Weekend Game Tip: How To Turn On Your Swagger To Get Laid


The weekend is here and with the weekend comes another game tip that is practical and you can use tonight. Theory is great, but let’s keep it real: getting laid is fucking awesome. That’s why I write for men who want to change right now and improve themselves right now.

When I talk about having swagger, I’m talking about having that energy and confidence so when you walk into a bar, club or party, all eyes turn to you.

Now why would they turn to you?

First off, living in LA, whenever anyone walks into a club, bar, party, or any social setting, everyone looks regardless, because they want to see if it’s a famous person. Once they see you’re not famous they might look away, unless you have that swagger.

In smaller cities with less famous people it’s actually easier to walk in and command the room, so whether you live in a major city, or in a small town these tips will help you.

The second reason why people would look at you is to size you up. Men look at men to gauge if the other is a threat and women will look to gauge whether a man is someone of interest she’d like to get to know. Next time you walk into a bar, club or party take note of people’s reactions to you. This is will help you in your quest to be the best man you can be and will give you practical feedback you can use.

Now here’s where it gets real interesting:

Women are far more drawn to men of power and status, then looks.

Sure they’ll make eyes at the male model and obviously the better looking a person is, the more attention they might get from others INITIALLY, but after they open their mouth they better have some substance and confidence. You can only control your looks so much, so I’d like to break down how to create swagger regardless of your looks, because swagger will carry you further then you can imagine.

I’ve literally gotten laid multiple times from swagger. How do I know this? Because each respective girl said, “You have such a swagger to you, it’s very attractive”.

Key word there: Attractive. By turning on my swagger I’m making it easier for the girl to be attracted to me and easier to game.

According to Dictionary.com this is the definition of swagger: “walk or behave in a very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive way.”

According to UrbanDictionary.com here are the main definitions of swagger:

“How one presents him or her self to the world. Swagger is shown from how the person handles a situation. It can also be shown in the person’s walk.”

“Swagger is to to move with confidence, sophistication and to be cool. 
Swagger is to conduct your self in a way that would automatically earn respect. 
To dress in a very stylish and quirkily fashionable way would suggest one is swagger.”

Now think about those definitions for a minute and think about how you present YOURSELF to the world?

Do you move with confidence and act in a manner that automatically earns respect?

It’s absolutely essential for you as a man to walk with confidence and dress for success.

The reason I preach on suiting up is because it automatically commands respect and is a ‘cheat’ for people’s initial impression of you. From how you move to how YOU feel in the suit, people can sense the aura and it essentially helps you stand out from the crowd. Now I understand for some of you it’s not practical to suit up due to where you live and party, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress like a slob.

Check your threads: are they reflecting how you feel on the inside?

Here’s a checklist for you to create swagger before you go out this weekend. If you do these exercises before you leave the house, you will feel a world of difference and it will show in your interactions with girls.


#4. Dress To Get Laid

When you’re out at the club and you look around what type of girls catch your eye? Obviously the pretty ones, but what stands out to you? The girls who are rockin’ sexy dresses and tall heels. Do you think that women are any different? They look around too and if they see a cat leaning on the bar in a wrinkled and stained dress shirt and some old scuffed shoes, you think that’ll cause them to get wet? Hell to the mutherfuckin’ no.

I’ve broken down how to get good threads on the cheap, so if you’re on a tight budget make it happen anyway. Dress like you’re headed to a GQ shoot and not only will YOU feel better, you’ll get eye fucked more. Watch it happen. Make it easier to be attractive.

#3. Do Affirmations

You can shit on them if you want, but I’ve seen the difference in not only my own life, but in the life of my students. The first thing I have them do (among other things) is make custom affirmations and start on a morning and nightly ritual. They are that powerful. Before you leave the house when you’re looking sharp say these:

“Women LOVE me”

“Women are drawn to me”

“Women LOVE my swagger”

“I’ve got swagger for days”

“I’m the fucking man”

“Women are getting ready right NOW to meet me”

“Women WANT to fuck me”

“I’m a great looking man” (doesn’t matter if this one is true, it works. I don’t have science on it, but I honestly believe that it somehow improves one’s looks to say this. More than likely has to do with the energy you give out after saying it causes women to look at you in a more positive light, plus you’re FEELING good, so your body language and conversation is on point)

“Tonight is going to be a GREAT night”

#2. Imagine You’re 8 Feet Tall

One ‘trick’ I’ve been using for years is to imagine that I’m 8 feet tall. I’m 6′, but compared to some of you cats that’s not tall at all. I’d say it’s rather average in club settings, at least in Vegas and LA.

Here’s how you do this:

-Stand up straight AFTER you’re dressed for the night.

-Hold your arms straight down at your sides and close your eyes.

-Keeping your eyes closed, lift your arms up swinging them from your thighs to above your head making sure they are fully extended at all times. Breathe IN on the upstroke and breathe OUT as you bring your arms down.

-Do that 10 times. Now, this is the KEY part, as you’re doing that with your eyes CLOSED, IMAGINE that you’re on the top of a mountain plateau and you have an army of men in front of you. You’re on a horse and they are looking at YOU as their leader. Feel that moment. Feel your height ABOVE them. Feel your power.

-Open your eyes and look into the mirror. You can say a couple more affirmations after the exercise if you like. I can tell you after doing the exercise you’ll feel pumped up and will walk out of the house like King Kong looking for Grade A pussy.

-Keep that feeling of being taller then your actual height and you can adjust based on your height. If you’re 6’6″, then imagine you’re 9′ tall. Generally it seems to work best imagining 2 feet taller then what you actually are, that’s why I use 8′, but feel free to see what works for you.

#1. Dump The Bad Energy

You know your cousin who you always roll out with who’s a whiner, complains about tipping the VIP List Girl and just generally has a bad attitude? Drop his ass.

You cannot roll around with a negative cinder block of bullshit and expect to have swagger. Roll SOLO if need be, that way you are controlling your immediate ‘bubble’ of energy and how women see you.

Life is too damn short to deal with slackers and losers, drop em, go out solo and meet new people. Rolling solo forces you to interact with others and before you know it you might just be sitting at some other cat’s table with a slew of chicks.

Have a great fucking weekend gents and don’t forget, I’m your wingman in spirit!


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15 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: How To Turn On Your Swagger To Get Laid”

  1. When doing tip #2 it got so real, it was like a vision. Got chills, and when later walking around the city still felt like an army is walking behind me. Suprisingly powerful, hopefully for the others as well.


    1. The chills is a common reaction that I’ve gotten and so have some of my clients. If you think about it, men today don’t have an outlet like our ancestors did with ‘manly’ activities, so when we ‘summon’ that part of us, there’s an almost instinctual reaction in our bodies.

      If anyone has science to back this up, feel free to comment.


  2. CMQ
    What do you recommend for dudes with just a few slivers of grey in their hair or beard?

    Which is worse for harming your appearance-being bald or having greys?


    1. Rock that, it doesn’t matter either way, nothing will harm you as much as being insecure about yourself.
      So you’ve got few silver hair, so what ? Fuck that noise.
      If you rock a nice suit, and have that commanding presence to you that McQueen talks about it will even help you in the long run. You can appear as an authority/father figure, because you look distinguished and experience, and chicks will LOVE that.

      Just my two cents.


  3. You emphasize swagger and carrying yourself well more so than anyone out there.

    Now that the world knows what you look like have you considered releasing some video footage. It doesn’t have to be hardcore footage like rsd. It’d help a lot of people to study a commanding presence.

    Even the mature woman in the restaurant noticed you and had to say, “I just know you’ll become famous one day, son.”

    and have a great 30th bday. one year closer to being on the Time mag cover. Time to hit up some slutz and pretend you’re there in person, no homo.


  4. More spot on advice, it’s so important to max out your appearance. And it’s not that fucking hard!

    A great thing about rolling out solo is that it opens up a world of opportunity.

    One thing I am doing now during some downtime when out solo, is finding a couple of chill looking dudes and asking them “where are all the hot girls at?”

    It always starts a funny conversation that picks the energy up.

    Then after some laughs, I’ll either show them some pick up techniques or introduce them to some ladies.

    I’ve met a couple of cool cats this way and been invited to some good parties.


    1. The show Nip/Tuck has some interesting game techniques, specifically with that character, but I wouldn’t say he was/is a role model per se. My role models have been men who are the way they are in real life, not in make believe.


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