Ballin On A Budget: College Edition

(Christian here. Today’s post is an excerpt from the upcoming Campus Hustler book co-written by Hans Dix over at The College Player blog. Together we collaborated to make the ultimate college How-To guide for young men, who want to maximize their college experience in Game, Fitness, Finances and Achieving their Academic Goals. While Hans is currently enrolled in a Big 10 University, I also attended and graduated from a Big 10 University. This is the real shit that’s never been written before, by guys who have experienced college and kicked it’s ass.)


One of the biggest mistakes you can possibly make is showing up to campus

without some digits in your checking account. While your parents may cover all

your meals, housing and classes, the alcohol and other worthwhile activities that

cost money probably aren’t so lucky. In order to confidently carry out a successful

semester; you will need a strong financial reserve.

Wad of cash


If I had to put a dollar amount on a good first semester as a freshman, I would

say $1,200 (liquor purchases, trips to the bars, cups at parties, late night food, etc.).

This puts almost $100 a week at your disposal. While you will most likely never use

it all, the peace of mind in knowing you COULD spend all that money within your

budget will make you much more comfortable.

The best thing you can do for yourself over the summer is work. While using

the time to “relax” and do jack shit every day may seem enticing, it will manifest

itself as a swift kick in the ass when you arrive at school and realize you have no

money at your disposal.

A lot of places hire college students and those on semester break during the

summer months. It doesn’t matter if you are mowing lawns every day, stocking

shelves at the grocery store, or selling shoes at a sporting goods joint; find a paying

job to occupy your time with. Save as much of the money as possible. Do as much

work as you can now so you don’t have to resort to working on campus, because it

WILL cut deeply into your social opportunities (especially as a freshman).


Let’s do some math. Say you work a job that pays $9/hour all summer (three

months) for an average of 25 hours a week. 25 hours times $9 an hour yields about

$200 a week after taxes. Do this for 12 weeks and you’ve got yourself a nice cushy

$2,400. If you spend $500 on new clothes and $200 on dorm gear, then you’ve still

got $1,700; more than enough to take you through the fall without a problem.

One of the worst things that can happen to you during your time is college is

running out of money without any kind of income. I was in this position during

spring semester my freshman year and trust me, you don’t want to go down that

route. If you don’t have money, you don’t have alcohol. If you don’t have alcohol,

you can’t party. If you can’t party, you can’t entertain girls. It’s a dark road of

celibacy and boring nights in. Don’t let it happen to you.


Unless you are part of the .1% with a trust fund, or your parents just decided

to throw money at you after high school graduation, chances are you won’t be

coming to campus with more than a few thousand dollars. Since you want to avoid

the path of poverty at all costs, you need to make a timeline budget and stick to it.

This is a great test of character and discipline, as well as great practice for the future

when improper budgeting runs you the risk of starvation.

If there’s one thing you need avoid like the plague in college, it’s impulse

purchases. Especially with big-ticket items, they will ruin your budget and

potentially set you back weeks. Sure, that new pair of Beats headphones may look

awesome, but after you buy them and look at your bank statement to see how much

of a dent it really made, you will be left only with regret. Instead, wait until the end

of the semester, or even the school year, and reward yourself with some of the

money you may have saved.

Design your budget either on your computer or on a scrap of paper. As long

as you keep it somewhere where it’s constantly visible, it doesn’t matter. Make two

columns: one with dates and one with a dollar amount. Now fill in the date of every

Monday for the next 16 weeks. Next to each date, write down the acceptable

minimum that your account can be at that point.

Let’s say you come to campus with $1,400, after having bought all your new

clothes, supplies, etc. Identify an appropriate linear weekly budget, and set up the

table accordingly.

Like so (weekly budget of $80):

Date      $$$

8/18       1,400

8/25       1,320

9/1         1,240

9/8         1,160

9/15       1,080

9/22       1,000

9/29          920

I use this to analyze how my weekend went, and how much I can afford to

spend on the next one. By taking your account balance on the date in question, and

subtracting the dollar amount set for the next week, you have your maximumbudget

for the week until that Monday.

So hypothetically, if you somehow manage to spend only $150 in the first

three weeks, by September 8th you have $1,250. It is above the amount you have set

for that date, so you are doing well. Now take away the $1,080 you have set for

minimum by next week, and you have $170 as your new maximum budget for the

current week.

Congratulations player, you now have some nice breathing room.

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10 Replies to “Ballin On A Budget: College Edition”

  1. Guys like us who are aging some and like your college freshman girls need a way to crack the code. Hitting up EE like brother Roosh may be the answer.

    For a dude like me early 30s who missed out in the college experience (due to social fear) what would you say to do to still pull 19yos? I love them.


  2. Christian,

    What would you say to the it who missed the game boat in collee and his 20s and is early 30s and still wants college aged hotties?

    Do you think it would be cool to be mid 30s and live near a campus and game or is that weird?

    Another idea for the blog is to consider how to attract 19yo hotties as we age into our 30s and beyond. I love young barely legal girls- if anyone could crack the code it would be you- I have a feeling guys like us who age and still love the you g birds


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