is like.

      NYC beats LA in terms of logistics hands down, plus they don’t have the asinine 2am drink cutoff law that Cali has.


      1. Hey Chris what do you consider solid bankroll. I live in socal and make $100k+ easy but even then that doesn’t feel like enough sometimes!


      2. $200k a year min in SoCal to have a solid standard of living. To really be able to do what you want around $350-400k. Of course, this all depends on one’s standard of living and the lifestyle one lives.


  5. Belmont Stakes day is also crazy, and with a potential Triple Crown contender in California Chrome, there will be 130,000 people in attendance. Christian, the more I read your columns the more I enjoy them and I see a lot of my younger self in you. Stay up my man!


  6. Hey Chris,

    With the median income around 45k in America- how can the regular g aka low middle class scrub ass ball like that?

    What you need is a few write ups on ow the regular G can stack his c notes so he can ball right?

    When see $500/night- I think of all the damage that could be done Swoop The World style in Bangkok, Guadalajara, Santo Domingo, Krakow, or Budapest-
    Nom sayin?

    How a G go from broke clown to kiss my pimp ring hos and pass the rosay Bowles to Daddy girl?


  7. Nice article and pics, Christian. I’ve invited a bunch of the NYC forum folks on the nyc meetup thread to check out the Belmont Stakes this Saturday. I think the guys with a smaller bankroll can still have a decent time since drinks and GA are $10 and its more of a festival atmosphere at the BS. Lots of NYC girls go and set up picnic areas on the grass, rather than buy seated tix.

    The style guide is def useful and I’ll be linking to this so that the guys know what to wear.

    Cheers, player.


      1. I’ll tell him but can’t promise that he will listen. The mofo likes to drink and is one of the best I’ve ever seen at gaming while faded.


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