Learn To Be Self-Reliant

Too often in life it’s easy to become dependent on others for our day to day existence.

Need your car worked on? Call the mechanic.

Need to make more money? Ask your boss for a raise.

Want to roll out and meet girls? Call your buddies and ask them to go with you.

That is operating from a place of weakness plain and simple.

If you want something, do it on your own.

It’s perfectly fine to have limitations and we all do, but the more self-reliant you can become, the stronger of a man you will be.

The strongest men I know are the men who have developed themselves into well-rounded individuals. They have mastered an arena in their life, but also have enough basic knowledge about a myriad of subjects that they are for the most part self-reliant.

A perfect example is working on your car. I understand it can be difficult based on where you live, having access to tools and a garage etc, but having a basic idea of at least how your car works will save you from being vulnerable to your mechanic.

I remember this one time years ago I had changed the back rotors and brakes on the Jeep I had at the time. I had issues with the front brakes so I took it in to a shop and told them I needed the front brakes and rotors replaced. The mechanic ‘checked’ the car out and returned to the waiting room with a grim look on his face. “Bad news. You actually need new back rotors and brakes too.” Bald-faced lie. I laughed in his face and told him that I had literally just replaced the back brakes and rotors so he was lying. He hemmed and hawed and made an excuse that he must have looked at the wrong car.

Be knowledgeable and save yourself money.


Another reason to be self-reliant is when it comes to money. Ask almost anyone how they could make more money and they’ll instantly say something like, “Well I can work hard and maybe get a promotion at work”.


Think outside of the box.

How can you make money that’s not dependent on your boss having a good day?

Being dependent and waiting on someone else to improve your life is a surefire way to be weak, miserable and discontent.

If you want to be a G and a Boss, start thinking like an entrepreneur and develop your income so no one can fire you. That’s real power.

When we talk about meeting girls, it’s best to develop your skills so that you can roll out solo and meet them on your own. Don’t be dependent on a wingman and needing their support in order to approach. Do it on your own and you’ll be even better at it.

An easy way to figure out if you’re a self-reliant man or not, is to ask yourself this regarding anything: “Can I do this on my own?”

If you can’t, then look at how you can learn to do so. I’m telling you, having the satisfaction of not being dependent on others is one of the greatest feelings and gives you incredible strength. Real men blaze their own trails and are not tied down to asking for permission constantly, begging for approval or needing others to succeed. While no man is completely self-made, it takes self-reliance to kickstart the gears of innovation into something even greater.

Don’t go through life being a co-dependent weak man.

Do it on your own and you’ll be stronger, smarter and more successful if you stop waiting for others and do it yourself.

A funny thing will happen when you make up in your mind that you’re going to do something with or without the help of others. People will see you gaining momentum and will then want to help you. Whether you allow them to or not, is now YOUR choice, which gives you power. A man with options is a powerful man, but a man who’s forced to take help is weak.

Lastly, remember that no one will care about you as much as you are about yourself. This is a cold hard fact of life, that’s hard for many men to grasp. Sure your mother loves you and you have some good friends, but at the end of the day all you really have is your balls and yourself. Pick em up and don’t wait on the ‘love’ of others to get you ahead. Love yourself.

I gear my life for complete independence, so that I can be self-reliant and an island among men. Pick up the reins and blaze your own trail on your own terms and you’ll be thankful you did it.

Save $$$. Get laid. Go here.

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13 Replies to “Learn To Be Self-Reliant”

  1. Ive always said ” the only one in life whose going to watch out for MB (insert your own name) is MB” Take it to heart and let it guide you especially when it comes to the tough decisions and negotiations that you might face.


  2. A classic every young man should read on the topic of Self-Reliance is the essay by Ralph Emerson.

    He was truly a red pill man well ahead of his time and thoroughly explored the importance of self reliance, how the individual can think and take self reliant actions, and the how the self reliant man fits into society.

    I recent studied the great work on my own time, took reading notes and has really internalized the serious value and wisdom in it. Well worth the time, highly recommended.


  3. Your work is the shit Christian, keep it up.
    Would love to see game and life advice article aimed at younger readers (20 myself). What are your regrets, lessons and best decisions during your 20’s? what would you go back and change or do again?


  4. Shit son, where do you come up with this stuff.

    Top post again Mr McQueen, sort of links into the broke to baller post – money spent on self development being an investment in self. One of my favourite quotes: ‘if you think education is expensive, you should see the cost of stupidity’… sort of ties in with this.


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