6 Reasons Why I Love America

With the trend of people bashing America, it’s high time that someone dropped the reasons why it’s good to live in the US. While it’s not a perfect country, it’s still a great country despite it’s flaws.

Here’s 6 reasons why I love living here.

#6. Variety Of Life

Based on where you live in the US and I’ve lived literally all over from the deep south, to east coast to midwest and now on the west coast, there is variety. Like a laid back style of living and want to live in an open space? Pick Montana. Need high energy and the hustle of a busy city? Choose NYC.

For every type of person, there’s a place you can live that will capture your lifestyle. Here in Los Angeles, I can hit the beach or choose the mountains and it’s a simple car drive away.

#5. Variety Of Women

If you really don’t like American women, the cities and even smaller cities have their own niches of women fresh from another country. On any given night I can hit up a Brazilian party and meet girls visiting from Brazil, then the next night hit up a club and meet girls from Spain, or meet a cute white girl from Ohio at the gym. America is a smorgasbord of women. Do they require game? Of course, and some more than others, but the idea that there’s no women in America is absurd.


#4. Solid Justice System

Sure it’s not perfect, but overall the justice system is quite good in the US. Think about it this way: if you live in a country where you can get out of a speeding ticket by bribing the cop, what’s to stop someone else from bribing a cop to ruin your life? While corruption exists in every country in the world, America for the most part has a good foundation for justice.

#3. Standard Of Living

While us Americans may be materialistic, we also have creature comforts in the lower class that other countries would die to have. Turning on a faucet and getting fresh water, taking a hot shower and being able to use a washer and dryer may seem basic, but in some countries that’s considered a luxury. Although keeping up with the Jones’s may get some citizens in debt, the drive for new innovations has also elevated the standard of living for even the ‘poor’ people.


#2. Loose Women

Guys complain about women being sluts in the US, then go overseas and complain about women wanting to go on 5 dates before putting out. Which one is it?

While American girls tend to be loose sexually, enjoy it for what it is and don’t get bogged down on their behavior. Why? Because you’re not choosing a slut to be your wife or girlfriend, that’s why. Enjoy the decline sexually, have fun with the sluts, but don’t get serious with them. If and when you decide to find a girl to potentially get serious with, you’ll spot the red flags to look out for.

I for one, have no desire to take a girl on 3-5 dates just to get her naked. I don’t have the time, nor energy to invest that much into a girl simply to find out we’re not compatible in bed. While I won’t marry em, I’ll enjoy the sluts. Lastly, there are some good women in the states, you just have to look a little harder.


#1. Money Making Opportunities

Say what you want overall about America, but you can’t say that it’s not the best place in the world to get a business going. If a person truly desires to become rich in this country, they can with hard and smart work.

While it’s not easy, it’s not impossible.

Despite the issues facing America today, I’ll take a land where I can go from nothing into something, over another country any day of the week. If you make it here, you can move and be a ‘king’ in many countries. If you live in the states, find the positive, make your money and then the whole world is your oyster.

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11 Replies to “6 Reasons Why I Love America”

  1. Great post. I just thought I’d throw it out there that the people I’ve met who love America the most seem to be immigrants these days. I’ve met a lot of dudes who grew up in the middle east whose families fled the violence. We take it for granted how safe this country is.


  2. Thanks, this needed to be said. I love foreign travel, but I like living here. Any of these complainers want to switch passports and take a Phillipine or Thai passport in exchange? Doubt it.

    I believe most people who complain just don’t have the talent and/or won’t put in the work to make it here. Easier for them to be big fish in small pond.


  3. Would you PLEASE remove your rose colored glasses?

    Variety of Life: You must be kidding! America has subtle differences according to region, but it is all the same sarcasm, Walmart and IPhone crap wherever you go. There is no variety in terms of what we world travelers know as variety.

    Variety of Women: You lost all credibility with me on this one. American women might vary in terms of looks (Average to Fat to Obese), but they all tend to have that American woman mindset that I rebuked decades ago. America is a “femocratic” country that overvalues females and devalues men and the women’s attitudes reflect it. No thanks to American women, you can have them.

    Solid Justice System: Do you think that not standing a chance in court against a female (especially family court) is solid? Let a woman falsely accuse you of rape, or falsely accuse you of abusing your kids so she can keep them. Then let us see you call that justice “solid.” Is is solid for a man to win in court, but he is financially broke because of it? Get real!

    Standard of Living: This varies according to class and region, but I’ll give you a pass on this one. I tend to believe that most Americans have the veneer of a good standard of living since they are all burdened by consumer debt to maintain that standard. Both parents having to work, and not being able to retire early is not exactly a good standard, but that is subjective I guess.

    Loose Women: I cannot opine on this since I ignore American women in favor of foreign women overseas. But I do not care if they are loose because I do not find most American women attractive (too fat for me).

    Money Making Opportunities: I have made a small fortune in the USA, but not because of America, it was because of hard work, toil, and smart decisions. I am making more money abroad now since US banks offers less than 1% interest and foreign banks offer upwards of 10 to 15 %. One CAN make money in the USA, but do not sneeze at opportunities abroad where your money can go farther and can have more punch.

    What are some good things about the USA in my opinion? I think if I get seriously Ill, I can fly back for good health care and not have to wait too long for treatment. I have access to information and education (albeit flawed) unlike many people overseas, I can shop and obtain almost anything I want at a reasonable price. So all is not horrific about the US, but I prefer staying outside of the US for protracted amounts of time and just visit periodically.


  4. Sure a lot of people, especially on the manosphere bash on America, but if you ask them if they wish they were born in another place, hardly any would say yes. Being born in America guarantees a certain standard of living. Being born in America practically guarantees safety. A smart person who can apply themselves can make a lot of money in America. It is the land of opportunity, the people who say it isn’t are toxic losers who will never be successful.


  5. “or meet a cute white girl from Ohio at the gym”

    any particular reason why you mentioned a white girl from the midwest?


  6. It’s good to be reminded of this stuff. A lot of us manosphere cats wind up bitching a lot about what’s wrong, but nothing changes the fact that opportunities abound for an enterprising fellow. All the shit we complain about really only reaches you if you let it.
    You’re always talking about good vibes, and keeping the good points in mind definitely contributes to a winning mindset.


  7. America. The Land of Opportunity. The place where some of the best music, movies and creative people came from . Sadly from what I’ve read on the Manosphere that the US is now an anti-male feminist PC land swarming with mediocrity. I don’t always trust what I read on the internet. But since I have never been to the US. Can you tell me how much of this is true/false?


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