Weekend Game Tip: A Message To The Readers

The weekend is here gentlemen.

Before you go out, read this article and watch the video at the bottom.

First off, before you start the weekend feeling depressed, down or like no one gives a fuck about your existence, I am going to stop you right there.

This isn’t a feel good message, it’s reality. It’s your reality. It’s my reality.

The reality is you are a unique man, a playboy in training, a man who will do great things in life and make your own unique mark in this world.

This weekend you are going to walk into a club, bar, party, lounge, or social setting and dominate it.

Why do I have such confidence in you, when I haven’t even met you?

Because if you are reading this blog I already know you are a smart motherfucker.

Because if you are wanting to learn how to be a great man, become better with women and overall kick ass in the game of life, then you have a Winner’s Attitude and Mindset.

You are already ahead of your peers.

Instead of spending your time glued to the TV, stuffing your face with shit food and bitching about life, you are setting a new standard for yourself.

You are in the process of achieving because you believe.

You believe in yourself and if you don’t yet, I believe in you.


As you gear up to go out and meet women this weekend, remember your worth. Your unique intricate worth.

If a girl rejects you, her loss.

If you get blown out, oh well her loss.

If a girl flakes on a date, she’s a fool for missing out on spending time with you.

If your friends flake on you, their loss and maybe it’s time to find new ones.

These are not empty words. This is your destiny.

This is not fluff to make you feel good. This is truth to help you discover your potential.

Your potential with women. Your potential with life.

I want you to decide right now that this weekend you will not be held back by negative self-talk and thoughts.

I want you to rebuke any negative energy coming at you right now and to affirm out loud your destiny.

You have no idea how great your life can be, but I am hear to tell you that this is just the beginning.

Your mindset and attitude is such a huge part of Game and that’s why the focus of this post is about that these aspects.

When you have the abundance mentality and you know that your personal value is high, rejections don’t matter, solo nights turn into great adventures and even if you go home alone, it won’t matter because you went out, had a blast and did it on your OWN terms.

Don’t let anybody tell you that you cannot become great with women and great in life. Fuck the haters, they’re too busy hating and that’s why their life is shit.

With everything in me, I sincerely want you to know that I believe in your commitment to self-improvement and becoming a great man who leaves an incredibly positive mark on this world.

No matter your skin color, your race, religion or creed, you have a believer in me.

You will do great things.

Doesn’t matter how many failures you’ve had.

You will become a great man.

Doesn’t matter how many rejections you’ve had.

You will have success with beautiful women.

Just believe. In yourself. In your vision. In your dedication to becoming the best man you can be.

I love you all gents. God bless you all and here’s to the best weekend you can possibly have!

Your Wingman In Spirit,


P.S. Watch this entire video to get your mindset right. I can promise you it will inspire you. It did for me.


Sick and tired of not getting hot girls in bed? Go here.

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26 Replies to “Weekend Game Tip: A Message To The Readers”

  1. McQueen
    From reading this site I gather you come from a decent family where you saw what its like for two people to be in love.
    For me and all of us I really do wonder what the end game of it all is- I know a lot of girls have been brainwashed by the toxic powers that be through the media, University, Hollywood, mass consumerism, etc. but at the end if the day having someone you can build something deeper on to have a great foundation for the long term sounds like a healthier decision than to pump and dump and binge drink every night. What’s the end game of new women and no long term substance?
    Honestly, all of it is a breakdown of society IMO. Girls shouldn’t be harsh, fickle, greedy, and bitter and none of us should treat other people’s hearts and life’s like disposable trash. The mass consumption of porn, half ass romance products, women working like slaves for the corporate fascists that enslave eberyone through butraucracy, psyops, and inflation, bitch shields, smart phones, the need to spit game to have any social interaction suceed all say Rome is burning.


  2. Hey been reading toe blog for awhile now and your an inspiration. Been gaining more self confidence and banging more bitches now. I don’t believe you posted anything on what to do after you bang a bitch and it seems like I am fucking up way more after I get it in. Was hoping you could write a post about what to do post nut… Stay at their place, leave, cuddle (fuck no), but any advice would be great.


    1. I’ll write something on this soon, but it depends on what you want out of the deal with the girl. Want her as a GF? Take a moment to cuddle and enrapture her. Only want her as a fuckbuddy? Kiss her forehead and bounce.


  3. What a message. I full on copied this as a document and saved it to my computer so even if your site goes down I’ll still have it muhuhaha >:). Seriously thx for all the amazing content bro


  4. Great post. Christian. Long time reader first time poster. Keep the pep talk coming, means more than you can imagine.


  5. Now those are some damn fine words.

    I’m going to read this once more, just before I walk out the door to go game tonight.

    gods bless.


  6. Next level work CMQ. Much love to you!

    PS-We need a call to action/Like a rule here-don’t post unless you’ve done 5 approaches this week.


    1. awesome dude! i seriously love these posts. that and the motivational videos are always killer. i’ve been picking through these to add to my daily affirmations. speaking of which what are yours? wouldn’t mind cherry picking from those.


      1. I’ve written about them in certain articles, but affirmations are rather personal. It’s best to come up with your own and tailor make them so they are most beneficial based on your unique strengths and weaknesses.


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