5 Videos To Help Your Body Language


One of the biggest things that I work on with my clients is their body language. You could spit the smoothest ‘lines’ to girls, but if your body language is incongruent, then good luck sealing the deal. Women are experts at reading body language and they will spot a fraud a mile away. These are five great videos to watch that will show you examples of great alpha male body language to give you an idea of how to improve yourself.

Much of holding Frame with a girl, or in any social setting for that matter, is amplified by strong alpha male body language.

If you apologize with your body, you might as well write “Beta Bitch Boy” on your forehead with permanent marker before you go out to pull a sexy chick.

While most of these are from films and TV shows, it doesn’t matter. Good body language is good body language and if an actor can learn this, so you can you. Pay special attention to how in each of these clips the alpha male uses his body to completely dominate and turn on the girl.

#5. Steve McQueen (Cincinnati Kid)

This is a perfect example of Push-Pull with a girl.

#4. Marlon Brandon (The Wild One)

Marlon completely owns the soda shop through his body language and physical actions.

#3. Christian Troy (Nip/Tuck)

Christian shows the perfect way to make a pretty girl’s hamster spin into overdrive. Find her flaws.

#2. Sean Connery (Women of Straw)

Although he gets rejected, how Sean handles this scene from the moment he walks in without asking if he can, to when he tells her to sit down, is gold on how to be commanding in your body language.

#1. Denzel Washington (American Gangster)

This clip has nothing to do with pussy, but everything to do with being a boss. Denzel’s entire being in this film is a man who is in charge and in command of his surroundings.

What are some of your favorite clips of great body language?


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22 Replies to “5 Videos To Help Your Body Language”

  1. Denzel in the movie book of Eli is really legit. Also the German character in the movie django is alpha as shit. That dude is cool as they come.


  2. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BeqjZ1UIgAAbYv3.jpg:large

    This may not be what you had in mind, merely a James Dean pic, if one can do this and keep your cool and drive then you have separated yourself from the unproductive.

    Rain, shine, whatever, do what you have to do

    The Hunted also:

    No fear about stepping in and stepping up, he did not give two damns what those men were doing, he was going to deliver his message


  3. the valuable parts of these clips

    Extreme frame control which can clearly be seen through Denzel’s unwavering body language. Completely unreactive to guy who got capped

    Sean Connery is smooth and still tries to lightly plow even after she turns him down. He doesn’t get bitter with some sarcastic comment. It’s just another day.

    Christian Troy shows one can still be severely critical while doing direct game as long as your critique is an honest assessment. Direct game is rooted in honesty. The negativity expressed in indirect is oftentimes artificial like negs.

    Marlon Brando shows us the optimal time to shut up. She spouts out her admiration towards him to fill the silence and seek rapport. Now she’s helping him seduce her, she’s seducing herself.

    I noticed Steve doesn’t smile much. He lets her be the smiley approval seeker. Something I notice often with new guys once they get pass their approach anxiety is oversmiling. It’s a symptom of desperation to be accepted.

    What’s the optimal amount to smile? Too little and bitches get scared. Too much and you risk coming off weak.


  4. Rick Blaine: Aloof, cool, and mysterious. I love how he handles the shit tests and nagging. I modeled my body language after him and Don Draper along with the aloof indifference.

    Robert De Niro in Heat has dangerous swagger, the thieves and killers that make up his crew admire and respect him. These guys don’t exactly like being told what to do but De Niro’s character is the de facto leader and they do whatever he says.


  5. McQueen-
    On the show, I heard you say you utilize astrology to figure out people. I do too. I agree-Scorpio chicks are as two faced as they come.

    Are you a fire sign (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius)?

    Id bet Dagonets an Earth sign (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn)-he’s mellow, low key, and observant.


      1. Damn I knew you were a fire sign man!

        Im a Virgo-game is a chore for us. We have alot of nervous energy that tries to block us. We overthink shit.

        I bet Dagonet gets some confidence from being around you, and you dig that he’s disciplined, has good character, and not trying to steal the spotlight (a Leos pet peeve).

        Leos are good at gme-I know ugly valding guys who are Leos who pull girls. The hos like being told what to do.

        Air signs are great at game bcuz they’re full of shit-they can spin a hamster 5 different ways in 2 minutes.

        Aries is the best IMO-no ones bolder at the moment of truth than those guys.


      2. Aug 3rd?

        I’ve been doing some astrology based research on game.

        Leo Suns are the masters of direct game. Libras prefer to indirectly dance around the issue and spend tons of time charming, slow moving style of game eg: Mystery.


      3. Born June 2, thats Gemini I beleive? What kind of sign is that, and what would you say about my sign? Dont want to sound like a nagging grandma but this astrology has really peaked my interest these days, one of my bitches is really hooked on it and told me some shit that was interesting.


    1. My vote is Virgo. He has that signature Virgoan high pitched voice, takes a backseat to McQueen, and seems like a real helpful person. and he gets clowned on a lot


      1. If you’re a Gemini, then some of your possible strengths in game are: wittiness, humor, entertainment, excellent conversationalist (Geminis often know about everything on a surface level), no belief in strong commitments, etc.

        They’re good at talking their way out of shit and can play mind games with people.

        Perhaps you have some ruthless qualities which would help with game. Gemini produces the most serial killers. psychopaths


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