Elevate Your Life: Monday Edition

Monday Blues? Hell no.

If you’re not looking forward to Monday, then let’s change that. 

Back in the day when I held soul sucking jobs, I hated Mondays. As the weekend drew to an end on Sunday night, I was filled with dread.

Then I MADE a change. 

I looked into work that I could do that would free up my Mondays to focus on building the playboy lifestyle I desired. I discovered VIP Hosting and Promoting and the rest is history. Not only was I still partying on the weekends, but I was getting PAID to do so. I had found the perfect job…

…for a period of time.

Then I desired new change. So I built up my Black Book of VIP clients and branched off on my own. Now I only host when a VIP client wants to party, thus giving me control of my business and even more flexibility in my schedule.

From there I invested into other businesses and find myself busy with those, however, it’s still being my own boss.

While working for yourself may not be for every man, and there is some very good jobs to be had working for a company, one should examine their personal traits and see what works for them the best.Inna-on-yacht-wallpaper

For myself I found that I don’t like having a boss.

Even though clients and customers are still my ‘boss’, it’s an entirely different dynamic taking the reigns and either falling on my face or building something great. I like challenges and I love risk. Without those, I would wither into being static and complacent.

Take some time to really see what you desire in your life.

Are you more of a risk-taker, or do you like to play it safe? (There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer)

Are you headed in the right direction with your career, or are you stagnating?

Is it time for you to switch jobs, careers, or even strike out on your own?

Only you can answer these questions, but give yourself some free time to really examine your life and see where you’re at.

One tip is that I do this WEEKLY. Yep, every Sunday I’ll take inventory of the past week and plan for the upcoming week and see if I’m on point. If I’m slipping, I’ll ‘punish’ myself by working even more hours everyday, including Saturday. This motivates me to work hard during the week and not slack off, so I have an actual weekend.

As a part of tailoring this blog into being a great resource for you the reader, I’ve decided to make my Monday post be about elevating your life and motivational in content, so you get your week started right. So count on every Monday checking this blog (future posts will be up early in the morning) and getting that boost you need to start your week with a great attitude and some much needed motivation.

For today’s post, I’m using a news article that was sent to me by the Executive Producer and co-host of The Christian McQueen Show Podcast, Dagonet, earlier today.

At first glance you might be filled with jealousy. Check that.

At first glance doubts may overtake you about your own life. Check that.

At first glance you may feel hopeless and that this could never be. Check that.

My first instinct when I read the article, was: 1. Where was my invite? Haha and 2. What have I done TODAY to make his reality mine? (I’ve been on some yachts for parties, but not quite on this level)

When you read stories of extravagance, don’t get twisted with feelings of inferiority and jealous. It’s a waste of your energy. Instead let it MOTIVATE you to take inventory of your own life and let it push yourself even more, so that you can live the playboy lifestyle you desire.

To read the article click here.


Although you and I aren’t famous, this lifestyle is attainable through hard work, sacrifice and making smart business decisions.

Let’s get motivated for the week gentlemen! I have a slew of brand new great articles from Fashion to Game to Lifestyle slated for this week.

By the way, I’ve been bumping this when driving lately and it’s a great song to turn up when you’re cruising with a sexy girl in your car.

Get started on building your playboy lifestyle by going here.

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19 Replies to “Elevate Your Life: Monday Edition”

  1. Hey CMQ can you do a full post on affirmations? I’m having a hell of a time getting them to stick in my morning routine.

    Also, keep posting the dope tracks. I’m stealing almost every one.


    1. Thanks, the issue was never grinding through the tough times, as Herschel Walker once preached, it you watch TV, then do pushups during commercials

      Took that to heart, otherwise also know how to step out of situations and avoid consequences, great in the short term, deadly in the long term.

      Meaning from your pov, does character count for a lot even in the world of ONS’s and fake friends? With the dark triad being forefront for men who knew nothing about it, the wrong ideas of fucking over ppl will form..granted be around for a bit and who is worthwhile and who is not becomes apparent..

      Would love to hear your take on it


      1. Did mean to say, roll on player, just a spectators pov.

        Think of this way, those 20 dollar handshakes at a club is what 99% of men will not do, they feel life is “fair”, life is not fair.or rather life is “fair” to those who actually do things in life


  2. My question is how do you punish yourself and maintain a high mental frame? How do you push yourself past a slippage and still have a “I got this” mentality?


    1. It really comes down to Mental Discipline. I’m not saying it’s easy, because it’s not, but if I DON’T continue to push myself, then what’s the alternative? An average life? Nah, I’m good.

      When your goal is crystal clear, then you need to remind yourself of it DAILY in the morning and at night. Doing that causes you to wake up and immediately take action on it. Doing it again at night allows your subconscious to ‘work’ on achieving the goal while you’re asleep. This two-pronged ‘attack’ on the goal combines to make a lethal system to help you achieve your goals, while keeping yourself in check in the pursuit of it.

      Lastly, repeat this mantra to yourself every time you feel like quitting, giving up, or throwing in the towel: Failure is NOT an option. Tattoo it on your arm if you have to. (kidding, sort of)

      The alternative of NOT pushing through the times when you get discouraged, is that your life will be even WORSE, so you have to remind yourself of that fact and don’t let the dry times make you quit. Quitters never get ahead and they definitely never get a yacht with 50 models on it haha.


  3. Mr. Mcqueen,

    I gotta give it to you. You are a very disciplined person. I have been reading your blog for a couple of months. I really enjoy your posts. Read them all already. More than once some of them to get me pump up before going out. I have bought couple of your books already and looking forward to getting the ones I am missing (also read them bunch of times to internalize it when its time to apply the knowledge). I have made substantial changes. I have made the tailor my best friend, also found a badass barber shop (See ya, Supercuts), and of course got a navy suit with mofo shoes that I just make them look like they came out from a gq magazine (thank you, tailor). I really appreciate you having the initiative to have this type of advise for men like myself who like to roll solo. Just a of question. I read on the Vegas Hangover Experience tab on the website that you give out all your books including: “The Alpha Playboy Book Part III”. Is this something the general public is going to have access too or just the lucky Vegas customers?


    1. Congrats on putting out positive action based off the information I’ve written on. It only gets better, the more you put in the work.

      TAP 3 will be available to the public, but won’t be out until this Fall (2014).


  4. Man, I gotta hand it to you…You constantly improve this blog. It shows me you practice what you preach.
    Just when I think it can’t get any better…BAM!
    Great job.


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