A Morning Habit That Has Changed My Life

I’m one of those cats who has a hard time waking up. First off, I’m used to being up late and years of working and playing in nightlife has pretty much made me a nocturnal mofo. Problem is, I don’t like wasting away the day sleeping, so I had to find a solution.

At first, I slipped into the classic habit that so many find themselves in, which is cracking open an energy drink first thing in the morning.

This was my morning caffeine choice:


But, I found my energy crashing after just a few hours and, let’s keep it real: they’re not healthy at all. It’s like drinking multiple cans of soda, which I don’t even drink.

What really was the turning point for me, was that I noticed a stubborn layer of fat around my stomach that wouldn’t budge, despite my workout routine.

Lastly, is that buying one of these puppies once a day adds up to around $100 a month. Just to wake up…ridiculous.

I needed a solution.

I was doing morning smoothies that are healthy, but to be honest, the last thing I want to do when I get out of bed first thing, is peel and prep a smoothie. I want to get an instant jolt of energy without taking 10 minutes to prep for it.

Then I remembered Green Tea. I can’t say enough about it, besides that it’s cheap, tastes great, burns fat and most importantly, gives me that jolt in the morning to get my ass out of bed and be productive.

Here’s what I do:

1. I bought this exact tea. You can get it at any grocery store and it doesn’t have to be this brand, but make sure it’s natural. Cost only $2.50 for a BOX with 20 tea bags.


2. I fill a big pot with 14 cups of water and boil it.

3. Once the water has boiled, I throw 4 bags (out of a 20 bag box, that’s 5 jugs and I drink 1 jug/5 days) in the pot.

4. I let it cool and then pour it into a jug like this…


and put it in the refrigerator. Once it’s cooled, here comes the fun part…

5. Every morning now, immediately after my alarm goes off, I get out of bed, walk to the refrigerator and pull the jug out. Then I pour 3 SHOTS of the green tea and down em like it’s last call at the club. Yes, I said shots with this badboy:


Lastly, I pour myself a glass of green tea and proceed with my day.

I’ve lost that stubborn fat layer around my waist, my abs are poppin better than ever, I’m not wasting money everyday on Monsters, I have more sustained energy and for a cat who loves doing shots, I get a kick out of doing healthy ones in the morning full of green tea, instead of vodka.

If you’re addicted to Red Bulls, Monsters and Coffee, try this out and see the difference for yourself.

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33 Replies to “A Morning Habit That Has Changed My Life”

  1. doing it now! although I don’t have a shot glass! supposed to leave tea bags in no longer than 4 minutes otherwise Tanin makes the tea taste bitter. Enjoyed the post CMQ!


  2. i’ve been rocking the green tea pills. makes it super easy to take them through out the day and i don’t have to worry about if i forgot to make more or i ran out of tea. it works pretty well. though i still drink the same tea from time to time, if its cooler outside i will drink it warm. i like it cold but that takes some time to do and more importantly space in my fridge. i don’t really touch caffeine other than the green tea and my pre workout jack3d. it definitely does the job


  3. You might be losing fat because, in addition to the thermogenic fat-burning effects of the green tea, you cut out a shit load of sugar/HFCS out of your diet by not downing those energy drinks.


  4. Great piece of advice, Christian. This is perfect because I’ve been looking for a new source of energy in the morning. Do you ever drink this later in the day if you need a pick-me-up, or do you exclusively keep it as part of your morning routine?


  5. Another great tip I got years ago which works wonders when I remember is taking a couple of tablespoons of olive oil straight in the morning. Tastes fine, makes for a good ritual and gets some easy to use fat (our main energy source) into your system.


  6. Where I live women are obsessed with drinking green tea as they believe it’s good for the skin. Personally I think it tastes like grass and prefer white tea as it’s more subtle and has a truer tea taste.


    1. The tea Christian recommends has white tea “for a smooth taste”. And green tea has almost innumerable health benefits.


  7. experimented by drinking green tea yesterday. It’s amazing how much it curbs your appetite and reduces bloatedness


  8. Of course caffeine is a drug – contributes to premature aging, increases your appetite and thus makes you fatter over time, impacts the neurological system & drains your body of essential nutrients like the vitamin B group and magnesium.

    However sometimes I do like an energy drink, but it has to be a healthy one with a high dosage of vitamin Bs – http://www.youngevity.net/product/pj330.html Pollenburst by Youngevity has that. In addition I would recommend a good high-potency multi-vitamin & mineral like Youngevity Beyond Tangy Tangerine http://www.youngevity.net/product/23221.html.

    I have found that a lot of night-game drains your energy tremendously. You might consider trying it out. If you like it, then you can also plug it through your website, generating additional income by a product that you use anyway.

    BTW – not affiliated with the company. Just like their stuff and use it myself (as well as Nowfoods and Swanson which are cheaper, but of good quality).


  9. I always wake up to a good ol’ cup of Lipton Natural Green Tea. Took a couple bags from the poker room at a nearby casino. I couldn’t find it in any stores here in Vancouver. Lipton PURE Green Tea can suck it.


  10. This has white tea in it as well – is that just for the taste?

    I drink about a cup of green a day — gonna try this though. The fat reduction properties, among other benefits, are meant to be amazing.


    1. I didn’t notice the box had it until I got home, but I don’t really notice a difference between it and regular green tea. I’ve kept using that brand and flavor though because it tastes good, so maybe it does help.


    1. Christian McQueen, you might wanna get a look at Matcha Green Tea. Instead of drink infusion of the leaf you drink the whole leaf.

      Among having the same health benefits of the normal green tea you get a big dose of antioxidant, a truck load of theanine that enhance brain wave, etc…

      English is not my native language so I apologize for any mistake I could had done.

      Have a great day !


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