Elevate Your Life: Wake The Fuck Up!



Sonofabitch…I think as I contemplate chucking my iPhone across the bedroom. The employees over at Apple created the most annoying alarm sound known to mankind, but it does work.

I struggle to roll out of bed craving the comfort of pillows, blankets and more sleep, but I resist.

I have to wake the fuck up.

Mumbling through affirmations leads to feeling more awake and my mumbles turn into conviction and my voice gets louder, “Today will be a GREAT day!”.

“Motherfucker!” I belt out expletives as the water in the shower turns too hot, but remember the countless people who don’t have running water and turn my cursing into saying a thanks for being fortunate enough to have hot running water.

As my morning progresses, I notice something: I am constantly faced a choice to either be negative or choose to be positive.

You see, being positive isn’t about being fake. It’s not about putting on rose-colored glasses and ignoring reality. What it is though is choosing to take the situation you find yourself in and choose to be positive IN SPITE of how your human nature would like to be negative.

Bad shit happens to everyone. This is a fact of life, but how we choose to deal with it is what separates the winners from the losers. Once you decide that you’re going to be a positive man, then you will be tested every day. This is inevitable. The key is to continue to be positive which will help you rise above the situation.

Another aspect of being positive is to ask yourself this: Where Is Your Focus?

A perfect example is if I choose to be negative and my interactions with others.

This has happened to me before and I’m sure you as well. You get ready for the day, comb your hair a certain way, get dressed in an outfit that should make you feel good and you leave the house.

What happens?

You might as well be invisible and people treat you like you have leprosy.

A couple days later I leave for the day with the same hairstyle and same outfit, but this time people smile warmly and are receptive to me.

What is the difference?

The difference is in me. The first time leaving the house my mindset was negative thus I was sending out negative energy.

The second time I was leaving my house with a positive mindset, thus I was sending out positive energy which other people can feel and respond to.

If you find yourself getting treated differently each day, take a look at your mindset and habits before you leave for the day. If you don’t start your morning with a spirit of thankfulness, and train your mind through positive affirmations and upbeat self-talk you might just find that you’re not walking around with the best energy. How you think becomes how you act and how you act is what people are responding to.

Another example is the other day I went to breakfast at a local cafe. As I was walking down the sidewalk an older man was approaching me. My body was screaming for me to look away so I wouldn’t have to interact with him. You know the feeling, it’s easier to ‘check out’ then interact with others. Instead I forced myself to make eye contact, smile and said “How are you?”. He gave me a big smile and and said, “I’m great, beautiful day isn’t it?”.

His response to me lifted my spirits and when I walked into the cafe I was putting out positive energy which was reciprocated to me by the waitress, busboys and even some patrons. Even though I didn’t FEEL like being positive, I forced myself to and it brought me out of a negative mindset.

Real men aren’t led by their feelings, they are led by what they know. Note the difference.

If you woke up this morning and you’re at work or school right now feeling shitty, acting sullen and avoiding interacting with others, take a couple of minutes and go somewhere private. Say out loud 5 things you’re thankful for. Could be simple or profound, doesn’t matter it’s for you. On your way back to your desk, smile and make a point to ask sincerely how someone’s weekend went. Just do it. You may not feel like doing it, but it’s not about your feelings. You are a man who is led by what he knows to be true and he has the fortitude to do so. After doing that, see how you feel. I’ll bet you feel better and now that new positive energy you put out will help your day be better than if you sulked through it.

I sincerely wish all of you a great start to your week, let’s kick ass, take names and focus on what’s right, not what’s wrong.

Sidebar: I opened a Vine account and Instagram account and am going to start posting videos. I’m not sure which one I will be using yet, because Instagram allows for 15 second clips, instead of Vine’s 6 seconds, but follow me to see into my life more and also motivational pep talks that I am going to start putting out there.

Instagram: RealChristianMcQueen

Vine: Christian McQueen

Get the men’s guide to kicking ass in the game of life here.

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8 Replies to “Elevate Your Life: Wake The Fuck Up!”

  1. In my opinion acceptance is key. If we all just learn to accept the bad shit (as we do the good), own it, let it go and move on then, we won’t be subjecting ourselves to negativity, self loathing, cranky moods and all the bullshit that comes with it.


  2. Have you tried cold showers. They wake you up and get your mind to think clearly. Plus they’re more bearable in that LA climate


      1. This is a great post, hands down. And cold showers work in a way that you say the 5 affirmations work. It invigorates you, it makes you wanna shout, which might (logically) release endorphins in your body which make you feel happy and positive. It works for me every time. The colder the water, the bigger the effect. I shall start doing cold shower in the morning’s instead of the afternoon’s.
        Thanks again for the good read.


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