Elevate Your Life: Get Your Mind Right

In 2005 rapper Young Jeezy released his breakout album Thug Motivation 101 (a classic album now) and one of the tracks on it is called Get Ya Mind Right. While he’s rapping about coke dealing and thug life, neither of which I endorse, he picked a great title for the song.

Getting your mind right is essential to being in control of your emotions.

Getting your mind right is essential to being productive.

Getting your mind right is essential to doing well in life.

Anytime that shit the fan and I didn’t control my thoughts which led to negative emotions then the situation turned even worse, but I could only blame myself.

Having mental strength is paramount in your journey to becoming a complete man.

A perfect example of getting your mind right and how it benefits you is something that happened to me when I worked construction. As I quickly learned, having physical strength alone isn’t all that’s required.

The company I worked for was building a massive 1 million gallon water tank. I can’t remember how many stories the tank was, but I’d estimate it at around 4 stories high. After we put the walls up, the roof work began. Massive concrete panels were poured on the ground and then lifted by a crane and set in place. For my new job assignment I was required to ride up in one of these suckers…


And help guide the roof panels into place. Not ashamed to admit I was scared.

I’ve never done well with heights, unless it was a roller coaster, or sky diving. I know that sounds retarded, but that’s how it used to be. I could jump out of a plane just fine with the instructor, but riding in this lift freaked me out.

The superintendent of the job was a hard nosed man who would berate the living hell out of you, if you didn’t comply on command. I knew if I balked I was never going to hear the end of it and would probably get fired.

He broke down what myself and another cat were going to be doing and we left his trailer. As myself and the other dude walked across the job site to this lift, I felt like I was being walked to the electric chair. ‘Dead Man Walking!’ was screaming silently in my head as I dragged my feet and slowed down to a stop. My co-worker turned to me and asked if I was okay and I mumbled yes, just hungover from the night before. He chuckled and kept walking.

I stepped into the lift, connected my safety harness to the railing and he started to lift us up.

I froze.

My heart was pounding through my chest and I felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack.


My co-worker gave me an annoyed look. “What?”

“I have to shit. Now.”

It was the first thing that came to my mind to get me off the lift and it worked. He lowered us back down laughing at my demise and I sprinted for the porta-potties lined up like green soldiers standing watch at the edge of the job site.


I locked the door and stood their panting.

I was scared.

I knew I had issues with heights, but if I said that I’d be fired and fucked financially.

I remembered WHY I was working this job. I had a goal and that goal was to move to Los Angeles in a couple of months. I had made the goal 1 year in advance of my estimated move date and this job was paramount for me to save the funds necessary to make the move. Without the job, there would be no LA.

I closed my eyes for a minute and thought about the life of a quitter.

He gets nothing done because he gives up when it gets hard to keep going.

He never accomplishes anything because he never finishes what he started.

He is a loser who will never become a great man.

I thought about the facts of the situation, not my emotions which were overiding the facts.

The lift is pretty safe.

I’m wearing a safety harness which would prevent me from falling to my death if I happened to fall out.

It’s a Union job meaning OSHA standards are required and met. Safety was paramount on this job.

Kicking the emotions out of my mind and relying purely on facts, I could see I was being irrational.

Even checking in with my gut, I didn’t get that icy feeling that sometimes grips my chest when my instinct is telling me something is wrong.

Bang Bang Bang! Somebody was banging on the door.

“What the fuck are you doing in there Christian?”

The superintendent barked through the door.

“Have the motherfucking shits sir, out in a minute”, I yelled back.

“Well hurry the fuck up, this tank isn’t getting built by itself” he yelled back.

I had to laugh. One thing about working in labor intensive jobs like construction is that it’s the least PC culture and men can act like whatever they want for the most part.

I stepped out of the porta-potty and walked across the job site back towards the lift.

My heart was still pounding, although not as hard.

I sure as hell didn’t want to get on the lift, but 2 things had changed:

1. I let go of my emotions and got my mind right with the facts of the situation.

2. My main objective and goal of moving to LA was stronger then the obstacle I had to overcome: my fear of heights.

“Everything come out all right?” My co-worker smirked.

I chuckled and flipped him off.

He raised the lift and as you know I didn’t fall to my death. I become stronger mentally because of the obstacle I overcame through my own will and I moved to LA on the exact date I had planned a year before.

If you find yourself in a situation this week (and I’m sure it’ll happen to one of us), check your emotions and take a couple of moments to get your mind right. It might just make you mentally stronger and that’s what we all have to strive to be: strong in mind, body and spirit.

Here’s to all of you gents having an incredible week. Let’s kick some ass!

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16 Replies to “Elevate Your Life: Get Your Mind Right”

  1. You write really fucking well. Congratulations on growing the blog.

    This post comes at a great time for me because I know I am lacking in one area of life (no, it ins’t game) and need to take steps to make it better. Thank you.


  2. You should bring back the recipe of the week posts you used to do. As a shitty cook, those have been helpful when I’m in the kitchen and don’t know what the fuck to do.

    On a more related note: great article as usual. The elevate your life series is fucking gold.


    1. @HistorySD buy the alpha playbook brotha, christian has a shitload of recipes he included that are easy to make ranging from breakfast to dinner.


  3. This one speaks to me bcs im working construction right now to become financially independent. Now were not building a massive water tank but I really dont feel safe on a scaffold even 10 feet high. I mean theres no rails or nothing for it and I get fucked with a bit but I dish it right back. I tell myself that I will get used to it eventually but a part of me thinks I will just get more scared. Anyways im not quitting or backing out unless the foreman tells me to come down or I fall off the damn thing or I get good at drilling rails from any height, whichever happens first.


  4. Hell yeah CMQ!
    I’m so pumped right now that I’m about to hit the gym.
    I always look forward reading your motivational monday blogs.

    I bookmarked this page, bc i know i’ll have to read this again when I’m back at school.


    1. Wrote a bit about it on RVF. Let’s just say it was the most intense and important way to self knowledge I have ever had. Learned so much about my true self and had a clear vision of what the future holds if I work with my real talents.

      You mentioned before that you were part Native. I am as well and about ten years back I went to a peyote ceremony in New Mexico that my grandfather pointed me too…that was essential to my becoming a man. Highly recommend doing some ceremonies…the sweat lodge I was in in Mexico was also pretty goddamn intense and forced self-reflection. Do it!


  5. Ha…the image of McQueen having a life changing moment in a stank-ass porta-potty.

    Getting your mind right is the most important thing in the world. Nothing else matters.

    I understood this completely during an ayahuasca ceremony. It was like God himself told me those words. “Keep your motherfuckin mind right”.

    Read the good books, keep up with the quality blogs, ignore the bullshit.


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