Why Being ‘Content’ Is Bullshit

When the word ‘contentment’ (a state of happiness and satisfaction) is thrown around, it’s usually used in a ‘positive’ manner.

“You should be happy where you are in life Joe. Just be content”

“You have a solid job, some money in the bank and seem to be happy. Why can’t you be content Brett?”

Where you usually hear the word ‘content’, is through older people and possibly your parents.

Let me explain something and pay attention: Being content will paralyze you into a state of being average. Being content in the sense of resting on your laurels, is a poison to your overall success in life.

Here’s what can happen when you decide to just be content with your current state in life.

-Work less because if you have your needs met and you’re not hurting financially, why work more?

-You’re relatively efficient at getting pretty girls numbers consistently and get the occasional ONS.

-You have a moderately attractive girlfriend, who doesn’t quite do it for you, but it’s easier to just settle and stay in the relationship, instead of push your player skills even further and find a more attractive girl who you’re really into.

-Stay in a mediocre job, well because you’ve been there for quite some time, have good benefits and an ample amount of vacation time saved up.

These are just a few ways that being content can cause a man to not reach his potential.


How do I know this to be true? Because it’s always been my struggle.

While I’ve always had the inner fire to be the best, I’ve found it’s easy to hit a certain level of success and then rest on those laurels.

It’s bullshit.

It’s laziness.

It’s simply NOT being the best I can be.

It’s the easy way out and it will NOT produce the results I know I can achieve deep down by not being content.

As a personal challenge for you, look at what areas of your life you’ve gotten content.

Take an inventory of the following areas and see what you need to say “fuck being content” and then make a plan to get out of your comfort zone. Be honest with yourself. Don’t sugarcoat what you’re actually pushing yourself on. If you’re not honest with your self-assessment, then you’re only hurting yourself.

I personally did and I can tell you, that the first step of admitting that you’re accepting the status quo and that it’s NOT okay, will help light a fire under your ass to elevate your life.

-Your player skills

-Your relationships. Are you really happy in that LTR you’ve been in?

-Your fitness

-Your finances

-Your job and/or business endeavors

-Your physical upkeep

-Your goals and the actionable steps you’re taking to reach them. Are they too small? Too easy?

This blog and everything I’ve ever written on here is about elevating your life. A place where men can trust as a resource to read great information that will motivate them to be the best version of themselves. Only when I am actively saying “fuck being content”, can I continue to bring you information to elevate your life.

Let’s decide today, that we’re all saying “fuck being content” and make a firm decision to continue to elevate our lives past the point of normal, status quo and what’s considered being moderately successful.

I can’t say for sure what you want, but I can say for myself: Being content is bullshit, being average is for losers and I won’t stop until they put me six feet under.

Let’s start kicking ass and taking names on an entirely different level gentlemen.

Tired of being content in your average skills with women? Change that here.

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13 Replies to “Why Being ‘Content’ Is Bullshit”

  1. “Stagnation floods the mind with thoughts of failure and slowly drains the will to succeed; always move forward.” This is a quote from 44 days of leadership by Noel DeJesus. It’s a book I highly recommend.


  2. just like a shark, you have to keep moving or you die. there’s always something that can be done better, or something else to be learned. this is one of my daily morning affirmations. i go with the mentality of how much is enough….more. there will be things that i want to do or try in my life and until i’ve done them all i won’t be content.


    1. Hey Christian, I recently wrote a post about being satisfied and how it impedes upon your ability to be really successful and happy in life. I believe that life is about constantly staying in motion and moving towards goals, achieving them, and then dreaming new dreams. I enjoyed your insights, if you get the chance, let me know how you feel about my article “Are you Satisfied?” on my page. Awesome blog, and I’m happy your mom didn’t pass away haha.


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