Weekend Game Tip: 1 Of My Secrets Revealed

I call it The Boss method.

The Boss Method is essentially approaching a girl in a club, bar, lounge or party with the mindset of being her boss.

Maybe you serve in a management role at your job, or maybe you’ve observed how your boss deals with you, regardless of which one it is, you know the dynamic: Boss talks to worker in a dominating, firm manner and leads the interaction.

Here’s what I’m talking about verbatim to give you a practical idea:

You’re at a bar and spot a sexy girl 20 feet away chatting with her friends. They are looking around the room tossing bedroom eyes at guys and maybe even you, so you know that they’re wanting to be approached by an alpha male such as yourself.


Approach with swagger and confidence in your walk and say this:

You: “Girls, I have to steal your pretty friend away for 2 minutes, I’ll bring her right back”.

Then reach out your hand, take the girl who you are attracted to the most and walk about 5 feet away, ideally to the bar. Note: You’re not buying her a drink, but it’ll help you feel more natural and grounded to be at the bar.

You: “I noticed you across the bar (room or whatever) and had to introduce myself. I’m (you’re name), what’s your name?”

Her: “I’m Tiffany (giggles). I’ve never had a guy do what you just did”.

You: “Of course. Because I’m not most guys.” (smirk)

Her: “Oh really?” (or possible shit test such as “Prove it”, “I’ve heard that before” etc)

You:  (ignoring her comment) “Put your number in Tiffany”. (Handing her the phone as I outlined in How To Get A Girl’s Number)

Her: “Okay” (puts her number in).

Now this is key, so read closely.

Take her by the hand again and don’t be shy, just grab her hand in a dominating, but gentle fashion. Lead her back to her friends and say this:

You: “You girls should have warned me, she might be more than I can handle” (wink and smile). “See you in a bit” (directed at the girl whose number you just got).

Her: “Okay” (giggles and her friends smile adoringly at you).Melanie-Iglesias-9

Okay, here’s WHY this works:

-It’s bold as hell. 99.9% of guys would never try this. Girls aren’t used to it, so it takes them out of their ‘bitch zone’ for a few seconds which is the time you act on taking her hand and leading her away.

-It’s about as Alpha Male as it gets. You see what you want and you simply approach and ‘take’ it.

-Odds are she’s used to having a boss and listening to him. When you approach in a friendly, but dominating manner and say verbatim what I told you to say, her instinct will just be to listen to you.

-Girls want to be led. Period. Be a leader.

-Saying the EXACT ‘lines’ that I told you to say is very KEY. There’s just the right amount of charm, friendliness, but direct game in the mix that it works when executed properly.

-The physical act of holding her hand immediately and her following you will speak volumes to the DTF tendencies of her that night. If she’s willing to hold your hand and be lead away from her friends, then she is more than likely DTF. I have done this countless times and it’s around a 88% success rate which is damn good.

-By addressing her friends in that fashion it shows you’re acknowledging them and the obvious ‘power’ they have over their friend’s decision. By embracing that and smoothly sidestepping it you’re lessening the chance of getting cockblocked by them later.

-The last line about her being more trouble than you can handle, is simple balancing out the supreme alpha move you pulled with just a dash of beta. This shows that you’re playful, it puts it in their mind that you’re aware that she’s ‘trouble’ (so she doesn’t have to be a good girl around you and that’s okay), and you kept your word of bringing her right back like you promised. This builds COMFORT. The move is so ballsy that a slight touch of beta makes it seem more natural and relaxed. This will be HUGE later when you bounce from the venue later with her and she tells her friends she’s leaving with you. They will trust you more because you already ‘proved’ yourself.


-Lastly, girls dream about interactions like this. It’s straight out of their ideal ‘romantic’ moment, so they’re apt to go along with it. There’s more than one way to skin a cat and it doesn’t have to be asshole game 24/7. Trust me.

This move is a more advanced player move, but don’t be afraid to try it. While you may feel you might fall on your face, you’ll find that IF you do get rejected you’ll be just fine and every ‘no’ gets you closer to a ‘yes’.

Don’t forget to pre-game to the #1 Player’s Podcast with our latest episode which you can listen to right here.

Have a great weekend and don’t ever forget 2 things: 1. I’m your wingman in spirit. 2. You’ll always regret the approach you didn’t do.

Cheers gents!

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23 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: 1 Of My Secrets Revealed”

  1. I read this Saturday morning and tried it Saturday night at my local bar. I got blown out the first time, but I remembered what you wrote and tried it again with some different girls and it hooked! I didn’t bang her that night, but got her number and made out with her later in the night for a while in my car. Your shit really works and thank you!


  2. McQueen-
    Roosh has written-http://www.rooshv.com/game-failure

    Ive got all 3 and have done a few hundred approaches with nothing to show for it- what’s the answer?


  3. The “I have a boyfriend” line is usually the first thing that pops into their heads, even if they ‘like’ you, it’s just ASD, girls have told me later “I don’t know why I said that!!!” (they didn’t really have a BF). Whenever a chick says that I always reply with a smirk saying “Everybody has things in life holding them back.”, then ignore it and plow on.

    I also like the “I have a goldfish.” deadpan reply too (her: “????”, you “Oh, I thought we were talking about irrelevant crap.”), but have never used it yet.


    1. My favourite reply to the ‘I have a boyfriend’ BS is ‘I have a maths exam’… when the blank expression comes over her face you follow it up with ‘Oh, I thought we were talking about things we would cheat on’… then walk away, cocky yes but it’s helps you keep frame and maintain confidence and the ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude before you move to your next set.


  4. Really like this approach McQueen.
    Two questions.
    Is getting the number best as an early evening strategy when everyone still has their wits about them rather than at 2am when you could probably isolate with the same line then bounce a few mins later after spitting some game?
    How best to re-engage after taking her back to friends, and after what time frame?


  5. Really like this approach sir.
    Two questions,
    Is getting the number an early evening strategy rather than say 2am when you use the line to close the deal after spitting a few minutes of game and the friends are too drunk to care/remember?
    How best to re-engage after returning her to her friends, and after what time frame?


  6. More like this! The more applicable the info the better, and this is something that anyone could do as long as they have some balls. Favourited =]


  7. Christian, excellent article.

    I’ve done this before but have never addressed the girls friends first which I’m gonna try out tonight.

    One question tho. How do you keep your cool when a girl rejects you in this specific approach?


    PD: You do a really good job in this website man, you literally post almost everyday which takes a lot of work, and you never post stupid shit just to fill in a days job. Wish you the best Christian.


    1. Thanks Fernando, appreciate that.

      Rejections obviously can happen and will usually go like this:

      Her: “Ummm I’m good thanks” (friends laugh)
      Her: “I have a boyfriend” (could be BS)
      Her: “Not interested”

      You: “Okay” (smirk and walk away)
      You: “suit yourself”
      You: “Okay doll”
      You: Shrug, smirk and walk away

      It’s no different than another approach with getting rejected in the sense that you don’t let it effect your emotional state. “her loss” has to be in your mind. If she misses out on the opportunity to meet a great fucking man, then so be it. Don’t get mad, don’t be sarcastic (because it’ll effect your energy to other chicks) and keep the night moving.

      Make a game out of it. The less you give two fucks about the outcome of the approach, the more likely it is to work.


  8. keep it coming. practical, methodical, and step by step game advice is rare in this modern era that’s over saturated with a bunch of abstract game philosophy


  9. Game Move!

    I did something similar 3 weeks ago – you’ll like this one Mr McQueen….

    I noticed a girl I knew from a while ago having a drink with her colleagues on a Friday evening in the same bar I was, she clocked me just the once but let off such a smirk as if to say “where have you been hiding”

    I left it 2 minutes for her to completely forget she saw me and she assume normal conversation with her co workers…

    It was at this point I thought “what would McQueen do?” – I took charge…

    Some may say it’s bad practice to approach a girl directly from behind, but this was golden. She was mid sentence and addressing the whole group at the time I snuck up like a tiger, threw my one arm around her midsection and used the other hand to gently pull her hair to the side before kissing her now exposed neck just once…

    Addressing the whole table, I ipened with “Ladies…. Gents…. Gemma is going to be busy for the next few hours” before I toll her hand and led her out the bar….

    She was so wet I swear waves were breaking in her vagina ha ha.

    Same scenario, take charge, be the boss, man the fuck up and be the man you saw in the movies.


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