How To Game A Girl On Her Smartphone

The emergence of smartphones in our society has reached all time highs and we are all aware that it’s not going anywhere. If anything, smartphone usage will continue to increase with new apps and distractions, so how does a player cope with this cockblock?

Here’s 5 ways to deal with the ultimate cockblock: smartphones.

5. Increase Your Value

High Value Males (HVM) don’t get ignored as much as Low Value Males (LVM). This is a fact. If you find yourself getting ignored constantly by women when in their vicinity, then you my friend, should take a look in the mirror and see what you can do to improve yourself. I remember the days when no one was on their smartphone at the club and the only real cockblocks were maybe her friends, or beta orbitors, however, that’s changed. What also has changed, is that the more I have invested in myself, the smartphones become less of a cockblock.

When you roll into a club, lounge or upscale bar suited up and looking like you stepped off an ad in GQ (not due to looks, but style and swagger), girls cannot help but notice. This automatically puts you in the top 5%, sometimes 2%, in the joint. The key here is that you’re increasing your value for yourself first and foremost. The more you focus on your finances, fitness, style and game, the more of a ‘great catch’ you become.

Trust me when I say, that women will always notice a great catch. They’re tuned to seek out the men of high value and you can become one with effort and investment in yourself. This doesn’t mean that women will automatically chuck their iPhones in the trash when you approach, but they might just put them away. I’ve had it happen multiple times, because of the boldness of my approach and how I carry myself.

4. Tap Your Fingers On Her Phone Screen

This has become my go-to method, not only as a way to eliminate the smartphone as a cockblock, but mainly for my own amusement.

Here’s what you do:

Let’s say that you’re talking to a girl, could be on a date, or could be at the bar and you just met her and have spit some game. At some point she pulls out her phone to check (insert any useless app here). Lightly tap your fingers on her screen. You’re not looking to see what she’s doing, you’re merely reaching over and tapping your index and middle fingers on her smartphone screen.

She could be typing, swiping or scrolling doesn’t really matter, what it does, is interrupt her distraction. In essence, you distract her from her distraction. What usually happens to me is this, but women tend to be the same, so try it out:

  • She laughs and puts her phone away.
  • She makes a face, lightly swats my hand away and then puts her phone away.
  • She says “Stoppppp” with perfect vocal fry, looks at her phone for another 3-5 seconds and then puts her phone away.
  • Out of the 3 most common reactions I get, what is the end result?

She puts her phone away.

Is it slightly pesty? Maybe. Do I care? Not at all. It’s pesty for her to pull her phone out constantly.

When you do this immediately after the first time, you set a precedent.

You won’t be ignored. If she feels a desire to be on her phone more than spend time with you, then eject. I once dropped a girl off at a gas station because she wouldn’t get off her phone (a couple of years ago) after I told her to. She was stunned when I calmly pulled off at a gas station and told her in a calm, but firm voice to vacate my car. You might be shocked, but that didn’t make her want to stop seeing me. In fact, the next time we hung out, she didn’t pull her phone out once.

Be the boss. Lead.

Nicolas Perez

3. Do The Same To Her

She won’t get off the phone? Pull yours out and catch up on my blog.

But here’s the key, wait until she’s put hers away (if she’s done this a couple of times while you’re talking), then ask her a question. As she starts to get into a long-winded nonsensical description about her important life, pull your phone out and just absently nod at her, as you’re typing, swiping, and scrolling.

Watch how quickly she gets offended. Feign ignorance. She’ll get the message loud and clear and it won’t be the text message you never send her.

2. Completely Ignore Her

You know the best way to handle a child throwing a fit in a store? Ignore them and walk away. Watch how quick they shut the fuck up and run after you. Women are overgrown children, so do the same.

If a woman won’t get off her phone, stop whatever you’re doing and walk away. If you’re in a car, drop her off at the your local 7-11, or turn up your music and don’t let her turn it down, until you can drop her off.

If there’s one thing women HATE, it’s being ignored. Why do you think they love social media so much? Because they can get attention 24/7 for posting a silly meme, pic of their tits, or their Wendy’s Spicy Chicken salad. If she makes no effort to apologize, or put her phone away, you never had a chance with her boring ass anyway. Eject.

1. Take Her Phone Out Of Her Hand

I call this the Connery Cockblock Move. One of the reason Sean Connery is a legend, is because of his low tolerance in letting women act up. If they do, he has his own remedy. While pulling his move will probably land you in jail, this classic move I’ve dubbed the Connery Cockblock Move, won’t when done properly.

Here’s what you do:

Susie Jo is furiously typing, swiping and scrolling on her smartphone in your presence while you’re on a date, or after you’ve invested a few minutes into the interaction with her. Calmly but deliberately take the phone out of her hands (don’t try to see what she’s doing, that’s not the point of this move) and say this, “Not now darling”, then smile.

Then turn it off and hand it back.

Change the subject and act as if it never happened.

Here’s a few reasons why this is so powerful:

-Similar to how well getting a girl’s phone number works with handing her your phone for her to put her number in, in that it establish dominance and proper aggression, this move also shows her that you’re the boss. Women are sexually attracted to men who don’t play by the standard rules of society and men who are not afraid to put a woman in check. Despite what they might spout off about women’s rights etc, their pussies get wet over this behavior.

-It shows that your time is valuable. She can either have the privilege of spending some time with you without being glued to her phone, or you will correct her. Much like a child needs to be admonished, so do women.

-It shows that you’re a man who does what he wants, when he wants and he doesn’t tolerate rude behavior. There are always times to pick your battles, but the reason why this works so well is because of HOW you do it. You’re not mad, you’re not angry, you’re not yelling—you simply but firmly take her phone, say “Not now darling” in a low deep tone, and then smile. The smile softens the physical move and when done correctly it can be even played as flirting.

Lastly, remember that when women are in your domain, you make the rules. I was at a major R&B star’s Hollywood Hills house party one evening and before you could come in the house, you had to hand your phone to security for them to hold on to it. While the R&B star was doing this to protect himself from getting his house and person photographed in compromising situations, perhaps he also did this because he knows the tendency for women to constantly be on their smartphones. Smart move.

Do you think one girl really complained about this rule? Hell no. Because they were in the company of a High Value Male, although I’m sure they were seething inside for not being able to get a picture with him and post on Instagram for 369 likes.

On a personal level, I incorporate this at not only in my home when a girl comes over, but also in Soft Domains. For example, when I was in Vegas this past weekend with a Vegas Hangover Experience client, we did bottle service nightly. At one point a couple of the girls jumped on their phones to take pictures of the thousands of dollars of alcohol on our table.

While I can understand this, they then proceeded to start furiously typing, swiping and scrolling on their smartphones. I promptly told them, that when you’re at my table, you’re dancing and partying and that this isn’t a Verizon store. They laughed, put their phones away and had a great night.

I was the boss.

I led the girls.

I treated them as overgrown children.

I did it in a kind and charming way and it wasn’t a big deal.

Because I am a HVM and in that particular environment, even higher due to the bottle service, they complied.

The more you develop your game and lifestyle, the easier it is to set rules and see compliance.

The most hysterical part of that specific scenario is that later on one of the girls asked me if she could text her other five girlfriends to come to the table. She said and I quote, “I wanted to ask, because I didn’t know if you want more girls at your table and also I don’t want you to think I’m back on my phone again”. Like a child, she asked for permission and I granted it to her.

Women want to be led, feel safe and have boundaries. If men start implementing these anti-cockblocking techniques on a massive scale, then perhaps women will start putting the phone down more and start interacting like normal human beings. Probably not, but guess what you can control? Yourself. Start using these techniques and don’t let a piece of plastic cockblock you again.

Go here, because what man wants to fuck 5’s and live an average life?

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10 Replies to “How To Game A Girl On Her Smartphone”

  1. Mccqueen What I really wanna master is how to lead a girl on or lure her over text so you can eventually set up a date? If you could help me with this it could help a lot and plus this is mainly set up for day game


  2. I was married before the smartphone craze and now that I’m divorced (and trying to get back in the game) I can’t believe how addicted some women are to these devices. Like the suggestion of tapping on the screen to avoid this annoying distraction.


  3. Speaking of smart phones, I don’t know who to thank, but I appreciate the recent ability to actually read your site on my phone. Up until awhile ago, it was impossibly small text.


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