Listen To The Old Bull

High on top of a mountain there stood an old bull and a young bull.

Both of them were leering at the young heifers down in the valley quite a distance away.

The young bull was snorting, huffing and puffing, pacing back and forth, etc.

Finally, after a while, the young bull said…

“Say, why don’t we run down this mountain and have our way with one of them?”

The old bull pondered for a moment, smiled, leaned over, and calmly said…

“Why don’t we walk down the mountain and have our way with all of them.” toros

No doubt you’ve heard this story or read it somewhere, but for today’s post, I want to make a couple of points with it.

When you’re young and full of energy you may get the feeling that “life is passing you by!” and you might be in a rush to live as much life as possible, lest you lose out on new experiences, but remember this: Taking a moment and making a strategic plan, coupled with the wise advice of those who have gone before you, can save you wasted energy and most importantly: TIME.

If you’re a young buck, take a moment and think before you act, get the advice from mentors and older wise men and then plan accordingly.

As I approach thirty years old in a couple of months, I look back at the first significant decade of my life and ponder the experiences I’ve had. Some of the best moves I’ve made in business were made after getting advice from those men who were much more successful than me and who had valuable advice to give. The times when I blindly flailed about without getting any outside input, was when I usually fell on my face.

Now I’m not saying to not trust your instinct, but instead get opinions on your instinct beforehand, weigh the options and then make an informed decision.

Just like the young bull was horny and ready to go, the old bull enlightened him and showed how what the young bull wanted was still possible, but that there was even more to gain by doing it the old bull’s way.

There’s nothing unmanly about getting wise counsel from your elders and I would admonish each and every one of my young readers to listen to your mentors, get advice and then make decisions.

It might just save you energy, money and time and that is always a good thing.

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