The Mindset Switch That Will Take You From Broke To Ballin’

If I gave you $20, what would you do with it?

If I gave you $100, what would you buy?

If I gave you $1,000, would you instantly go out and blow it on strippers and blow, or would you invest it into your dream business?

One of the turning points for myself financially was when I changed my mindset from “What would I buy with X amount of dollars?”, to “What would I invest in with X amount of dollars?”.

You’re either spending your way into poverty, or saving and investing your way into riches.

Listen, I love to spend money. It’s one of my flaws. No doubt about it. But although it’s a temptation for me, I used the power of my mind to become disciplined and switched from “What can I buy?”, to “How much can I save?”.

It’s absolutely imperative for you to develop financial goals that are more enticing for yourself, then wants in the present moment.


Here’s a practical example:

Let’s say you have $500 put away right now. Let’s also say that you have a strong WANT and a strong NEED.

Want: A motorcycle.

Need: Start a location independent online business so you can quit your cubicle torture.

Most people will do this: they’ll save up enough to buy the motorcycle, because and read closely, that PURCHASE will give themselves a temporary relief from their day to day mundane existence. Buying the bike will make them feel ‘happy’ for a short period of time, thus helping them forget about how much they hate their job.

A smart man will do this: they’ll invest their money into their business and sacrifice NOW, so they can buy the motorcycle LATER with profits from their new business.

It’s absolutely essential to discipline your mind from a “I Have To Spend!” mindset into a “I Have To Save!” mindset.

It’s not easy.

In fact, if you’re not a spendthrift type of cat, it might be one of the hardest things you ever accomplish, but you can do it. IF you’re tired of being average, being broke and being unhappy with your bankroll.

Here’s the reality about investing in YOURSELF and in something that will make you money.

When you start to get returns on your investment, whether it’s as small as a web domain and a WordPress theme for your new site, or as big as investing in a new restaurant, you’ll find that the purchases you make off the return on your investment will be that much more rewarding.

You know that little guilty feeling you get after you blow money on some shit you won’t give two fucks about in 3 months? That’s your conscience WARNING you to not make that decision.

In fact, if you’ve just made a purchase in the last few days that’s not about self-improvement, then return it. I’m dead serious.

You have to want financial freedom as much as you want to breathe and more than you want to LOOK like you’ve arrived.

There’s a common term people use for those who appear to have money on the surface, but are dead broke: Hood Rich.

These are the cats rolling in fancy cars and chillin in front of a brand new flat screen TV (usually in a shitty apartment), but couldn’t provide 5 stacks to get their buddy out of jail if their life depended on it. That’s hood rich. Don’t be hood rich.

Invest in yourself.

Change your mindset from “What can I buy?” to “How much can I save?”

Make financial goals for yourself. They don’t have to be crazy. If you can only save $25 a week, then do so. In one year that’s $1,300. Listen, if you can’t be disciplined with little, you’ll never have a lot. This is a financial fact and why so many lottery winners go broke within 5 years of winning. Financial discipline starts NOW.

I know it’s not fun saving. I won’t even bullshit and say “It’s fun to save and sacrifice and not spend money when your friends are partying and buying new cars etc!”. It’s NOT fun.

But you know what really isn’t fun?

Waking up one day and realizing that you missed multiple great business opportunities, blew money until you’re broke as fuck and your back is against the wall.

Doesn’t mean you can’t come out of a shitty situation and become prosperous, but it’ll be much harder then if you decided to develop financial discipline TODAY.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a miser and miserable and can’t spend anything, BUT you shouldn’t be spending your money as quick as it comes in. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, decide TODAY that YOU are going to make a plan to not live like that anymore. Fuck it. No more. 

Don’t hesitate. Decide TODAY you’re adopting a brand new mindset: from “What can I buy?” with your paycheck, to “How much can I save?” and watch how quickly you go from broke to ballin’.

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30 Replies to “The Mindset Switch That Will Take You From Broke To Ballin’”

  1. Hey christian! So I’m a 23 year old business owner and currently I’m working to expand my business online with a blog which would hopefully be based off a strong social media presence in my industry. I think i have the hustle down but what do I do once I got the money in the bank? do I leave it there and let inflation eat it up? put it in stocks? real estate?


  2. Excellent advice. Mark Cuban is right there with you regarding investing in yourself – pay off debt, then invest in yourself
    One action item I started that I found extremely helpful – since I get paid every 2 weeks that means 26 paychecks per year. I take all my known monthly expenses (rent, cell, electric, etc) and multiplied those by 12 so I know how much annually goes out for those bills, then I divided by 26 to determine how much from each check I need to budget out to cover my bills. Let me tell you, life is so much better when you know you got your rent covered and have some extra paper in your wallet vs. thinking, “hey, I have another check before rent is due, I can splurge on….” well, that next check comes and a huge chunk of it then goes to rent and you’re left with nothing but your coin jar to buy some ramen until your next check. Budget that stuff out!


  3. This is great. I’m already saving for my own domain + website and laptop so I can work anywhere. I’ve learned quickly that I dont have to be on site most of the time to make things happen….although it takes discipline to work diligently outside of the office, I’m treating it as baby steps towards getting my own business going.

    Like everything worthwhile in life, whether it be game or finances, steadily done, with discipline, for the long haul. Not much fun, but seeing the progress is soundly rewarding.


  4. Really great, practical advice here. Good to see a focus on actually becoming the man you want to be versus how to pretend you’re the man you’re not.

    Had a similar “hood rich” realization when an acquaintance of mine remarked on his new 60-inch TV, “now we’re not watching TV like poor people anymore”.

    Got me thinking what could have been done with that G in the two years it would take for that model to depreciate to half of the value fresh out of the box, let alone used.
    That and the idea that one could do anything unlike poorer folks by solely watching TV.


    1. I don’t even own a TV. If I want to watch a movie or show, I watch it on a laptop. It’s a distracting time-suck and a waste of energy. People ask, “Where the hell is your TV?” and I say “Being watched by an unproductive fuck somewhere”.


      1. Good blog and one of the best post..Your hood rich is exactly what each one in one of my relatives family is….. They have 2 cars but there house front is shorter then even length of one car… House is in a condition that it may fall in a richter scale 1 earthquake and become pond in every rainy season, they have a led 50″ or something but paint on wall is decades old.. Ac is hanging on a wall that may fall on touching AC.. lightly.. Well o think archetype are universal and habits too


  5. Good work. Better to keep the Playboy lifestyle alive by being financially sound than being broke as fuck. I like these financial tips. Keep ’em going.


  6. How ironic this post comes on the day I finally pay my credit card off!!!!

    This really resonates with me, and agree wholeheartedly, cut backs and sacrifices are hard to make, but making the concious decision in doing so will out hairs on your chest gents.

    Basically I stated this year in a lot of debt accumulated from living a fraudulent playboy lifestyle – I had a sports car that I couldn’t afford to run, designer suits, women that saw me as a meal ticket and would see me coming from a mile off. I was pussywhipped enough times.

    Now I’ve made cutbacks, grabbed my life by the balls and I’m on the pathway to being the man I want to be! Debt free and have also saved enough for a mortgagedeposit on my own apartment – that’s right, no more liningmy landlords pockets with rent.

    You really gotta take control, they say money doesn’t make the world go round, but money definitely talks. Be wise guys 😉

    Great post as per usual Mr McQueen.


  7. Hmm, did you have to bail Dagonet out for card counting again?

    I think this is one of the underlying themes of your site, ballin’ out is great, when you have a solid foundation behind it and have sacrificed and built something of your own. Dinner dates, low budget high value wardrobes etc.

    Will say use the 80/20 rule on the motorcycle, if someone wants one so badly but also wants their business, buy a lesser bike and teach yourself how to fix the thing in order to ride it. Gain a cool skill, wind up with the bike, and still build that business.


  8. Always want more of this stuff Christian. Breaking away from the corporate cube would be the most awesome thing ever. The articles help build confidence and see more possibilities.


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