Are You A Risk Taker?


Are you a risk taker, or are you afraid to make a move?

When the going gets tough, do you quit?

When you can’t see ahead of you because your eyes are full of tears do you stop?

When you start bleeding do you throw in the towel?

Are you so afraid of failure that you never leave your comfort zone?

Are you so content with being average that you never fulfill your potential?

Are you afraid to lose who you are in order to become who you should be?


When life slaps you in the face, do you slap the mutherfucker back or do you quiver and fall back?

When your family shames you for your lifestyle, do you stand up for yourself or cower to their whims?

When a girl tries to walk all over you, do you hold frame, or let her have her way?

When your boss denies you promotion after promotion, do you just take it, or are you planning on branching out on your own?

Do you let your physical flaws hold you back from being the man you should be, or do you own the flaws and develop your strengths?

Do you let your physical body hold you back from being the Casanova you’ve always wanted to be?

Are you sick and tired of holding back and feel like you’re in an invisible prison?

Are you ready to break free from the chains of mediocrity?

Do you go with the flow, or make your own waves?

Do you let your past define your future, or do you create your own future?

Do you let life take you for a ride, or do you create your own opportunities and create the life you’ve always wanted?

Are you an observer in life, or a participator?

Do you fear the unknown and are afraid of change?


If you ask yourself these questions, as have I, you’ll learn more about yourself in a few minutes then a psychologist could tell you after 6 months.

5 Replies to “Are You A Risk Taker?”

  1. Why is the chick in the intro photo racking what appears to be a Glock 19? Is she planning to blast you if you don’t please her?


  2. This was a great article, just like pretty much all of your others. You never cease to impress me with your good info, it’s always great to look at these articles to motivate me for the day. And thank you so much for making almost daily blogs, I know that’s a hard thing to do and you do it VERY well, with new content that’s always great.


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