Weekend Game Tip: How To Command A Girl’s Attention

A key part of Holding Frame when having a conversation with a girl, is commanding her attention. If you stammer, constantly look away and seem unsure of yourself, it’s a surefire way to lose her attention.

Here’s 5 tips that I use when commanding a girl’s attention.

#5. Double Question

Have you ever asked someone a question and they acted like, or simply didn’t hear you?

What did you do?

Did you ask the question again, or did you just look away and wait for them to re-start the conversation?

A technique I use when talking with anyone for that matter, is to double talk. What I mean is if I ask a question and they ignore it, try to change the conversation or brush it off with a half-ass comment, I ask it again.

This will help you control the conversation and help you steer it in the direction you want it to go.

Most people if ignored, will slink away. Don’t be most people. Be dominating. Ask twice and be heard.Green-Eyes-Girls

#4. Don’t Be Afraid Of Eye Contact

Eye contact is incredibly important in the seduction of women. Strong eye contact establishes that you are a alpha male who doesn’t flinch at a pretty girl.

One bad habit I notice with newbies is that they tend to look everywhere, but at the girl.

Don’t be afraid to look into the girl’s eyes and CONNECT.

Connecting with her eyes will do more for your game then the fanciest and smoothest ‘line’ you can come up with.

Note: this also doesn’t mean to stare at a girl like a weirdo.

Here’s an idea of what I mean:

You spot a cute girl at the bar and make eye contact. Hold it until she looks away.

When you approach and introduce yourself, maintain eye contact through the introduction and then scan the room. Don’t just stare into her eyes the entire conversation, that’s weird and will come across too intense, but maintain eye contact for a few seconds at a time then look away.

Pro-Tip: Look UP and AWAY. Don’t divert your eyes down. Looking down communicates submission and weakness.

#3. Speak To Be Heard

Another key tip is speak to be heard and speak clearly. Don’t be a mumbler.

Imagine you’re sitting at a conference table with an entire group of businessmen and Donald Trump just asked your opinion on the subject matter. Would you speak softly, or would you speak up with authority?

Men who know what they have to say is important, speak to be heard. 

Listen to my podcast and note how I speak with authority. I will be doing a special podcast on developing one’s voice since so many of you have reached out and asked about it.

Pro-Tip: In nightclubs, bars, lounges and parties, don’t be afraid to get your voice level up. It’ll be at the right level with the music blaring anyway.


#2. Get Physical

If you’re talking with a girl at the bar and you can’t hear her (more than likely this will happen), then say, “I can’t hear you, come closer”, and gently pull her close to you by her waist.

While this is a ‘request’, it’s actually not, because you were assertive enough to grab her waist and pull her in closer to you.

I’ve used this probably over a thousand times and it always works. It’s natural for someone to get closer to another if they can’t be heard, so it’s not a move that will be looked down upon.

Do it smoothly, casually and she’ll play along with it.

Another way to do this, if the noise levels are too loud, is that I will move a girl’s hair away from her face and whisper into her ear. Let me tell you something: girl’s LOVE to have their hair gently moved away from their face, and it’s a great way to say, “Let’s get out of here” as well.

#1. Use Silence

One of the most powerful tools you can use to get a girl’s real attention when speaking with her is silence. If she says something off the wall, or makes a rude comment and then stares at you waiting for your response, simply say nothing and look at her.

The anticipation of what she THINKS you might say, is more powerful then saying something.

Note that you’re not giving her a dumb look as though you’re speechless, it’s more of a smug ‘thought to yourself’ look. Imagine something about her and then don’t say it. She’ll see it in your eyes.

When done properly it commands attention and can be ‘deafening’.

Have a great weekend gents and don’t forget to pre-game to the #1 Player’s Podcast The Christian McQueen Show!

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16 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: How To Command A Girl’s Attention”

  1. This is one of your most valuable tip threads Christian! Great, not good shit here.

    I think everyone struggles with the initial snaring of women a bit. And getting the ball rolling creates the momentum that translates into sex.

    Nice list. I’ll be referring to this one.


  2. Real McQueen-
    As Roosh teaches game style varies by City—
    In LA and Vegas are there many spots where if youre just looking to hookup you can more or less tell a girl “Lets bang tonight” as opposed to other game styles where you tell them long winded poetry or other emotional bait so they think youre falling in love when you just want to bang?


  3. Looking forward to the developing one’s voice podcast very much!!!

    Another fantastic post. The quality has been absolutely first class.

    Much appreciated.


  4. No one ever holds eye contact back. Not without looking away first anyway. Except that Marine Force Recon Sniper from the Vietnam Era I ran into one time… I didn’t know him from Jack, but I remember getting a cold chill down my spine as he gave me the thousand yard stare, thinking to myself… why doesn’t this man look away? Because he could see right through me.


    1. Yea I would imagine you can smell the ” I ain’t the one dude” emanating from a marine type all the way across the room


  5. Fantastic list, Christian.

    Question on eye contact — I’ve been working on this, and always still seem to get this fluttering feeling akin to fear if they hold eye contact back. Any tips on how to overcome this?


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