Elevate Your Life: How To Work From Home (On Anything)


One of the popular questions I get from readers is, “How Do I Work From Home?”, so today’s blog post are 5 tips that have helped me be successful for working from home.

Hold up. You might be thinking, “Well, Christian I work an office job so I’ll just click off this page”, but these tips apply to ANY kind of work. Your office job is you working for someone else, but when you’re at home let’s hope that you’re working on your own personal goals. That’s still work. 

To give you an idea of why I work from home, I’ll be transparent.

I have worked every job under the sun from loading semi-truck trailers at UPS, to being a concrete construction laborer. But that’s not all. I also worked security at a hotel, even had a paper route as a kid and as you all know owned a club and also worked as a VIP Host and club promoter. Hell, I even bagged groceries and gathered up carts. I’ve worked so many jobs I can’t even remember them all and at one time worked 3 jobs to get my stacks where they should be. 


After a time of saving and sacrificing, I made a couple of investments into small businesses that took off and now my days are ‘free’ to focus on starting another business, writing or whatever the hell I feel like doing (I’ll be going into great personal detail about how I went from homeless to creating passive income and how you can too in The Alpha Playboy Part 3 out this fall).

It wasn’t easy to get to this place and I’m not content because as we know being content is bullshit, but I can’t complain.

I say all this to give you an idea that I know how it feels to work a bullshit job or even have a career where once Monday arrives, I’d rather pull my fingernails out with rusty pliers then go into work. I get it. It sucks badly, but the best way to overcome this is to start thinking about how you can be productive at home working on your goals and creating income as an entrepreneur with a location independent business, so you don’t have to go into a job you hate and take shit from a boss who’s an idiot.


#5. Create A Schedule On Sunday

Every Sunday after a weekend of debauchery I sit down and plan out my week. This is crucial for hitting the ground running on Monday and having a productive and successful week.

When I say plan, I mean plan IN DETAIL. 

Make individual lists for every single day of the week from Mon-Sun.

Also, make a list of the important shit you have to get done that week, then divvy it up on your day-to-day lists so by Saturday the most important shit will be done if you just follow the day-to-day lists. That’s not a typo, I said ‘Saturday’.

Why? Because if you’re not financially independent right now then you should be working 6 days a week, which means Saturday is a work day for yourself. Hey, I didn’t say this would be easy, but becoming successful isn’t, that’s why most people are complacent and average. Get Fed Up With Being Average.

Follow the schedule to a T just like if you were in the military. For you cats with a military background you might find this type of high discipline to be familiar and flourish. Others of you may have to give yourself a swift kick in the ass to stay on track, but you can do it, just put your mind to it.

#4. Create A Work Place

When I was homeless, I would go into the library and work on the computers.

When I saved enough for a cheap bullshit laptop, I went into 24 hour diners like Denny’s and would work off their free WiFi.

When I had enough for a ghetto crappy studio apartment, but not enough for a desk or even a bed, I would work in the corner and set up an ‘office’ out of a notepad, laptop and pens. It was my work space.

When I had enough for a dining room table, I dedicated a part of it to being my office.

When I had enough for an office desk and chair I created a physical office.

No matter what your financial situation is, you can create an ‘office’ place. 

When you enter that space, your brain will focus on the task at hand and be less distracted.

Turn off the TV. Silence your phone. Focus on your work. You have to treat your business and your goals just like as though you’re getting paid on Friday with a regular job. You’ll find that the harder you work for yourself the greater the rewards.

#3. Clock In And Out

There’s multiple programs you can buy that you can use online that clock you in and out so you can track your actual hours, but I’m writing this for the cat who just might be tight financially, so here’s how to do this the old fashioned way.

Almost everyone has a smartphone. Go to your Alarms and set it for 1 hour when you’re ready to work, then focus on your work to the point the alarm surprises you. Congrats. You just did an hour of focused work.

Keep a spreadsheet or even a notepad with the date and how many hours you worked per day for yourself. Add it up on Saturday and you have the total hours you worked for the week.

Be honest with yourself. It’s easy to clock-in and then surf the web for 20 minutes and then count that towards your work. Don’t bullshit or cheat yourself, it’s only hurting you.


#2. Motivate Your Space

Don’t be afraid to type up motivational quotes, print them out and tape them all over your pad. Don’t give two fucks what chicks will think when they come over and see them either. I’ve had chicks actually get wet over the focus and determination they see when they’re over. Put that shit up.

Remind yourself daily by putting quotes and motivational sayings around your office space. If you can’t afford a printer, then write it on a sticky-note and put it on your screen. Every fucking time you feel like quitting walk around your home and read those notes OUT LOUD. Shout them if you have to. I can guarantee that when you get done you will feel a bit better, and that my friend might be just enough for you to keep going another day.

The reason why this is fucking key, is that you won’t have a boss standing over your shoulder at home. You won’t get ‘fired’ if you don’t clock-in yourself and work on your goals.

You have to motivate yourself and I’ll help you too through blog posts.

#1. Love Your Work

Your goals, new location independent business, and anything you’re working on at home should be something at the very least that you enjoy and don’t hate. I’m not saying you have to LOVE your work, but it helps tremendously if you enjoy building the business you’ve chosen to do from home.

When I write blog posts about meeting women I enjoy it, because I love women and helping others meet women. It doesn’t feel like work. It’s still my time and my time is valuable, but by me liking it, it makes it much easier and more satisfying to do.

Work won’t feel like work and you’ll get more done and feel happier as a result.

If you liked these tips, leave a comment below and I’ll do more posts like it.



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31 Replies to “Elevate Your Life: How To Work From Home (On Anything)”

  1. Man I want to learn more about specofocs to be location independent. If I could stack some paper could do your Miami party but I’d say after you go to EE you’ll be offering a Tallinn, Prague, or Kiev experience. Better women, cheaper, less bitch shields-who needs Ameicunts?


  2. I also find it helps to add a specific routine, even certain clothes to get me focused. I have the same drink, same room, similar type clothing in my home office. Great tips Christian!


  3. Awesome post! I started my business almost two months ago after spending at least six months going from idea to launch. It’s hard work, but the rewards are pretty fucking sweet. I look forward to hear from you more on this topic.


  4. Another great post Christian! Love how you write long posts and not short ones. Some blogs the posts are more like blurbs, but yours has a lot of content. Thanks!


    1. Thanks Jay! Yea, there are ‘rules’ about how long blog posts should be, but I’ve found I write what needs to be said, nothing more and nothing less. Sometimes they’re short, but generally around 1,000 words. I’m a wordy mutherfucker though lol.


  5. i’ve always wanted to invest in a business rather than real estate / look forward to more posts like this thank you


  6. This couldn’t have come at a better time (literally) – A Monday where those pliers looked real good this morning. Love your stuff, and appreciate the candor and straight talk.


  7. Separating your workspace from the rest of the living space is key. I find myself getting antsy if working from home too many days in a row (then again, I am usually renting studios, so no separate room for a home office). These days I just pack up and hit up the local coffee shop.

    Tip #2 is good. I remember I had three print-outs pasted over my desk in college: Money, Women, Travel. The roommate would snark about it, but now I’ve made a ton of progress on each.


      1. I agree-your story is cool.

        It basically went came from crap town with a solid preacher Dad, went to crummy small school-hated it, transfered to big 10 party school=owned it, moved out West-worked every shit job imaginable-including being homeless, started side hustles and club promoting, realized 9-5 office lifestyle was bs-so invented great blog and game xoahing, kicking ass at life, will be on Time Magazine and a World wide G (I hope you start covering and pushing LA,SEA, and EE like Roosh abd the Swoop Crew does-who knows more and more men may say F American feminazis and just live, game, and work in the ‘3rd World’),


  8. I have conducted business out of my home for the past fifteen years. Your advice is spot on. Especially the importance of working Saturday. Additionally, someone just starting out may want to ask himself, “what am I willing to give up or sacrifice”. Success requires a realistic assessment of ones times and activities. Great post Christian.


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