Weekend Game Tip: The Power Of The Charming Smile



Smile right now.

Feel better? Of course you do. It’s impossible to smile and not feel even slightly better.

Now imagine when you’re flirting with that sexy girl at the club tonight, how powerful a well-timed small smile is?

I’ve literally pulled girls based solely off a well-timed smile. Sounds nuts? It’s not. Here’s some science to prove my point.

You ready for this? I truly am a motherfucking genius. While I’ve done extensive ‘research’ in real life situations with using smiling and charm to win a woman’s affections, it was while I did research into the science behind my theory, that I found an interesting article.

This article is from Prevention magazine, which is a magazine for women. Re-read that because it’s key. The intent of the author’s (a woman) writing the article was to help women be ‘strong’ when dealing with a charming and smiling man, especially when he is being ‘sexist’, but the hilarious irony is that the studies she references actually supports my theory and will help you develop your game.

I know. The women’s magazines are now trying to cockblock you too. Don’t trip, because they don’t know that you read this incredible blog and I have the solutions.

Alright, the italicized statements are hers and mine are in bold breaking down WHY well-timed smiles and charm works so well.

Let’s do this gents!


The Dark Side Of A Man’s Smile

by Katie Drummond

It doesn’t get more harmless than a smile, right? Well, not exactly. A man’s smile can actually make a woman more subordinate, according to new research in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

In a series of three experiments, researchers evaluated the impact of a man’s smile on a woman’s body language, and her perception of the man in question. 

When observing a man in a dominant role (in this case, he was giving instructions), women were more inclined to like the man if he smiled—even if that smile followed an overtly sexist statement. Women were also more prone to narrow their posture when confronted with a man who smiled, rather than one who remained serious.

In other words, women felt that they could soften their new tough hard shell exteriors and act like women, which allows you to be more manly. ‘Sexist statement’ = you teasing her, or making an ‘asshole’ remark which made her panties wet, but is considered non-PC. ‘Narrowing their posture’ = they submit their body to you. To put it simply, when you’re flirting at the bar with a sexy girl, you make a teasing remark and she ‘hits’ your arm = she’s wet for you and you’re doing great.

“It seems that overt sexism can affect behavior that actually promotes women’s submissiveness when the bitter pill of sexism is given the sugar coating of a smile,” researchers note.

No bitch. Women actually LIKE to be submissive when there’s a masculine, dominating, charming man present who knows how to game her effectively.

This troubling trend occurs in part because women are more inclined than men to rely on body language during interactions, says body language expert Patti Wood. “Even if there’s dissonance between what’s been said and what his body is doing, women will look to the body,” she says. “If they see a smile, then the interaction seems more friendly.”

No shit and I don’t need a PhD after my name to know this. Essentially, after I strip away the womanese interpretation it means: Women react to dominate posture and strong body language. Why do you think Caveman Game can be so effective? Because regardless of the stupidity pouring out of the dude’s mouth, his body language is damn alpha and swaggering with confidence, the chick doesn’t give a fuck and is wet for him. 

It’s a tricky situation, and one that highlights just how subtly sexism can intrude on interactions. The scenario is especially important at work, Wood says, because women need to stand their ground while remaining professional. Try the following tips to improve your own reactions to body language.

Know what you want: Knowing a specific goal before going into a meeting will improve your body language and communication because it minimizes any gestures, postures, or vocal expressions that are brought up by anxiety or insecurity, says Wood. For example, being focused will minimize your “ums” and fidgeting. 

Watch yourself: Women in passive roles sometimes avoid eye contact, up-tone at the end of sentences, or smile more than necessary. “Smiling can make women seem more subordinate,” Wood says. “If you’re smiling when giving an important statement, it makes that statement weaker.” Practice eye-to-eye engagement and notice if you tend to smile during important conversations.

Practice full awareness: Don’t just look at what a man’s body is doing—it probably doesn’t give a full picture of the situation. “Think through the verbal message before you respond,” Wood says. “If he says something sexist and you smile or shrink, it means he can get away with it.” 

The rest of the article is essentially trying to teach women to be ‘strong’ against the wiles of a man who smiles. Nothing more to say about that, because despite the author’s agenda to tear apart men and women having healthy relationships full of happiness and sex, she’d prefer they be at war.

Oh, that’s right, and the fact that biology has a BIG say in this. Women, despite whatever they’re being taught in universities, no matter what they read in women’s magazines, no matter what they are told is ‘right’, cannot resist a confident, charming, dominant, sexual man with game. Period. Doesn’t mean you won’t get rejected, but guaranteed if you develop those qualities (which you can!), you’ll find girls who will fall in love with your charm and smiles.

You still with me?

Badass. I knew you would be.


Moving on…

Now how does a player use this in a real life situation? Keep reading young G.

This formula will help you when you flirt with girls:

Cocky + Tease (remark) + Small Smile = Gold. 

Here’s some examples:


You: “You actually wore those shoes out tonight?” (followed by a small smile)

Her: “OMG! You’re so mean!” (laughing + ‘hitting’ your arm)


You: “Your friends let you do your makeup?” (followed by a small smile)

Her: “You’re ruuuudeeee!” (laughs + twinkle in her eye)

These are two basic lines, if you will, that I have used effectively and of course, feel free to use them.

Why does this work?

1. Girls actually DON’T want to be put on a pedestal. When a guy compliments right off the bat it’s a form of supplicating and trying to get her approval. (there is a good way to compliment which I’ll cover in a future post). Women are NOT attracted to men who are begging for their approval. They are most attracted to men who are desired by other women and men of status.

When you treat a sexy girl like a friend’s bratty little sister by teasing her, then she knows that you’re aware that she’s NOT all that in actuality and that you are high status, because a low status man wouldn’t tease her like that.

2. It’s fun. Girls like to have fun. In fact, they are more focused on having fun now in 2014 then ever before. When you’re charming and playful it works for the dynamic they already desire.

This weekend when you roll out to meet some sexy girls for a one night stand, remember the power of the smile. Throwing in a small smile after a teasing remark is golden. Try it out and see what I mean. I know from whence I speak.

Have a great weekend playboys and I’ll have a new post for you on Monday.


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16 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: The Power Of The Charming Smile”

  1. Author,
    I can tell you even here in the US during cold approaches European girls (even the UK!) seem to have better attitudes towards men.

    Have you ever ran game in Europe like our boy Roosh V?


  2. heh I used to get myself rejected all the time by teasing them without a smile

    for the guys who grew up like me and only smile/laugh when you genuinely found something funny, even a slight smile or grin can do wonders for you with women

    “Women react to dominate posture and strong body language. Why do you think Caveman Game can be so effective? Because regardless of the stupidity pouring out of the dude’s mouth, his body language is damn alpha and swaggering with confidence, the chick doesn’t give a fuck and is wet for him. ”

    McQueen, you have to give us your take on Caveman Game sometime!


  3. Personally ive always used my smile to my advantages, but thanks to your article now i know why it works! A quick tip would be to use crest whitening strips. White teeth are rare and when coupled with a charming smile, the results are lethal 😉


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