Weekend Game Tip: You Get What You See

When you walk up to a club do you see the line, or do you see the doorman?

When you up to the bar do you see the line of people waiting, or do you see the bartender?

When you see the VIP do you see the guys poppin bottles, or do you see the VIP Host?

When you see the dance floor do you see the guys dancing on girls, or do you see the pretty girls shakin their asses?

When you hit a college party do you see the fraternity guys doing keg stands, or do you see the sexy co-eds in the corner?

When you meet a girl for drinks on the first date do you see the line to get into the restaurant, or do you see the new restaurant that opened next door that no one knows about yet?

When you see your bank account do you see how much you don’t have, or do you see the potential you have to make more money?

Everything in life comes down to how you view the situation. Is the glass half empty, or half full?

An aspect of prepping for your night out, that I covered here, is doing affirmations before you go out. Delving deeper into this important topic, I’d like you to take inventory of how you view the world when you go out at night.

Do you see the potential ‘problems’, or do you see the positive potential?


Whenever I hit up a new nightclub in a new town, I’m just like some of you. Unconnected, unknown and starting from scratch. I don’t allow myself to see the line of people trying to get in. Instead, I see the doorman. How can I make an immediate connection with him and skip the line?

I know how to and have shared with you as well how to do this, but how quickly some people forget that this mindset doesn’t begin once you’re in the club, it starts before you leave your pad.

Here’s a way of letting go of frustration and enjoying the moment to the max so you can be free, charming and having fun when you roll out to meet sexy girls.

Living in Los Angeles and dealing with traffic can cause a sane man to go insane. It’s THAT bad. A trick I decided to use when getting frustrated, whether when dipping in my car, or in the backseat of an Uber, is when facing traffic, a roadblock, or detour, is to simply relax myself in my mind. How does one do this?

1. First off, to myself in my mind, I think of 3 things I’m thankful for. Pure train of thought. Could be: health, life and friends. Anything that I’m thankful for in that very moment.

This immediately keeps everything in a positive light for myself. This in turn, keeps my energy that is giving off vibes to everyone around me, in check and positive.

2. Secondly, if it’s an Uber driver, I’ll have them crank the music of an upbeat song, or change the station or Pandora mix to a positive upbeat song. If I’m driving, I do it myself.

This keeps my mood light and most importantly gives me Control In The Moment. What’s the most frustrating aspect of sitting in traffic? NOT having control to drive forward. When you take what you DO have control of and do something about that, then you regain some aspect of control about your surroundings which gives you peace.

When I walk into a nightclub, bar, or party, I look for the positive.

Sure I’m human and I have my moments of bitching about a bad ratio (if there is one), but the best nights I have are the ones where I look for the positive and I look for what I want. I know that I want to end the night with a sexy girl slurping on my balls. Looking at the dudes and looking at anything that impedes my end goal, simply detours me from gaining that what I have gone out to attain.

It’s similar to a racehorse in a race. What do they put on the horse’s eyes? Blinders. The horse KNOWS there’s other horses in the race, but the blinders keep him focused on what? The finish line. It doesn’t matter what the other guys at the club are doing. It doesn’t matter what the fattie who just tried to cockblock me is doing. It doesn’t matter if a club is dead, because my blinders are on and I don’t see the obstacle, I just see the solutions to reach my goal.

You get what you see.

When you roll out this weekend, I challenge you to start your night with my 11 Step Prep To A Night Out, focusing on affirmations, then focusing on seeing what you want to get and putting on blinders to the rest. If you do so, you’ll find yourself much more positive, exuding great energy and having a better time than ever before.

A lot of night game is about your energy and the fun you’re having in the moment. People and especially girls, are drawn to the men who are having fun and enjoying life in that very moment. Don’t get bogged down by the factors you cannot control: the line, the cover, the cockblocks, etc, and instead focus on the solutions: the doorman, the knowledge you have to skip the cover, your skills I’ve taught you about cockblocks and the fact that just by reading my material and this blog alone has put you in the top 5% of guys in the club.

Focus on what you do have control over and let the rest fall to the wayside.

It’s worked for me and I know it’ll work for you.

Cheers to the weekend gentlemen and remember: I’m always your wingman in spirit!

Here’s a kickin video to get you pumped for a great weekend. Enjoy!

Note: May not show on your mobile device.

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