7 Minutes With Sinatra

Check out this straight G video of Sinatra at Caesar’s Palace in 1978.

The first 7 minutes when he’s getting ready, are absolute fucking gold.

You can almost see him doing silent affirmations in his mind, before going out and bringing down the house.

The rest is great too, but it’s the first 7 minutes when he’s backstage that you get a rare glimpse into how he operated.


Also, pay attention to his Body Language with the other gents around him. How he directs the photographer to take the photo, where for the one bigger guy to stand in the photo, straightening his pocket square, etc.

Sinatra is as Alpha as they come and there are golden lessons to be learned in watching this video.

Note: Video may not show on all electronic platforms.

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14 Replies to “7 Minutes With Sinatra”

  1. I’m 21 and I must admit he’s the boss. Proud to learn a little bit more about him on your blog Christian.


  2. Ah Ol’ Blue Eyes…long time, no hear. I started listening to his music after reading your Home Dinner Date posts some months back (a belated thank you for that). Now I always turn on Sinatra on Pandora if I want some tunes to chill to.


  3. I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Sinatra perform live with Shirley Maclaine, in NYC in 1988. He was an old man by then, passed his prime, but still the consummate showman – what a PRESENCE!


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