Introducing The Project Playboy Forum


Enough of you gents reached out requesting this, so I present the Project Playboy Forum.

Go to the ‘Game’ forum and read the introduction letter to get started.

Registration is open and free of course.

Project Playboy Forum

15 Replies to “Introducing The Project Playboy Forum”

  1. Why don’t you host it on your own domain? It’s seems like it’d be hard for it to ever take off on a subdomain. It seems unprofessional.


  2. Forum’s looking good man.

    It’s exciting seeing it built from the ground up. Glad to be a witness and participant.


      1. That’s a pattern I’ve seen in Rooshs life. I think your forum needs streamlined newbie info. Keep it clean and content packed not what do you guys think of the Nicean Ethics and pizza like Rvf tard threads.


  3. Just checked out the forum and registered, looks great. What do you think about a dedicated thread for guys looking to meet others in their area? What I need is a guy in my city with whom I can agree: we go out at least once a week, at least 5 approaches per night, push each other to stay positive and give feedback. This type of request is awkward with guys met in other ways because they don’t think of game as something that needs to be addressed and consciously improved. I’ve done OK going out solo but usually only have the willpower for 3 approaches or so, which is not enough to improve quickly.

    It’s the one thing I always wished was on RVF right at the front so that people starting out could accelerate their learning, so when I saw this figured it was the time to speak up. Love the site!


  4. Floating an idea Christian – depending on the strength of the community & your own time or team resources, a good point could be made for setting your forum up as paid/private. Running a forum is like herding cats, and 95% of your problems can typically be eliminated by charging as little at $1. Not that you would charge a buck, but laying a ground-level scenario. 95% of your/teams’ results of pouring into those guys’ lives are going to come from the ones who paid anyway (b/c they not just demonstrated need, but the first step in willingness to act).


    1. It will be private at some point soon. There needs to be an exclusivity and a ‘safe’ place where members can discuss like men in cigar lounges without having their business for the web to see.

      As far as paid, it’s free for now, but I get your valid point and thanks for the comment.


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