Elevate Your Life: Speed Of Implementation

One of the greatest tools you can use to get shit done quick is called speed of implementation.

There was a Harvard study done on sales people who make $250,000+ a year. Researchers found that these people all shared one similar trait: speed of implementation.

So what is this ‘speed of implementation’ that helped these people make so much more money than others?

The easiest way for me to explain this is through this crude drawing I did. Clearly I’m not a great artist, but you get the idea.


What this means is that when these salesman got a new idea, something they thought would work better, they immediately started using it.

The didn’t hesitate.

They didn’t procrastinate.

They didn’t fuck around.

They simply executed their new idea.

When you first get an idea, your creativity is bursting and the energy you have to get it done is at an all-time high. That’s why it’s key to immediately start working on it. The faster you implement change, the more likely you are to succeed with it.


Speed of implementation really worked for me when I first started a club in Los Angeles many years ago.

Before I opened this particular club I was helping another nightclub owner open a new lounge in downtown LA. We busted our asses and from opening night it was a hit and remains to this day a very profitable spot. I was standing outside chatting with a patron, when I had a lightbulb moment. It was like I got struck with lightening, that’s how powerful the idea was.

I immediately wrote down notes of everything that was coming to me in those few moments and then called a former business partner of mine. He loved the idea too and we immediately set into motion everything that needed to be done.

From the moment I had the idea, to opening night of the exclusive membership only nightclub we opened, was a month and a half!

That’s nuts. That does not happen.

But we used the speed of implementation to get investors on board, find a location, negotiate and sign a lease, hired staff and all of the one million things that go into opening a nightclub.

Granted, with my connections and experience this made it easier to get done, however, it was still an incredible feat and testimony to the power of taking immediate action.

Another perfect example is this very blog you’re reading.

Many of you contacted me before I had a blog and suggested I start one. I had considered it last year, but figured there was enough blogs online already.

Then in January a new angle hit me on how I could create a blog, but take it to the next level with being updated 5x a week and be a one-stop ‘shop’ for everything from meeting women to living the playboy lifestyle.

The moment I had a fresh perspective on creating a blog, I sat down and started it the very same day.

I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t procrastinate. I sat my ass down and didn’t leave my office for over 7 hours. That’s speed of implementation.

The next time you get an idea to create something that can make you money, take immediate action. 

Don’t hesitate.

Don’t procrastinate.

Don’t dilly dally around contemplating the ‘what if’s’ scenarios until you’re blue in the face. Just do it.


Yes, the classic Nike saying is exactly right: Just do it.

You’ll find that once you get momentum, you’ll get an incredible amount of work done quickly and you’ll see your idea come to fruition even quicker because you got the ball rolling and didn’t stop.

Harness speed of implementation to making your ideas translate into success.

Let’s have a great week gentlemen!

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18 Replies to “Elevate Your Life: Speed Of Implementation”

  1. Speed of Implementation is a secret of success rarely mentioned. Great post!
    BTW this whole blog is great.


  2. McQueen do you ever see yourself becoming like Roosh and saying piss off Anglosphere hos; if your Int’l game trip was good enough?

    What Int’l cities would you hit up?


    1. No, in the sense that I do well in the States and there are always worthwhile girls to hang out with, you just have to filter more.

      I’m planning an international trip, probably starting in Brazil. I also would like to visit SEA, Odessa, Ukraine and France, to name a few.


      1. I met my brother and his friend who flew in from the Middle East after the malay, in Kiev, Ukraine. The most beautiful woman I’ve seen. Even the girl behind the counter at McDonald’s looked like a model. They’re a lot of fun, yet sadly they struggle with English. Most of the guys would fly into Odessa for R & R, thats why we decided on Kiev, the girls had less milage. But I would think Odessa has rebounded nicely by now.


      2. Ive always said if Roosh man was out of SoCal he’d still be in the States bcuz there’s a lot of friendly talent there compared to other major US Cities. Youve said on the podcast with gaydar calibrator Dagonet the chicas are your bag-I bet you hit up the Inland Empire with glee-chica boom out that way.

        ———————————-Mcqueen’s clean cut white bitch locator manual for SoCal————————-
        Where do the fair skinned, Ann Taylor (not Prada level $$$$$ but not Old Navy-$ lol) wearing, book reading. coffee drinking, relaxed, light featured (blondes, reds, blue and green eyed) chicks hang in Socal?


  3. My dad uses this a lot. It used to drive me crazy when I was younger. I used to ask him: ” Why don’t you stick to the plan?” (In Spanish) His reply: ” Act in the moment or you’ll regret it later”. Now, his wisdom strikes a chord with me. It is why he was always popular with women, he always took the chance when he saw it.


  4. Another great post Christian. Thats why the people that can execute get paid the big dollars. Procrastination is a thief of time.


  5. Good post..any interest in starting/developing another club in SoCal?—A few professionals are interested in investing. Thanks.


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