The 3 Stages Of Being A Player

It took some time, but now I feel justified in writing a post on the 3 stages of being a player. As always, I never write on anything if I haven’t experienced it and can vouch for it’s authenticity.

The truth is that important.

If I haven’t lived it, then I won’t write about it.

As a man begins his journey as a player and starts building a playboy lifestyle, what can he expect?

The 3 Stages Of Being A Player


#3. The Newbie

Everything is fresh and exciting to the cat new to game.

I won’t hold any punches. The first time I fingered a girl I didn’t wash my hands for 2 days. I was that excited.

While that might sound disgusting and in retrospect it was pretty retarded, it’s a small testament to the excitement that pussy brings into a young man’s life in the early stages of being a player.

A Newbie eagerly reads anything he can get his hands on, voraciously ‘gorging’ on every game book written. He then approaches like mad and upon his initial success at pulling a new girl for a ONS, he’s elated.

It is a great feeling.

If you’ve experienced any amount of time NOT being able to bring a sexy girl home within an hour or so of meeting her, then it’s damn exciting and uplifting.

During this time the Newbie is a rough piece of clay and it hasn’t even found it’s form. It’s merely just been put on the potter’s wheel and is starting to spin.

This experience of having the whole world of being a player opened up to you is priceless.

Enjoy the journey.

Enjoy the newness.

Enjoy the excitement of pulling a girl’s panties down for the first time and her sucking your cock.

The smell of her sun-kissed skin and the surge of your hormones is a better and healthier high than crack would ever give you.

As you apply game principles that you’ve read on this blog and start to see progress, don’t be surprised if you see a surge in your growth, until you start to plateau around the later part of the Intermediate stage.

It’s no different than working out.

When you first start lifting weights, you will see immediate growth and you’ll be excited. Then you will start to plateau, unless you start utilizing advanced techniques and push your player skills.


#2. The Intermediate

You feel like you’ve arrived. 

You can walk into a bar and chances are, armed with the tools that you’ve developed, you can pull a sexy girl home almost without a problem.

You’ve banged quite a few girls and now you’re starting to consider settling down for a bit.

You meet a cute, down to earth girl and jump headlong into a LTR.

Then she dumps you.

You are shattered.

Everything you learned and applied worked great for pulling girls and keeping them around in a casual manner, but when it came to relationships you might just have slipped back into beta bitch boy territory.

You decide to rebuild yourself once again.

You might just ‘fail’ and ‘fail’ again.

I know I did.

It took me 3 relationships before I took my head out of the sand and decided to take a look in the mirror and figure out what the fuck I was doing wrong (and yes, it was A LOT).

You read and apply long term relationship principles and come out of the break-up stronger than ever.

You have once again rebuilt yourself and you feel complete.

You re-enter another relationship, but this time you take your time, don’t rush it and continue to have your girls on the side.

At this point you can still walk in a bar and pull a chick, you can date a girl and keep yourself sane and not blown to and fro by her emotional states and you’re feeling like you have reached your potential. You’ve even started using Deep Conversion techniques on your main girl to great effect and she ‘loves’ you now more than ever in the best way she knows how.

Then you feel like you’ve peaked…until…


#1. The Master

Pussy doesn’t have the hold on you it once did.

Now you can go out for the night, pull or not and you don’t really care one way or the other.

You. Truly. Don’t. Care.

Your self-worth is not defined by if you pulled that night or not.

Your self-esteem is not dependent on you pulling or not.

Your validation comes from WITHIN and not from your peers and your player reputation.

You still love women, maybe even more now than ever, because you know how to handle them, but you’re not consumed with getting new pussy.

You’ve set your sights on other goals and your vision is stronger than ever.

Your game is also stronger than ever, because now you’ve reached that State of Zen: You enjoy girls, but girls are not your life, they merely complement your life.

This is a peaceful state of being.

How do I know?

Because once I hit this stage, I felt true peace.

Even better is that while you focus on your personal goals, you become like the Newbie stage again with women: not in that your game is new and unpolished, but that you get excited again like a young buck when you decide to pull new pussy.

What became ‘old’ to you, is now ‘new’ again.

But yet…

You’re peaceful, your game is rock solid and you feel complete.

You life on YOUR terms and YOUR’S only.

The whole world is your stage and she’s merely a novelty to enjoy in the moment.

You are a rock and you’re not driven by your emotions, but instead are grounded by your goals, vision and purpose in life.

Any bitterness you may have felt from past ‘failed’ relationships has now passed and you are free to enjoy women for who they ARE, not what you want them to be, or have fantasied them to be.

You are living in the truth and the truth has set you free.

You can walk out the door and say these famous words and mean every single one of them:

Every single stage has is blessings and curses, but remember to enjoy the journey. Some of you may be more naturals than others and you may blaze through the stages and wonder what the big deal is.

Others of you, like me, may not get through these stages for over a decade, but when you emerge will appreciate the journey even more.

Whichever type you’re like, don’t rush for results. Enjoy life, enjoy the player lifestyle and enjoy each and every sexy girl whose path crosses with yours.

In the journey is where you will find true satisfaction, not in the destination.

The player lifestyle is priceless and whatever stage you’re at, I welcome you on your journey.

Get started on your player journey here.

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8 Replies to “The 3 Stages Of Being A Player”

  1. “Others of you, like ME, may not get through these stages for over a decade” (emphasis mine…referring to McQueen)…that is encouraging. Reading your stuff you come across so naturally as if you were born like this. It really helps to know that you too had to work and develop your skills. Gives hope to all that it can be done! As always appreciate the great content!


  2. I’m in my second year, and the first year when I really sucked was definitely much more exciting. That newly found freedom of being able to try any women in sight was amazing.

    How long did you stay in the newbie and intermediate stages?


    1. It’s tough to put an exact year amount between the newbie and and intermediate stage, but I’d say around 3 years of beginner, then intermediate to master, around 6 years. It takes longer to go from intermediate to master, then beginner to intermediate.


  3. 18 and definitely in the Newbie stage. Been reading your blog for a few months now and it is gold! It’s definitely helped me out a lot. I was wondering if a girl says she wants to break up with you is it best to just agree with her to break up? What if you really want to stay together? Thx McQueen


    1. Glad it’s helping you Milun.

      Girls are like Jell-o. If you’re holding Jell-o in your hand and you make a fist, what happens? The Jell-O oozes out anyway. The harder you try to keep a GF with you, the quicker she’s going to want to get away from you.

      If she wants to break up, tell her this: “You know, I think that’s a good idea. I’ve been meaning to bring this up too, but you beat me to it. Take care of yourself.”

      That’s it and move on. You’re 18yo! You have your WHOLE life ahead of you, you don’t want to be tied down anyway. Trust me.


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