4 Tips To Locking Down A New City When Traveling

You took time off work.

You saved and bought a plane ticket that might have set you back a stack.

You’ve been looking forward to this pussycation for some time.

So why the hell would you not hit the ground running?

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Here’s 4 of my tried and true tips for locking down a city when traveling.

#4. Book A Room With Great Logistics

Logistics is king when you’re on a pussycation. Heaven help any player, no matter how great he is, if when you bounce from the club with a sexy thing on your arm, you have a 30 minute cab ride back to your room.


Even if you have to pay a little more for a dope hotel, do so with great logistics. When I’m in Miami I stay at Fontainebleau. Why? Because LIV, one of the top clubs in Miami is in the hotel too, so logistics are On-Lock.

Pro Tip:

If you’re traveling mainly to slay some grade A ass, check before booking your tickets. Depending on the season certain cities like Vegas and Miami are either poppin off, or a bit slower. Do your research in advance so you can make the most of your trip.

#3. Put The Concierge On Your Payroll

If your hotel doesn’t have a concierge who’s connected enough, find one who is. Give them a fat tip and lay out your agenda for your pussycation. A dope concierge can hook you up at hotspots, get you restaurant reservations when they’re ‘sold out’ and more than likely get anything you need delivered to your room, if you know what I mean. You never know when you might have 2 sexy girls in your room at 4am with late night ‘cravings’.


#2. Pick A Spot And Get The List Man/Woman On-Lock

Once you’ve checked out the surrounding nightlife, pick your favorite spot and get the door On-Lock. Although I’ve laid out how to do that with a bit more time here, when you’re in pussycation mode and your time is limited, you have to act fast.


You: “I’m in town for the week from LA, really like this spot and don’t want any issues when I come through every night. This is for you (palming them a nice tip).”

Him/Her: “Thank you so much Christian. You’re totally good, here’s my cell in fact, just text me whenever you’re on your way.”


Don’t waste your pussycation in line and haggling door prices. Pay up front and be treated like a king the entire trip. Doormen and women have long memories and if you treat em right, next time you come to town guess who they’ll remember?

Invest for life, not the night.

#1. Make Friends With The Locals

If you really want to get the feel of a new city, then make friends with the locals. It’s easy to spot em, because they’ll be comfortable at a joint and friends with the staff. Get in their group, buy a round or a bottle and have some fun. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rolled solo, met some cool locals and next thing I know I’m at an exclusive afterparty on a yacht, or even getting hooked up with some chicks due to building rapport with the guys.

The other great benefit, is next time you roll through that city, you’ll already some connects built up. And don’t forget to take them out when they visit your city. This is how you build a nationwide network to party all over and make incredible memories.

Get the guide to getting more out of life here.

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7 Replies to “4 Tips To Locking Down A New City When Traveling”

  1. Stellar tips. Logistics is one of those underestimated factors that can really make or break your night.

    For the men who aren’t opposed to some online game, I like to use it to build up some leads prior to hitting a new city. Location-based apps like Tinder are also good for short trips; though the quality tends to be lower.

    A good way to screen is tell the girl that you’re only going to be in town for a few days. If she’s agreeable to meeting up after that, then she’s solidly DTF. Also, I like to have them take me around town to show me the sights: seeing a new city with a cute girl as my personal tour guide is definitely my way of choice.


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