How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number

This question gets asked a million times in the Game circles and the best way ten years ago, is still the best way today. I have used this literally hundreds, if not thousands of times and it has only failed me once or twice.

If we had a Hall of Fame for this shit, this would be in it. There is no reason to over complicate this and once you get it down, keep using it and don’t stop.

The absolute best way to get a girl’s number is to ASSUME THE SALE.

How do you do this? By handing her your phone and saying this:

“Put your number in. We’ll hang out sometime.”

Why does this work so well?


Here you go:

  • It is dominate. By handing her the phone, you are taking charge.
  • It is masculine. In a world where men are pleading and ASKING for a phone number, you will be TELLING her to put her number in.
  • It’s a pyschological mind-fuck, because although you’re in essence asking for HER number, you’re GIVING her your phone, which doesn’t make it seem intrusive for her to give it to you. Every girl with a brain and who’s alive today, knows how to put her number in a phone, so she knows EXACTLY what to do and is comfortable with a phone between her hands.
  • It’s assuming the sale. By putting your phone in her hands, it’s assuming she will follow through. If you game her properly leading up to this, I can almost guarantee it’ll work 98%+ of the time.
  • By ending your statement with “We’ll hang out sometime”, it’s casual enough that it’s not a ‘date’ that you’re pushing for, vague enough that she’ll sense you’re a busy man so you can’t lock in a date now and authoritative enough that you’re ‘controlling’ the both of you, by saying “We’ll”.

Try it for yourself in your 30 Girls In 30 Days Approach Challenge and see for yourself. I haven’t found a better way to get a girl’s number and I don’t think there is one. This way is the best way and it’s a no bullshit, no frills perfect way of taking the lead and making shit happen.

Happy Digit Hunting this weekend and remember: the number is just the beginning and should be the ‘last resort’. Always go for the One Night Stand first.

This has been an excerpt from The Alpha Playboy Part 2: Day + Relationship Game. Get it here.

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11 Replies to “How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number”

  1. Holy shit, this is gold. Going to TELL her to put her phone number today after class. Been flirting for a few weeks in class and gaming appropriately… so I hope this works out. We only see each other 3 hours per week in class at Community College and she just hangs out with her friends from high school and is interested in guys there as well who graduated from the same school but still in town. You think I have a chance?


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