Podcast Updates & News

While Dagonet and I have been on Summer Hiatus from the podcast until the 1st week of August, I’ve been making a list of topics to discuss, but we are interested in hearing from you and what you want to hear about.

No subjects are off limits.

Also, we are in the process of getting our own site set up to host the podcast and it will have a podcast forum with dedicated threads of each episode for discussion. This is a slightly complicated process, but we hope to have it up within 1-2 months. For now, we will be using Soundcloud until it’s finished.

Leave your comment below with suggested guests and topics.

P.S. I reached out to Dan Bilzerian to be a guest, but feel free to tweet him and suggest it as well. The more of you cats that do this, the more it’s on his mind. His twitter is here

20 Replies to “Podcast Updates & News”

  1. I would really like to see Sebastian Marshall on the show. I have been reading a lot of his stuff on his blog and his Ikigai book and his overall view on masculinity, business and personal growth is very aligned with the message I see coming from you Christian.


  2. What’s up Christian, Dagonet. Been listening to the show and love it! Found your site via ROK, you two make an awesome duo.

    I’m living in Orlando, FL.

    Pretty set on moving to texas to get into the oiil industry. 22 years old, moving with my friend and a few thousand bucks saved.

    Wondering, what is it like moving to a new city? I’ve never lived anywhere besides here. Any tips, for starting up my new life? How to break it to the family…

    P.S. Loved the Alpha Playboy and wish I could be there for your Party bro on the 16th, i’m a fellow Leo born on the 21st. Maybe in a few years when i’ve got my money right, i’ll invite you to pop bottles with me

    Many Thanks,
    Rhino Ryan


  3. I think it would be extremely beneficial if you could touch on using game outside of women (i.e. in a business, professional, and networking sense). I know some of the principles are the same or similar, but some things cannot transfer directly. For example, with women, maintaining frame and a position of power is the key to success. However, in the business world, being lower on the corporate ladder or even just a lower status in general, you can’t always maintain that same position with a superior or someone who’s business you are trying to win over. Any insight on “business game”?


  4. Going along with voice quality, presence. In interviews about famous movie stars, or celebrities in general, I hear them talk about the star’s ‘presence’. I wanted to know, what exactly is it and how to get it or test if you have it.


  5. still want to hear about your experience in motorsport as far as what sort of league you drive in and how competitive you are with it also will tweet Blitz in hopes to get him on the show. He just did the Howard Stern show but im guessing he was paid a decent purse to do it seeing as he flew to NY for it


  6. @Dagonet – How do you combine winging Christian on occasion, and being in a relationship.
    Do you jump on a granate if situation calls for it, how comfortable are you with being physical with other women when you’re out ?


  7. Podcast on improving voice quality would be very interesting (Richard’s comment)

    I would also like to listen about the best, initial moves for signaling sexual interest. I know it’s basics, but I was wondering if you have any good thoughts on that.


  8. ——————————Swoop The Fuckun World McQueen!

    Eastern Europe and Intl game-all those guys from http://swooptheworld.com/ would be awesome guests-

    20 Nation from Swoop has written 5 game books, and been to all 3 regions of poosy paradise (SEA, LA, EE) he deserves a 2hr. show man.

    Fisto from Swoop is just an awesome guy (former Spec Ops, MMA fighter, fitness expert, game guru) with common sense and stratosphere level game.

    THC from Swoop knows how to get money and hustle girls and is a great writer.

    These guys need to be on, Id pick 20 Nation out of the 3 because hes been everywhere and written 5 books all by his mid-20s not to shabby, eh? The Swoop crew has my resepect.

    Roissy/Chateau Heartiste http://heartiste.wordpress.com/ (needs no intro) he’s on a Zen master level of hamster domination. Psyops with Heartiste should be a podcast.


  9. I would love to hear about improving voice quality and tone of speech and speaking/ slowing down how fast you talk.


  10. I would really like to hear you guys discuss your views, tips and personal experiences when it comes to managing a harem. I always have a 2 to 6 girl harem going, but I would love to know if you have any tips for me that I may have over looked. One specific question I have is should you knowingly let a harem girl have other men on the side or should she be dropped and replaced for this type of behavior. Any and all thoughts and comments on a harem would be appreciated. Thanks and love the show guys


  11. -how deep into the interaction before you start talking to hoes about astrology

    -your favorite Miami Hangover Experiences. a domestic playboy friend of mines says this is the best city in America for game

    -your getting shanked in the back story

    -the decision behind why you made your face public

    -NYC Hangover Experience coming soon?


    1. @Johnny C I agree man…

      I am about to start my next semester of college soon and I need to bring up my grades. Plus I am going to get serious about business and developing skills. In other words, I need to (like a robot) focus on more serious things for the rest of 2014.

      So yes please Christian; talk about mentors, books that really helped you, productive habits, a winning mindset, etc. Anything inspiring!

      PS: Let’s all reach out to Dan Bilzerian via Twitter and tell him to get on the CMQ show!


  12. Cold hearted players and stone cold alphas. Heartiste touched on the latter one but he was a bit vague. What drives these men, their mentality, upbringing ect. These type of men don’t work for pussy as much as others but they have the “it” factor but they are not discussed as much on forums or blogs. Also, mentors you might have had that were like this, I rarely met men like this in my life just curious to hear about it more.


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