How To Deal With A Sexual Dry Spell: 5 Secret Tips


“Two years?”, I asked incredulously. “Yea, I know it’s pretty bad”, the businessman replied back to me. WTF? I thought. How does a guy go two years without sex? That’s nuts…right?

To date, my longest dry spell has been two weeks and that’s since I was 21 and was by choice, due to me conserving energy for an athletic event. But then I thought about it more.

How does one deal with a sexual dry spell? I can tell you how to deal with not having, as I call it, “fresh pussy”, meaning a new notch, but having a sexual dry spell period required some research into men’s lives who are suffering from one.

I did some research.

Then I did some more.

And I came up with some solutions for my my coaching clients, based on what they have went through, the ‘mistakes’ they were making and my own experiences from years back.

If you’re suffering from a sexual dry spell, keep reading because the following five tips might just snap you out of your dry spell today.

5. Make A List Of Your Current Day To Day Schedule and Habits

The first thing I had my clients do is make a list of their day to day activities. I wanted to know EXACTLY what they filled their days with. From the moment they woke up, to the moment they got in bed to sleep.

My first hunch was correct: Almost all of them were workaholics and put very little to zero time into their social and dating lives.

While most of them are successful financially, they realized that a man who does not lead a balanced life, is not a happy man.

Sex is a need.

Men need sex.

It’s not healthy to not put your cock into a sexy girl’s pussy. Period. Even if she’s on her period ha.

After they made lists, I had them individually write out how many hours could be shaved off of working and allotted for pursuing girls sexually. Most being workaholics of course, this was a fun task for them and I had to push them to change their current habits in order to balance their lives out. They thanked me later, because I cracked the code to get them on the road to pussy heaven.

4. Get A Game Mentor ASAP

While this might sound like a pitch for my coaching services, it’s not. It’s just a fact. Thankfully, my clients had me already, so I allotted time specifically with each of the ones suffering from dry spells to make a battle plan.

Here’s what you do, if you cannot afford a professional coach:

-Go out solo with your MAIN intention to find guys good with women and learn from them. Buy them a shot. Be cool. Be friendly. If you really have balls, tell them straight up that you struggle with women and would love to shadow them for a while. Tell them you’ll buy drinks, be the DD (designated driver), whatever, just make sure that they know that you know, that their time is valuable and you don’t expect advice for free.

In AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) it’s called getting a Sponsor.

For Game purposes I’m telling you to get a mentor. Someone who knows how to attract women, how to talk to them, and how to get sex. Your game will SKYROCKET when you do this.

3. Don’t Push It, Flow With It

On the other side of this situation, I had a couple of clients who were trying so hard, that they were in a dry spell. This is called ‘trying too hard’. It repels women. Re-read that. It repels women from a football field away. Women can sense men who aren’t getting laid and it may scream neediness.

Now I know you’re thinking: “Well Christian, if I’m NOT getting laid, HOW do I get laid when women are repelled by men who DON’T get laid?”

I called it right?

Here’s what you guys do who fall into the camp of doing everything and nothing is working:

Take a break from gaming women. I’m serious. Pick up a hobby, focus on your work, do anything and everything that has nothing to do with you getting laid. Take the focus off of women and put it on yourself.

A funny thing might just happen: you might just find yourself getting some stares from that cute girl at the gym.

You might just find that you’re not as eager when you get a text from a girl to your surprise.

You might find that you energy calms and your mojo is able to flow.

When you push something constantly, you must take time to let it do it’s work. Have you ever heard the expression “lean back”? It means just that, lean back and be chill for a moment. I’ve found personally, that when I push and push with women, is when I encounter dry spells of new notches (because I have a harem, I usually don’t have sexual dry spells. Learn how to have a harem here), but to me a dry spell of not having new notches is basically the same. No I’m not being a dick, I’m serious. As you progress as a player it can sometimes take more and more to satisfy one’s voracious sexual appetite.

2. ‘Lower’ Your Standards

Another factor that I found was that some of the clients experiencing a sexual dry spell, were men with standards that were unrealistic for their level of Game.

Now read closely so you don’t misunderstand my point: It’s GOOD to have high standards for yourself and the women you sleep with, BUT if you’ve been on an extended dry spell because you won’t sleep with anything less than this:The 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show-Backstage Hair and Makeup

when you could ‘lower’ your standards and sleep with this…


…or this:


…then you’re doing yourself a disservice.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ve slept with gorgeous models, I’m talking girls with actual campaigns and billboards on Sunset, and sometimes the sex was BETTER with a 6 or 7 I’d pull from a dive bar. Not always, but sometimes.

The end result is the same: You pump. You hump. You cum. The end. Don’t get it twisted for your ego.

Another thing: you’re not marrying the girl. You don’t even need to take her out on the town on your arm. There is such thing as practice girls…

The Movie Girls

-The girl you invite over for Netflix (movies) and fishsticks, but won’t be seen in public with.

-The girl you don’t mind being seen in public with at your local movie theater.

-The girl you make a sex movie with.

-The girl you take to a movie premier who causes the producers to get jealous of you, she’s THAT stunning.

That’s 4 different types of girls you can work with, so don’t let your ego get the best of you and leave you with blue balls for eternity.

A wise old man once told me, “When the dam breaks, it floods the banks”.

When you get your dick wet with a ‘6’, the engines of your mojo turnover.

When you sleep with a ‘7’, the pistons on the engine to your mojo start to pump.

Just like girls sense when you’re sexless, they definitely can sense when you’re having sex and they will be drawn to you.

Guys ask me, “How come when I have sex with 1-2 girls in a week span, girls from months ago who I haven’t talked to hit me up?” Simple: Because they have a 6th sense for men who are pre-selected and they go into competition mode. They also are drawn to men who have their choice of the ‘village’, in other words, alpha men.

The other reason is because you don’t even realize it, but your Game is better after you bust a load with a girl.

You’re calm.

You’re chill.

You’ve released yourself in a way that benefits you psychologically, physically and mentally, that jerking off in your bathroom sink doesn’t do.

Don’t dumpster dive, but be realistic with your standards and see if you’re not being a bit too picky. It’s very common for sexless dry spell men to have this tendency, so make sure this isn’t the issue.

1. Hire An Escort

“What the fuck? Did McQueen just recommend that I get a hooker?!”

Calm down. 

There are times when a man has to do what he has to do. While I don’t recommend that a man RELY on escorts, and CLEARLY I advocate Game, I also know that ‘breaking the seal’ so to speak, can be the trigger to getting men over the hump of a dry spell.

Let me be clear: THIS IS A LAST RESORT, but if it’s really that bad and you’re having zero luck, then perhaps this is a course of action you could take.

While none of my clients had to resort to this, because I made them custom plans and helped them break their dry spells (and I might add with 100% success rate), for those of you who might be at your wits end, this could be an option.

Let me break something down for you that may shock you, but I’m keeping it real, as I always do: sex is sex. If you’re sexless, then your mental, physical and emotional health are suffering. Period. If you were to use the services of an escort ONCE to snap out the dry streak, it might help you.

It’s custom in many countries for the young men to be taken to a brothel by their fathers and mentors to lose their virginity. In some ways I can see the benefit, because it causes the young men to not pedastalize pussy as much as many young men do in America. One only needs to look at the Elliot Rodger situation to see that him being sexless was literally taking him over the edge. Like I said: It’s NOT healthy. If his dad would have gotten him an escort, perhaps he would have had the release he needed and would have calmed the fuck down. Maybe not, but we’ll never know.

Disclaimer: I’m NOT advocating doing anything illegal in your state, country, county or city. Laws differ based on your residence, so check your laws first, to ensure that you’re in accordance with them. This is for entertainment purposes only.

These are just a few ways to get over a dry spell. I will drop another post soon breaking down additional tips to help one through a sexless dry spell. Lastly, don’t get discouraged if you’re going through a dry spell. This world is full of women with voracious sexual appetites and as long as you apply Game, put out the effort and take the tips I’ve given you, you’ll have a sexy slut like the one below before you know it and your blue balls will be a distant memory in the past.




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  One thought on “How To Deal With A Sexual Dry Spell: 5 Secret Tips

  1. Leo
    07/03/2016 at 4:00 pm

    Hey Christian,

    I found your website through Google search. I am so embrassed but I am going to ask it.
    I am experiencing a dry spell. For a long, long time.

    I have money. Would you hire an escort? I just want to finish this disgusting feeling. Do you think hiring an escort can affect my life in a bad way?

    I see this as a solution but I am anxious that I will feel worse than now.

    Thanks for your time,


  2. Carol
    03/08/2016 at 2:47 am

    What about if you are as sexy as a motherfucker but your self confidance is down the drain and you are scared as hell to hit on women? Or you feel that any atempt or word you say rejects them, and maybe it really does;). Or how about a man that’s not a show off? I noticed a lot of girls that like to dance like a mad cangaroo and if you’re not keeping up they go to find some other fake fucker. How about the guys who really have a character and are to locked into them, to just act like some kind of gigolo? I mean, the ones whom character is to strong to give up on it just to have some randome sex? What i mean by that? Well, am talking about this player bullshit that am sure nobody is in reallity, but more like kissass wankers that know how to lie to a brainless woman just to get into her pants! Using her in most of the times. I mean, what about the people that actually have this character and want to meet strong smart womens with whom they can have a nice one night stand, they bouth agree with? I would really like to have an answer on this, so please elaborate about this. And nope, i don’t think i am as sexy as a motherfucker.:)


  3. Nate
    06/23/2014 at 3:02 pm

    This is probably going to blow your mind and you’ll think WTF and trust me I’m not trolling. I’ve slept with only 11 women and I haven’t had sex for almost 9 years. I’m not an ugly guy or anything like that but my game and confidence has been non-existant (as you could well imagine). The last one was my ex who changed the way I feel about women, she was a dirty cheating whore and I think I’m scarred from that experience.

    What do I do? I was thinking of just banging a few escorts or going on a sex vacation to Thailand or Brazil and just getting the shit out of my system and my confidence up, what do you think?

    No I’m not gay I’ve just been MIA for so long.

    Any advice would help.


  4. Coach1173
    06/18/2014 at 9:38 pm

    I think this is on target, but my question is the three pictures. The first girl is a solid 9, but she’s airbrushed so heavily that I really doubt that she’s much better than the next girl who I’d say is an 8/9 and the other one who is 7/8. I’d be thrilled with any of them, then again I’m dry since Oct.


    • 06/18/2014 at 9:40 pm


      I’d rate the top one a solid 8.5-9.

      The 2nd girl a 7.

      and the 3rd girl a 5.5-6.

      Every guy will have different ratings based on personal preferences, but yes, having a dry spell jacks every guys ratings up lol.


  5. Jorgun
    06/17/2014 at 8:33 pm

    I’d definitely advocate the hobby option. Particularly something somewhat express and/or useful (guitar etc). No one gets good at guitar without dedication and determination and that is definitely an alpha trait. Women will notice.


  6. Altair
    06/17/2014 at 5:28 pm

    Do you monitor the progress of your VHE clients after boot camp?


    • 06/17/2014 at 5:32 pm

      I do a followup Skype call and stay in contact through email. One VHE client actually brought me a business idea which I’m considering. It’s amazing how 2 days can turn perfect strangers into friends, so that’s the blessing sometimes.


  7. RapcallionKosta
    06/17/2014 at 3:56 pm

    That step 2 handed my ass a reality check that’s been coming for a while. Needed it, again top stuff boss.


  8. thesamedevice
    06/17/2014 at 3:56 pm

    Great read but what about tinder or okcupid? That’d be a considerable saving of money compared to hiring an escort.


    • 06/17/2014 at 5:05 pm

      Those are viable options.

      The escort option is the last option as I stated: “Let me be clear: THIS IS A LAST RESORT, but if it’s really that bad and you’re having zero luck, then perhaps this is a course of action you could take.”


  9. 06/17/2014 at 3:09 pm

    Excellent post. I really like the part about not wrapping up my ego with sex. Fucking a six does not mean I suck. It’s just sex. It’s fun.



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