10 Things I Learned From 10 Years In The Game

Around 10 years ago I decided to go balls to the wall in learning how to become great with women. I dumped my girlfriend at the time, even though she was a high quality girl, and put a massive amount of time, money and energy into figuring out how I could always get girls.

It changed my life.

I had ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade the last decade for anything.

You’re about to read my 10 tips of wisdom, but here’s the thing: my 10 tips are nowhere near as valuable as the collective wisdom of you readers. If everyone were to chip in 1 tip in the comments below the post, then I’m sure we could come up with a lot of great advice.

So, I would love it if you would read this post and then leave a comment in the bottom. Tell us one piece of advice you would give a guy new to game. Even if you’re not an expert player, I’m sure you’ve got at least 1 great tip (probably many more).


Alright gentlemen, here are 10 Things I Learned From 10 Years In The Game.

#10. Oneitis Is A Bitch

Having had my share of getting infatuated with certain girls, it took trial and error, before I realized my mistakes and changed myself. From being foolish and hitting a depression that would bring the world’s most positive person to their knees, to the highs of finally having control of my emotions, I can truly say that nothing will turn you on to game quicker than seeing the end result of oneitis.

If you find yourself slipping in your current relationship, check yourself.

#9. If A Girl Is Really Into You, Nothing Will Keep Her From You

Sure, girls play games, as do we, but a girl who really has it bad for you will move mountains to be in your presence.


If you find that ‘special’ girl keeps making excuses to not hang out with you, she simply isn’t into you anymore, or has some outside dick.

As painful as that may be to you, don’t stick your head in the sand. Recognize the signs, and correct the situation.

#8. No Girl Is More Important Than Me

Oneitis stems from 3 things:

1. Not having the Law of Abundance.

2. Making the girl your everything and putting yourself second.

3. Putting her pussy on a pedestal.

When I realized that focusing on myself was the best remedy for putting a girl first, many of my problems with females came to an end. Not only that, but women started actively pursuing me more. Women want a high value man and a man who is in demand.

Put yourself first and she can follow. If not, eject.tumblr_mpku6glN7o1rjsah9o1_1280

#7. Don’t Unnecessarily Spend Money On Girls

I’m not telling you to never spend money on girls, because there is a time and a place, but what I am saying, is that your finances should always come first.

If you rely on your money to keep her around, let’s all pray you never go bankrupt. As the money goes, so does she.

Build your personal wealth.

Protect your wealth.

And focus on building a great lifestyle for yourself.

Maybe you buy yourself a yacht and she can party on it with you, but don’t go into debt and buy the yacht because she wants it.

Maybe you buy yourself a Manhattan penthouse, but who says she has to live with you in it?

Get it?

Draw her into your orbit and she can partake in YOUR lifestyle, but remember that you don’t need to blow your savings on a chick. You will live to regret it and you might just ruin yourself financially.

#6. Develop An IDGAF Attitude

The more you can truly embrace an I Don’t Give A Fuck attitude, the quicker life becomes simpler with women.

Also, the more you adopt this attitude, the more you will see women drawn to you.

The less fucks you give, the more fucks you get.

 #5. Whoever Cares The Least In The LTR Has The Power

If you find yourself calling, texting and trying to make plans with a girl more than she does to you, than she has the power in the relationship.

This doesn’t mean you don’t care about her, but learn to find a balance and don’t get caught up.

Remember, it’s like poker: if you can’t spot the sucker at the table, than you are the sucker.

#4. Every Pussy Feels Different

I can’t explain it, but from the hundreds of women I’ve slept with, every single one of their pussies felt different.

Some felt better than others, of course, but each and every one had it’s own unique feel.

This is also one reason why I continue to game: the addiction of new feeling pussy is strong haha.


#3. I Haven’t Tried To Break Hearts, But It’s A Part Of The Game (Sometimes)

If you think that you can become a real player and never hurt a girl emotionally, than you might just be smoking crack.

Even if you think that you can be upfront 100% and tell girls you don’t commit and that not one single girl will ever develop feelings for you and start to get attached, then you’re in for a surprise.

I’ve made girls cry.

I’ve made girls hate me.

I’ve made girls cuss me out.

I’ve made girls fuck up my possessions.

It’s the game.

As I got older, I learned how to spot women who would be less prone to getting attached and I have a pretty good eye for spotting the crazies, but I’m sure it’ll happen again, and it is what it is.

#2. Game Is The Greatest High

I may have partaken in certain “activities” in my lifetime (or maybe not), that make a person high, but to this day, nothing gives me a high like the journey of flirting with a girl, seducing her and having great sex.

#1. Game Helps Me In Business

Once you’ve been rejected by hundreds, or maybe even thousands of girls, than you can face business rejection that much easier.

With Game, YOU are the product.

In business, you may have A product.

While it’s easier to take it personal when YOU are the product, it’s much easier to take rejection when you’re just selling A product.

Combine that with the power of Frame and business meetings and negotiations have never been the same for me.

I started out wanting to pull women at anytime and anywhere.

Then, game became a part of my life and changed me for the better in ways I never knew possible.

Game isn’t about learning a couple of pickup lines and ‘moves’. It’s a way of life that will improve you in every aspect if you embrace it wholeheartedly.

What is 1 piece of advice you’ve learned?

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42 Replies to “10 Things I Learned From 10 Years In The Game”

  1. This surprised me the most… Don’t ever give a shit about her orgasm. Never ask. Never care. As soon as you do you’re no longer the guy she fantasises about


  2. I’ve always been a firm believer if this and it still holds true…stop apologizing. Period. Unless you fuck her favorite sister and busted on her face ANF took a picture, then don’t apologize. Say your piece and let her deal with it. She’ll either stick around or not. Fuck it


  3. One of the biggest revelations for me was: start approaching the hottest girls in the bar ASAP. For years I never approached the dimes in a club because I was always intimidated by how hot they were. I started noticing that this wasn’t unique to me, and a lot of times NO guys were approaching these girls. After I mustered the balls to start approaching 10s I realized they were no different then any other cute chick, with one major exception: they were way more receptive. However this is a tip you don’t really believe untill you actually experience it.


  4. There is no one big tip, it’s all made up of different smaller tips and principles that have to be embraced altogether. One that I’d like to write about though is rejection, because it’s the one number one reason why a lot of guys fall into beta bitch boy mode and fail to achieve anything.

    So how to deal with rejection?

    The key is to embrace it. EVERYONE gets rejected, even cats who have gamed for a long time. It’s part of the game; if you lose, insert coin again. Here’s why:

    1. Rejection may not even be personal, it may be just a test. Yep, bitches will throw you a lot of shit-tests to tease you and put you under pressure. By embracing rejection and laughing it off with confidence, you pass the test and make the girl wet.

    2. Even if a rejection is personal, it’s only THEIR opinion. Opinions are like iPhones: every one has one. Big fucking deal. She’s the one missing out, not you. You’re off chasing some other tail. Fuck what she, or for that matter anybody else, thinks about you.

    3. Don’t walk across all over the room to talk to a girl, get rejected, and then go back sobbing like a schoolboy. Make sure that your logistics are right. BE there, so that if you’re rejected, you just resume to what you were doing after laughing it off and maybe even throwing her a demeaning quip. Don’t be that guy who after making up his mind for one hour, approaches girls far from where he is full of fear, gets rejected, and then has to do the walk of shame. By being there you will act like nothing happened anyway.


  5. Feel good and make others feel good. Have a big heart and spread love and joy everywhere, and most of all remember that absolutely NOTHING is a big deal. Ever


  6. Pussies never prosper.

    Man the fuck up and approach. Anytime of the day.
    Always dress nice even if your going to the store and back.


  7. When you see an attractive woman, approach her. You may not fuck her. If you don’t approach her, you’ll never fuck her.


  8. Do not be timid, women love the feeling of being an object of desire, even if only for a night, a week, a month however long.


  9. Flirt to every woman you encounter despite of her age or your attraction level to her. Smile a lot and walk like a male lion checking out his territory.


  10. With life and women: less is more, simple is better.

    I have more ONS with girls that I take on simple dates- starbucks, park, bang. rinse, wash, repeat. Easy as cake.

    Do not take any bullshit from any girls. Never settle. Follow the three strikes rule at MAX; less depending on the circumstances.

    And lastly- if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.


  11. Damn….miss this shit. I was excelling greatly in my life and game from age 18 to 21, then I got hit with some huge physical health problem that has taken my life to shit over the last year and a half. Can’t have sex, can’t work out, can’t exert my self in anyways…I miss being with girls and sleeping with them and I miss being able to do the things I love. Don’t take your health or body for granted…life is an emotional battle for me everyday since having this problem. Not being able to have sex or have connections with women is extremely depressing.


  12. My only advice is this given that pretty much everything else is covered:
    “walk as if you wore a cape”
    chin up, straight back, suck your gut but but not too much, that’s it


  13. Know what you believe, and stand firm on that. Know what you stand against, and why. Know thyself. Stand up straight, wear some stylish clothes that fit you properly, and be able to hold an intelligent conversation on a variety of subjects. Be interesting and don’t be afraid to be yourself.


  14. Game is important in an LTR. Dropping your game in an LTR is like your girl getting fat. Nobody wants that.

    Rejections are a gift. They are the best learning tool there is. Treat them as such.

    Regret is always worse than rejection. Always.


  15. Game is important in LTR’s. Dropping your game in an LTR is like a chick getting fat.

    Rejections are a gift. They are the best learning tool out there. Treat them as such.

    Regret is always worse than rejection. Always.


  16. The right frame of mind is key for a night of fun. I use Christians 11step prep before going out and by the time I hit the door I’m bursting with good vibes. I think chicks feed off of good vibes.


  17. Learn to master eating Pussy. One good orgasm from muff diving will get you at least a month of tail. And Work out, bitches love fit dudes and they can sense how a fit man feels about himself and his surroundings. The better your testosterone levels the more they will chase you. It is science.


  18. Black girls put out faster than any other ethnicity. (If you’re white. Idk how it is for black dudes.) If you bring one to your apartment they just want to fuck.

    If a girl brings her own alcohol to your place then you should have zero questions about where she stands. Expect zero resistance.

    At a house party, ask a girl if she knows where the bathroom is. Depending on the level of intoxication/inebriation, you might get lucky.

    Never lick an Ethiopians cunt.

    And the number one most important thing to remember- Whatever you do, don’t be a pussy.


  19. My tip: Travel as much as possible and game as you go. Some of my most memorable experiences are outside of my home country.


  20. I love you, man! I’m a 45 year old dude. Successful business exec. Bought all your books and have already seen big ups on my work and private life. You speak truth!




  21. I will say stand up straight, walk properly, and get your hands out of your pockets. A lot of guys think this doesn’t matter. It does. Don’t start reading about game. Work on yourself, look at the mirror and be conscious about how you walk, talk, and how you move, never lose eye contact with people, don’t rush. If people see you are always rushing you give the impression that you can’t take control. Remember, women like men that can take control. One last thing, it might hurt some people but, yes if you need to lose weight hit the gym. Your family are the only people that really don’t care how you look.


  22. Lead in the relationship and stop trying to cater to her to make her feel special. Don’t ask her if she would like a drink, just hand her a shot. Don’t ask her if she’s wants to move spots in the bar, grab her hand and move. Don’t ask her if she wants to go back to your place, get in the cab and say your address and don’t question it.

    Do all of this and be confident in your decision and don’t let her shit tests change your mind.

    “But I need to go home to my place, I can’t come over.”

    “That’s the last place you want to go right now. “


  23. Don’t be afraid to tell a hot chick, “No”. They are sooooo used to most guys bending over backward to please them, that when you reject their requests, it really messes with their brain.


  24. You can define your relationships with women however you want.

    If you want a girl who cooks for you, cleans for you, eagerly sucks your dick, and is okay with you sleeping around, you can have her.

    If you want a bi girlfriend who you can go threesome hunting with, you can have her.

    If you want a few, no-strings-attached fuckbuddies, you can have that.

    Don’t let what society has told you is the blueprint for a relationship limit going after what you really want. Sure, it isn’t necessarily easy & many girls may not be down for your ideal relationship, but you can always find a few who are.


  25. I think all competent men think they may actually not be so good, even frauds of a kind. It comes with the territory of being a leader (out in front of followers). From the point of view of keeping oneself honest, this kind of anxiety serves a purpose: it can give you strength in your efforts of striving to be better, as opposed to wishing the game was easier.

    But, there are other kinds of anxiety that just create friction in the gears, even a persistent kind of punishment system: most commonly manifested in the form of approach anxiety or oneitis. DO NOT let this kind of anxiety get woven into your character and become a talisman for why you can’t get laid. Understanding the difference + applying the law of abundance might help take your game to the next level.


  26. There’s a sweet, seemingly ridiculous balance to maintain ..that newbs know about but don’t comprehend.

    You can go for the girl and what you want.

    But not care if you get her or not.


    On a date you can go for the girl and what you want, but not care if it happens or not.

    It’s part BEING DRIVEN + LAW OF ABUNDANCE. Whatever happens, make sure you can look at yourself in the mirror the next day and say you acted like a man…no matter the outcome.


  27. Don’t let a girl get in the way of your plans. If you want to be successful you’re going to have to make sacrifices, girls being one of them.


  28. My game tip:

    Style is everything, always present yourself in the best way possible, if you can see a chink in your armour, it will likely play on your mind too, which is something you don’t need when out in a daytime or nighttime setting. It’s not about dressing to attract female attention, it’s about dressing in a way that best presents you, and self respect and dignity are very important.


  29. Don’t get jealous ever. Its losing power. Take care of urself (workout). Learn how to party (like u own the world); but let em know ur a man not a dude (Alpha). Be Successful and fashionable. I think girls Dig good style. Enuf.


  30. Don’t give up. Be persistent and keep going in the face of rejection and failure. The journey itself builds your character and the rewards are worth it.


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